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  • We stay in touch every step of the way from order confirmation to dispatch
  • Top customer service by email or phone
  • We work tirelessly to offer the fastest possible turnaround on your order
  • Free delivery and shipping on most items
  • All our phone are fully check and tested in our offices
  • Owned and operated in the U.K


User:Date:16-Aug-18 20:17:29 BST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:16-Aug-18 17:55:44 BST
Praise:Gr8 eBayer A+++++++
User:Date:16-Aug-18 16:48:20 BST
User:Date:16-Aug-18 14:45:07 BST
Praise:All good thank you
User:Date:16-Aug-18 14:14:26 BST
Praise:Great thanks!!
User:Date:16-Aug-18 10:46:43 BST
Praise:very good, quick delivery
User:Date:16-Aug-18 09:26:17 BST
Praise:EXCELLENT seller! Answered questions and posted quickly thank you
User:Date:16-Aug-18 08:14:44 BST
Praise:Fantastic thank you x
User:Date:16-Aug-18 06:27:22 BST
Praise:Ebayeur sérieux à recommander service ultra rapide bravo emballage très sougner
User:Date:16-Aug-18 00:34:27 BST
User:Date:15-Aug-18 20:42:32 BST
Praise:No problems
User:Date:15-Aug-18 20:08:17 BST
Praise:As described, fast delivery, many thanks
User:Date:15-Aug-18 19:55:02 BST
Praise:Quick to refund, sorry for messing you about
User:Date:15-Aug-18 15:33:29 BST
Praise:Excellent. Many thanks.
User:Date:15-Aug-18 14:52:09 BST
Praise:Order arrived safely and quickly, I recommend this seller
User:Date:15-Aug-18 14:03:28 BST
Praise:Can't argue with the product or service.Great.
User:Date:15-Aug-18 13:41:37 BST
Praise:Thank you very pleased
User:Date:15-Aug-18 06:03:13 BST
Praise:Ebayeur sérieux. A recommander.
User:Date:15-Aug-18 00:17:14 BST
Praise:Great all round thanx
User:Date:14-Aug-18 23:34:00 BST
Praise:Fantastic Service, Great price, great product, many thanks
User:Date:14-Aug-18 21:34:08 BST
Praise:Very helpful and informative! Corrected my error and was very understanding
User:Date:14-Aug-18 20:33:33 BST
Praise:Great phone
User:Date:14-Aug-18 18:20:23 BST
Praise:nice item
User:Date:14-Aug-18 16:34:25 BST
Praise:good product, fast delivery
User:Date:14-Aug-18 15:57:31 BST
Praise:Quick delivery. Thank you.
User:Date:14-Aug-18 13:36:14 BST
Praise:Love it. Thanks
User:Date:14-Aug-18 13:31:24 BST
Praise:All perfect and very fast. Excellent seller and product. Many thanks.
User:Date:14-Aug-18 11:57:09 BST
Praise:Excellent works as described
User:Date:13-Aug-18 22:45:12 BST
Praise:Received in good condition
User:Date:13-Aug-18 19:23:48 BST
Praise:as described, fast delivery
User:Date:13-Aug-18 18:20:50 BST
Praise:Super quick delivery. Exactly as described.
User:Date:13-Aug-18 15:39:52 BST
Praise:Amazing service and product quick delivery A********
User:Date:13-Aug-18 12:50:07 BST
Praise: Just as described. Very pleased with phone.
User:Date:13-Aug-18 12:32:50 BST
Praise:as described. would use again.
User:Date:13-Aug-18 10:56:03 BST
User:Date:13-Aug-18 09:59:37 BST
Praise:Great A+++
User:Date:12-Aug-18 18:21:19 BST
Praise:Ex. Ebayer Thanks
User:Date:12-Aug-18 08:40:25 BST
Praise:Great product, great price and excellent delivery
User:Date:11-Aug-18 19:52:00 BST
Praise:Not quite instant delivery as described, but first thing the next day.
User:Date:11-Aug-18 15:43:28 BST
Praise:Excellent seller speedy delivery
User:Date:11-Aug-18 14:46:02 BST
Praise:Fast delivery and pleasure to deal with!!!. Many thanks
User:Date:10-Aug-18 16:13:08 BST
User:Date:10-Aug-18 15:53:07 BST
Praise:Very nice item
User:Date:10-Aug-18 15:09:51 BST
Praise:Very pleased so far and arrived in good time
User:Date:10-Aug-18 15:07:07 BST
Praise:satisfied, thank you
User:Date:10-Aug-18 13:57:42 BST
Praise:very happy thanks
User:Date:10-Aug-18 12:56:04 BST
Praise:Received today, thanks
User:Date:10-Aug-18 10:58:02 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, received item as described - thank you
User:Date:09-Aug-18 22:08:25 BST
Praise:Good service, quality item
User:Date:09-Aug-18 20:18:50 BST
Praise:great item, fast delivery, great service, many thanks AAA+++
User:Date:09-Aug-18 17:29:19 BST
Praise:perfect many thanks A+
User:Date:09-Aug-18 17:09:26 BST
Praise:Good condition. Arrived as expected.
