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Practically new, inside and out

Top class phones with great discounts. All fully tested with just minor cosmetic differences between them.


All refurbished phones are in superb condition. These can be used phones that have been returned in near perfect condition or have gone through some level of refurbishment to improve their physical condition. There may be the odd mark or scratch but it will be barely noticeable.

The phones have been checked and restored back to near their original state for re-sale.


These phones look practically brand new. They’re in great condition with no marks or scratches on the screen.

This is the phone owned by your friend who treats it like their baby. They've probably popped on a case and screen protector 10 seconds after opening the box and they never took it out.

These phones are so close to new you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Very Good

These phones are in very good condition. You can at least tell they’re pre-owned. But only if you look closely.

Think of your friend who keeps their phone safely wrapped in a case but isn’t too bothered by the odd light scratch.

A few superficial marks are possible around the edges of the phone. These phones have lived, but it’s been an easy life.


These phones are in perfectly usable condition. They’ve lived a good life and they’re fully functional with only some minor wear and tear.

Think of your friend who uses their phone all the time. Someone who might toss their phone in a pocket or handbag with their keys while they’re out and about. They’re not too worried about the odd mark as long as the phone works.

There may be a few scratches on the screen, some pitting around the edges of the phone or scuffing on the back. Nothing major.

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