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About Us:

Who are we?

It’s a tricky question when people ask who we are. We’d like to give them the same sentence each time:

“We are a company that sells low priced luggage, backpacks, handbags, purses and accessories”.

Unfortunately by the time we’ve finished, people have usually fallen asleep. Anyway, we’ll give you the shorter version, it’s more poetic:

When we’re not saving the world, we’re making sure that everyone who buys from us is left feeling content with their choice. We’re not going to give the whole ‘The customer is always right’ speech, but without our customers we wouldn’t be here, so they’ll always be our priority.

Anyway, that’s enough about who we are. To see why you should buy from us, by all means please read on.

Why Karabars?

“It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

1. Great service

How do we give a great service? Well, we stock most of the products ourselves, so they’re ready to leave our warehouse straight away. Your order is hand-picked; we haven’t advanced to fancy robots just yet. This allows us to check for any errors, pack it with a barrel of love, place some protective airbags in the box, ready for you to pop and scare people as-and-when. This whole process is usually done on the same day; nothing stops us at Karabars HQ. Not even a mere cold can dampen our work flow.

2. Low prices

How on earth are they so low? Simple really, we cut the importer, the wholesaler, the sales reps, and every other person in between so that we can do it ourselves. We even have our own dedicated design team. Not only can we make quality items for less this way, we think it’s only fair that you should pay less too. Because we like to brag about our low prices, we show you what they could have been sold for at recommend retail price. We like to break convention.

3. Outstanding customer support

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about buying from us, about to buy from us, in the middle of buying from us, or just bought from us, we’re here to help. We know every other company will give you that kind of statement so what else is new? Well for starters we’re open from Monday to Sunday 9AM - 5PM. You can reach us by live chat, email or phone call between those hours. You can even contact us by post if that’s your thing? If it’s delivered by horseback we’ll probably give you a free item. Guess what else we have? A free-phone number for landlines, none of that 0845 nonsense! Ultimately, we’d like our customers to treat us like friends and vice versa. We’ll try and give you a great experience from online store to door.

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