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Mood Ring Color Chart
A mood ring color chart can be helpful in understanding what colors represent which emotions. Mood rings respond to changes in body temperature, so many people believe that this type of jewelry can offer clues about a person's state of mind.
If you're wondering what your mood ring is saying about you, decode its messages with this chart:
This person is stressed and tense. Black is the sign of someone overworked and harried.
This person is very frustrated, possibly bored, and even be confused.
The individual is experiencing lower level stress and is feeling anxious and nervous. If someone is just beginning to feel uncomfortable or stressed, this is the first color sign. If the stress level heightens, the mood color ring shifts to the color black.
Nervousness is setting this person on edge. There could an overwhelming sense of restlessness and anticipation. If a person's mind is whirling with all kinds of nervous thoughts, a mood ring will turn this hue.
Amber of Gold
Someone who is feeling a rang of emotions will often see her mood change to an amber color. These emotions can be as sample as feeling surprised or as complex as being upset or nervous.
This person is feeling creative, and her thought may be wondering.
This is a color of uncertainty. It can indicate the beginning stages of arousal and interest.
The wearer may be feeling a bit dare devilish and eager to try something new and exciting.
When a mood ring turns red, this means the person's heart rate is elevated. This color is a sign of high energy. This can be romantic passion or fiery anger.
This is a calm color and reveals the person isn't feeling any stress or nervousness. In fact, the person is in a good place and feels comfortable with her surroundings.
This is a sign of contentment and peace. The person is alert but relaxed.
This mood is one of fun and relaxtion. This person is in a good place with her emotions and is feeling happy and social.
The happy mood shifts to a higher level, often signifying interest in love and romance.
This is a sense of purpose and genuine clarity. This person knows what she wants and is willing go to for it.

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