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ZygoMax Frequently Asked Questions

We do our very best to make sure that our products are simple to use. Where necessary we send fitting instructions with your purchase to make sure you know what to do. For those other questions we have developed this frequently asked questions page. It is constantly evolving. We have covered everything we can think of, but if there's something else please just get in touch.

The sizes you offer aren't suitable for me. Can they be changed?

Yes, in most cases we can alter the sizes of our designs to make them larger or smaller. There are technical limits on how small a design can get before it becomes too delicate to cut and apply. For enlarged designs we are limited only by the width of the vinyl that we use to make the product. If you have a particular size in mind please get in touch - we will be happy to provide a quote.

I've just decorated. When can I apply the wall decal?

We know how much you want to see the room finished, but you should be aware that most surfaces take time to settle before they are fit for the application of self-adhesive wall stickers. Plaster surfaces and wallpapers need to be allowed time to thoroughly dry out. Even after paint has become dry to the touch it continues to cure, making it difficult for the sticker to adhere properly. This process can take a few weeks, depending upon the paint type, and is by far the commonest reason for failed adhesion of stickers. To prevent this happening you need to allow at least three weeks after painting before applying your stickers. We know it's a pain, but it's worth the wait!

I'm on my own. What can I do to make application easier?

With the right techniques all of our products can be applied by one person on their own. Your arms are only so long, so you may find it easier to apply larger stickers by starting from the middle. Once the middle is attached you're working with a much smaller amount of vinyl on each side. For some designs you may find it useful to cut between parts of the design to separate it into smaller pieces. These are much easier to handle.

I'm finding it hard to remove the application tape. What can I do?

Application tape used for many of our stickers to hold all the pieces in place during transfer. The sticker is designed so that it will stick to your surface more strongly than it is stuck onto the application tape. When you pull off the tape the sticker should stay behind.

The commonest reasons for difficulty are that the surface is still curing, not smooth, or not properly prepared. Any dust, grease or grime will make it much less likely that the decal will stick. Although it is important to clean most surfaces you do need to make sure that you have allowed it to dry thoroughly afterwards. Water will also weaken the adhesive on your decal.

For particularly small parts of designs you need to make sure that the vinyl stays stuck to the wall as you peel away the application tape. You may need to press extra hard over these small parts just before peeling away that part of application tape. Patience is the best tool for this part of the job!

If you are still having trouble you can wet our paper based application tapes to soften the bond between the tape and sticker. Place it securely on the wall first, then dampen the application tape with clean water and wait a few minutes for the adhesive to soak it up. Removing the application tape will be much easier.

I've got bubbles / wrinkles in my decal. What can I do?

During application you need to keep some tension on the design whilst flattening it down. This will help to avoid the problem of air bubbles and wrinkles. If you do end up with some there are a couple of tricks that you can use to try to fix things.

Bubbles are simply trapped air. You can usually let it out by gently pushing the bubble sideways to the edge of the sticker. If this isn't working you can make a tiny hole in the decal to let the air out. You don't need a big hole. A pinprick should be enough and, if done carefully, should be invisible.

How do I remove a wall decal?

We design our decals with removability in mind. In most cases it can be peeled off by hand without any problems. For more delicate surfaces, or stickers that have been in place for many years, you will find that it is easier to remove a decal by heating it first. A hairdryer or heat-gun will soften the decal and its adhesive, making it easier to peel away.