User:Date:09-Aug-18 16:29:52 BST
Praise:Sure beats the look and sound of google home. Love it. Quick delivery to. Thanks
User:Date:09-Aug-18 16:24:02 BST
Praise:Great prices and service
User:Date:09-Aug-18 15:51:57 BST
Praise:Phone is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Fast delivery.
User:Date:09-Aug-18 13:00:04 BST
Praise:Good seller very helpful great phone 5* thank you.
User:Date:09-Aug-18 12:24:10 BST
Praise:very Good
User:Date:09-Aug-18 12:03:33 BST
User:Date:09-Aug-18 10:37:47 BST
Praise:Itiem as described fast delivery well pleased
User:Date:09-Aug-18 02:59:54 BST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:08-Aug-18 22:52:09 BST
Praise:Excellent ebayer would definitely recommend,
User:Date:08-Aug-18 16:29:00 BST
Praise:Great item thanks
User:Date:08-Aug-18 12:44:41 BST
Praise:Excellent. Great ebayer. A+++++
User:Date:08-Aug-18 12:32:54 BST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:08-Aug-18 12:22:07 BST
Praise:Good ebayer
User:Date:08-Aug-18 12:21:35 BST
Praise:Arrived quickly and as described. Thank you.
User:Date:08-Aug-18 12:03:50 BST
Praise:Excellent eseller.Very fast delivery.The phone is as new.Thank you!
User:Date:08-Aug-18 06:51:46 BST
User:Date:07-Aug-18 15:51:20 BST
Praise:arrived today thankyou
User:Date:07-Aug-18 10:57:48 BST
Praise:Wszystko jest ok jestem zadowolony
User:Date:06-Aug-18 23:09:42 BST
Praise:Happy with my order.
User:Date:06-Aug-18 19:59:53 BST
Praise:Great fast service thanks
User:Date:06-Aug-18 18:47:35 BST
Praise:Recieved thank you
User:Date:06-Aug-18 13:27:17 BST
Praise:Great seller, great item *****
User:Date:06-Aug-18 11:12:29 BST
Praise:Great tx. No probs. Good price/delivery time.
User:Date:05-Aug-18 22:47:06 BST
Praise:Very reliable
User:Date:05-Aug-18 21:49:20 BST
Praise:great service as described
User:Date:05-Aug-18 12:51:53 BST
Praise:OmG i have nothing to tell , but ABSOLUTELY SUGGEST THIS BUSINESS. More than hap
User:Date:04-Aug-18 21:14:39 BST
Praise:A+ seller
User:Date:04-Aug-18 16:10:40 BST
Praise:All good
User:Date:04-Aug-18 15:07:57 BST
Praise:Excellent. Thanks very much. A++++++++++
User:Date:04-Aug-18 14:30:23 BST
Praise:Top seller
User:Date:04-Aug-18 13:24:40 BST
Praise:The item is just as described
User:Date:04-Aug-18 12:50:42 BST
Praise:Thank You
User:Date:03-Aug-18 19:15:50 BST
Praise:Parcel received. Thanks a lot. Great job.
User:Date:03-Aug-18 18:02:19 BST
Praise:As advertised.
User:Date:03-Aug-18 16:13:59 BST
Praise:well happy thanks
User:Date:03-Aug-18 12:52:26 BST
User:Date:03-Aug-18 09:54:51 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. Works great
User:Date:03-Aug-18 08:44:10 BST
Praise:Great product
User:Date:02-Aug-18 19:50:10 BST
User:Date:02-Aug-18 19:15:31 BST
User:Date:02-Aug-18 18:41:29 BST
Praise:Great stuff, thanks
User:Date:02-Aug-18 14:00:59 BST
Praise:very quick delivery very pleased highly recommended
User:Date:02-Aug-18 13:48:09 BST
Praise:Received with thanks, would recommend
User:Date:02-Aug-18 09:12:53 BST
Praise:Good ebayer
User:Date:02-Aug-18 08:58:34 BST
User:Date:01-Aug-18 22:44:47 BST
Praise:perfect condition phone looks new. so far works perfectly.
