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Just Template IT eBay and Web Design

Our dedicated team of design specialists can transform your business into an established brand! Custom designs enabling you to rise above any competition and ensuring that your listings stand out from the crowd! Custom listing templates can and have increased profit because it installs professionalism in the buyer and offers them the security of quality assurance in what you are selling.

We have designed numerous websites and mobile applications, receiving design awards for our work in Magento and different eCommerce platforms.

Having a design that engages the curiosity and interest of customers is very important, and this is difficult, as it has to be achieved in a matter of seconds. Once the client has clicked on your website, the first few seconds are crucial, as this is when the customer will unknowingly decide if he likes the website or not, and the design of it plays a pivotal role. As such, having an attractive, beautiful, yet simple and intelligible design is very important.

If a client clicks on your website, then clicks away in the next couple of seconds, it's a known fact that Google will drop your site on the search results for a specific keyword. The appearances of your website are everything! Do your customers like what they see? Is it relevant to what they were searching for in the first place? Having an attractive design on your website is imperative.

Call to actions are one of the most important features of a website. Navigation to a product or service ensuring the visitor gets there quickly is paramount to your success. Our designers study your market and competitors websites to produce pages that will deliver for you.


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