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Lokkii is the world’s leading Organic Firelight brand. We offer a complete line of BBQ fuels, liquid and solid fire starters all lit from Lokkii 100% Organic Light Formulas. The Lokkii range of products extend to high quality BBQ’s, BBQ tools and accessories. Our BBQ Briquettes contain only recycled charcoal or briquettes blended with Lanhua smokeless coal and are lit from Organic Light Formulas. We use recycled materials to create our charcoal, ensuring that no trees or forests are harmed in the process. The Organic Light Formulas are...

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Our aim is to enable our customers to reduce the impact they have on the environment without compromise on product, efficiency or quality. We understand the needs of our customers and with our technology we are able to create an outstanding selection of products...

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Envirolite Technologies Ltd is the world’s Leading Organic Firelighting company. To ensure we keep our position as global leader in the Organic Light technology we continually develop and test new products. Our products are manufactured to ensure consistent quality that is...

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