User:Date:01-Aug-18 21:45:32 BST
Praise:Arrived swiftly, 1st class product and service - highly recommend, many thanks
User:Date:01-Aug-18 20:17:07 BST
Praise:Good transaction.
User:Date:01-Aug-18 13:15:41 BST
Praise:All Ok, Thanks
User:Date:01-Aug-18 13:03:40 BST
User:Date:01-Aug-18 11:52:15 BST
Praise:Very quick delivery.
User:Date:01-Aug-18 11:13:55 BST
Praise:good to deal with
User:Date:31-Jul-18 23:22:24 BST
Praise:Arrived on time and item is as described!!!
User:Date:31-Jul-18 21:42:58 BST
Praise:great, thanks!
User:Date:31-Jul-18 19:17:54 BST
Praise:All good - recommended Seller A+
User:Date:31-Jul-18 17:35:26 BST
Praise:Excellent transaction, thank you
User:Date:31-Jul-18 16:44:33 BST
User:Date:31-Jul-18 15:59:40 BST
Praise:as described - excellent phone
User:Date:31-Jul-18 07:31:09 BST
Praise:Very nice seller, 5***** thank you
User:Date:30-Jul-18 20:09:28 BST
Praise:Great fast delivery
User:Date:30-Jul-18 18:25:17 BST
Praise:Very easy buy
User:Date:30-Jul-18 14:25:55 BST
Praise:Thanks,fast postage and good comms Perfect+++++++
User:Date:30-Jul-18 11:49:06 BST
Praise:Fantastic eBayer quick delivery thanks
User:Date:30-Jul-18 11:34:58 BST
Praise:Produit de bonne qualité .
User:Date:30-Jul-18 11:19:05 BST
Praise:Good easy transaction, great communication , very quick delivery.Thanks !
User:Date:29-Jul-18 17:39:20 BST
User:Date:29-Jul-18 14:38:31 BST
Praise:item fine .. delivery good thank you
User:Date:29-Jul-18 13:53:02 BST
Praise:Very fast delivery. Very happy. Thanks.
User:Date:29-Jul-18 12:19:50 BST
Praise:Good ebayer. Great communication. Very professional.
User:Date:29-Jul-18 08:00:19 BST
Praise:All good. Thanks
User:Date:29-Jul-18 04:41:27 BST
Praise:No problem great service
User:Date:28-Jul-18 12:58:17 BST
Praise:A**** great item exactly as described
User:Date:28-Jul-18 10:31:27 BST
Praise:Good easy transaction, great communication , very quick delivery.Thanks
User:Date:27-Jul-18 20:04:49 BST
Praise:Many thanks top service and gear
User:Date:27-Jul-18 16:41:53 BST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:27-Jul-18 10:13:15 BST
Praise:Great value thank you
User:Date:27-Jul-18 10:03:13 BST
Praise:Good service and product absolutely outstanding service awsome
User:Date:27-Jul-18 09:44:09 BST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:27-Jul-18 07:10:25 BST
Praise:Phone in perfect condition and works great
User:Date:27-Jul-18 06:51:12 BST
Praise:Good item
User:Date:26-Jul-18 22:37:38 BST
Praise:Great item A++
User:Date:26-Jul-18 21:43:39 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. Item as described. Very pleased.
User:Date:26-Jul-18 19:54:00 BST
Praise:Very positive feedback! All like in description. I am very happy 😊 thank you!
User:Date:26-Jul-18 19:24:49 BST
Praise:Great Product! QUICK DELIVERY. Thanks
User:Date:25-Jul-18 18:20:58 BST
Praise:exactly as described, great communication. would use again for sure!
User:Date:25-Jul-18 16:48:33 BST
Praise:First Class.
User:Date:25-Jul-18 16:44:39 BST
Praise:As described, new phone no wear, prompt delivery, thank you.
User:Date:25-Jul-18 13:11:42 BST
User:Date:24-Jul-18 23:23:57 BST
Praise:Alles bestens, gerne wieder
User:Date:24-Jul-18 19:29:25 BST
Praise:Great eBay, well recommended ...... great communication
User:Date:24-Jul-18 18:03:00 BST
Praise:Many thanks.
User:Date:24-Jul-18 10:21:35 BST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:24-Jul-18 08:12:46 BST
Praise:Excellent. Item as described.
User:Date:23-Jul-18 14:07:08 BST
User:Date:23-Jul-18 12:28:14 BST
Praise:100% positiv
User:Date:23-Jul-18 12:03:47 BST
Praise:A great vendor, thank You!
User:Date:23-Jul-18 10:54:26 BST
Praise:well recommended
User:Date:23-Jul-18 10:16:59 BST
Praise:Love this. Sony is the way to go. Sound is far superior to Google or Amazons own
User:Date:23-Jul-18 07:35:58 BST
Praise:Excellent very fast service
User:Date:22-Jul-18 17:40:59 BST
Praise:Okay for the price.
