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A Guide to Buying Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding band is far simpler than finding your engagement ring. It's really just a question of choosing which metal, colour, width and shape. Then you have the optional decisions of whether you would like to embellish it with a pattern, two colours or set with small diamonds.

In this section, we will try to help you to decide what to look for in your ideal wedding ring. We at “Wedding Rings Online” try to offer the most diverse and interesting selection to help you come to that decision.

Metal Choice

The first important factor is to match the metal type of her engagement ring. It is preferable but not essential to match. Precious metals come in the form of different qualities of gold in yellow and white, platinum, palladium and silver. Gold is the traditional choice for a wedding ring with the choice of either 18ct (75% pure) or 9ct (37.5% pure gold). Gold is traditionally yellow but it is increasingly popular in white gold. The other precious white metal is the beautiful hard wearing metal Platinum. Platinum is naturally 95% pure and retains its original colour. Palladium is an affordable version coming from the platinum family and retains all the properties and advantages of platinum. Finally, Argentium silver is a branded higher grade of Silver. All of the above metals are available from us at “Wedding Rings Online”, all are British hallmarked in their various shapes, weights and widths.

Width Choice

For the ladies who wear an engagement ring, they usually choose the same or similar widths for their wedding band varying from 2.5mm up to 5mm. Men or the other hand, usually wear wider widths from 5mm up to 8mm. Again, it's a matter of personal preference. The other consideration when selecting your width is the shape of your hand. As a guideline, if your hand is long and narrow, a narrow band with is better or if the hand is short and broad, a wider band is generally better. Wedding bands are available from us in all widths from 2mm up to 8mm.

Choice Of Shapes

The illustration below shows the various profiles of wedding rings that is available from “Wedding Rings Online”. The same rule applies above that for a lady who wears an engagement, she would usually want to match up. The most popular shape is court design because it also rounded on the inside giving a more “comfortable fit” whereas the D Shape is generally the more traditional and affordable shape. (You can search for the shapes on our site’s main categories to see the actual examples).

Court Design
“Comfort Fit”
Gently Rounded Outside and Inside of the Ring
Heavy Court
“Comfort Fit”
Rounded Outside and Inside of the Ring
Flat Court
“Easy Fit”
Flat Outside and Gently Rounded Inside of the Ring
“D Shape”
Rounded Outside and flat inside the Ring
“Flat Ring”
Flat Outside and Inside of the Ring

Patterned wedding rings, Two colours designs, Shaped and Diamond Set wedding rings are all available from us.

They vary from traditional patterns with subtle designs on the edges to the more contemporary daring patterns. Since it is increasingly common for both partners to wear wedding rings, you may also have to decide whether to go for matching or individual wedding bands.

Whatever your choice is, “Wedding Rings Online” has the best prices and selection on eBay to help you choose your ideal wedding ring at the right price. If you don’t see your ideal wedding ring on our site, please be in touch with your ideas. We would like the opportunity to help you!

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