User:Date:22-Jul-18 09:34:35 BST
Praise:Quick to refund, sorry for messing you about
User:Date:21-Jul-18 13:08:18 BST
Praise:Smooth, trouble free & fast transaction. Item as described. Thank you very much.
User:Date:21-Jul-18 11:23:01 BST
Praise:super thanks for your help A*****
User:Date:21-Jul-18 11:18:26 BST
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:21-Jul-18 10:38:41 BST
Praise:Excellent, thank you.
User:Date:21-Jul-18 01:18:05 BST
Praise:Great Ebayer! A+++++ would buy again
User:Date:20-Jul-18 18:51:30 BST
Praise:Thanks for an efficient service and after sales communication
User:Date:20-Jul-18 18:22:14 BST
Praise:Good seller 5******
User:Date:20-Jul-18 18:03:54 BST
User:Date:20-Jul-18 17:21:45 BST
Praise:Excellent service. Arrived quickly
User:Date:20-Jul-18 13:15:41 BST
Praise:had to return no problems with refund thank you
User:Date:20-Jul-18 11:38:13 BST
User:Date:20-Jul-18 09:06:54 BST
Praise:Perfect item and delivery. Thank you.
User:Date:20-Jul-18 08:27:39 BST
Praise:What a great Ebay seller. 5 Stars
User:Date:20-Jul-18 06:44:21 BST
User:Date:19-Jul-18 19:52:33 BST
Praise:Snelle reactie gehad.Engoed geholpen
User:Date:19-Jul-18 15:03:59 BST
Praise:Many thanks, super service, price and product.
User:Date:19-Jul-18 15:02:14 BST
Praise:Great Product as described
User:Date:19-Jul-18 13:43:59 BST
Praise:very nice phone and quick delivery thank you
User:Date:19-Jul-18 13:24:53 BST
Praise:Thanks again.
User:Date:19-Jul-18 11:24:45 BST
Praise:Very fast delivery. Arrived a day early.
User:Date:18-Jul-18 13:13:38 BST
Praise:very good delivery here 1 day before due
User:Date:18-Jul-18 13:04:10 BST
Praise:highly recommended seller and service thank you
User:Date:18-Jul-18 07:53:58 BST
Praise:excellent product and service, thanks
User:Date:17-Jul-18 18:07:12 BST
Praise:exactly as described excellent service thank tou
User:Date:17-Jul-18 14:17:25 BST
Praise:100% Service and Product
User:Date:17-Jul-18 00:41:54 BST
Praise:as described ; new phone
User:Date:16-Jul-18 23:07:38 BST
Praise:Thanks for good help perfect seller great item
User:Date:16-Jul-18 16:19:23 BST
Praise:Fast delivery,great item+++++
User:Date:16-Jul-18 12:03:27 BST
Praise:Verry good
User:Date:16-Jul-18 11:26:40 BST
Praise:Brilliant, phone just needed charging, not repairing & imei not blacklisted. A1
User:Date:15-Jul-18 23:04:29 BST
Praise:Would by again
User:Date:15-Jul-18 19:26:42 BST
Praise:5* Seller ! ! Excellent Quick Service ! Thank you. A*****
User:Date:15-Jul-18 08:56:31 BST
Praise:Great as far I can see looks great sounds great still sorting it out
User:Date:14-Jul-18 22:21:38 BST
User:Date:14-Jul-18 14:52:47 BST
Praise:Item as described, good packing and fast delivery.
User:Date:14-Jul-18 12:04:05 BST
Praise:great buy
User:Date:14-Jul-18 11:34:41 BST
Praise:Outstanding EBay would recommend seller and buy from again, many thanks
User:Date:14-Jul-18 10:47:34 BST
Praise:Excellent ebayer
User:Date:14-Jul-18 01:18:07 BST
Praise:Superb service & superb product. A pleasure to do business with. 5*****
User:Date:12-Jul-18 16:47:51 BST
Praise:All good.
User:Date:12-Jul-18 15:28:20 BST
Praise:fast seller good communication
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:00:45 BST
User:Date:12-Jul-18 08:05:13 BST
Praise:Swift delivery nice product jen19522
User:Date:12-Jul-18 00:48:31 BST
Praise:All i can say is AMAZING A******
User:Date:11-Jul-18 21:07:22 BST
Praise:excellent ebayer many thanks AAA
User:Date:11-Jul-18 19:38:02 BST
Praise:Excellent eBay seller item as described many thanks A+++
User:Date:11-Jul-18 19:33:33 BST