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  • We stay in touch every step of the way from order confirmation to dispatch
  • Top customer service by email or phone
  • We work tirelessly to offer the fastest possible turnaround on your order
  • Free delivery and shipping on most items
  • All our phone are fully check and tested in our offices
  • Owned and operated in the U.K


User:Date:25-Nov-20 17:06:59 GMT
Praise:Fast Dispatch. Item as described. A++++
User:Date:25-Nov-20 15:47:02 GMT
User:Date:25-Nov-20 15:34:44 GMT
Praise:Thank you recived it today
User:Date:25-Nov-20 15:16:58 GMT
Praise:easy transaction - no wait time when other suppliers where out of stock.
User:Date:25-Nov-20 14:56:58 GMT
Praise:Item as described and on time. Great eBayer
User:Date:25-Nov-20 14:02:29 GMT
Praise:Bright lights and easy to install, everything came as noted in the description
User:Date:25-Nov-20 13:40:52 GMT
Praise:A+ service many thanks.
User:Date:25-Nov-20 12:20:49 GMT
Praise:Well packaged
User:Date:25-Nov-20 03:01:24 GMT
User:Date:24-Nov-20 23:44:09 GMT
Praise:Good item nicely designed and compact looks good πŸ‘
User:Date:24-Nov-20 22:53:25 GMT
Praise:Will use again
User:Date:24-Nov-20 18:48:10 GMT
Praise:Item arrived as described Thanks.
User:Date:24-Nov-20 17:51:19 GMT
Praise:Thanks arrived on time. And are super bright. Recommended for night riders.
User:Date:24-Nov-20 17:31:03 GMT
Praise:great purchase
User:Date:24-Nov-20 16:07:59 GMT
Praise:Fantastic kn95 face masks x10, bargain price fast delivery THANKS.
User:Date:24-Nov-20 13:59:19 GMT
User:Date:24-Nov-20 12:42:27 GMT
Praise:Good,thank you
User:Date:24-Nov-20 12:35:14 GMT
Praise:Item as described good communication thanks
User:Date:24-Nov-20 11:59:50 GMT
Praise:Happy, given the circumstances.
User:Date:24-Nov-20 10:57:44 GMT
Praise:Excellent product, as described.
User:Date:24-Nov-20 08:48:32 GMT
Praise:A+ seller
User:Date:23-Nov-20 22:34:05 GMT
Praise:many thanks great item
User:Date:23-Nov-20 22:13:01 GMT
Praise:Excellent thanks so muchπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘
User:Date:23-Nov-20 21:58:51 GMT
Praise:As described . Great cover. Many thanks.
User:Date:23-Nov-20 20:05:54 GMT
User:Date:23-Nov-20 18:19:56 GMT
Praise:Good item , Quick Dispatch, Thanks
User:Date:23-Nov-20 18:07:12 GMT
Praise:great service will use again
User:Date:23-Nov-20 17:57:24 GMT
Praise:Nice !!Please leave me feedback thanks πŸ‘
User:Date:23-Nov-20 16:25:21 GMT
Praise:As described & arrived quickly. Happy.
User:Date:23-Nov-20 14:00:49 GMT
Praise:Item as described, Fast despatch/Delivery...thanks
User:Date:23-Nov-20 13:10:27 GMT
Praise:Enjoy your purchase. Thank you from Currys PC World
User:Date:23-Nov-20 11:50:00 GMT
Praise:fast delivery, excellent product, good price
User:Date:23-Nov-20 09:53:55 GMT
Praise:Very good, no problems.
User:Date:22-Nov-20 18:42:21 GMT
Praise:Good condition, a few deep scratches, hopefully will polish out, it is a second
User:Date:22-Nov-20 17:26:08 GMT
Praise:Pleased with items bought, A1Ebayer.
User:Date:22-Nov-20 16:57:28 GMT
Praise:great e bayer x
User:Date:22-Nov-20 16:28:43 GMT
Praise:Smooth transaction, thank you.
User:Date:22-Nov-20 16:10:16 GMT
Praise:quick delivery, great ebayer
User:Date:22-Nov-20 12:41:45 GMT
Praise:Thank you very much!
User:Date:22-Nov-20 09:38:26 GMT
Praise:Really ⏩ fast
User:Date:22-Nov-20 09:34:22 GMT
Praise:someone else has my phone
User:Date:22-Nov-20 07:45:20 GMT
User:Date:22-Nov-20 05:04:14 GMT
Praise:Thanks a million so made up and express delivery to
User:Date:21-Nov-20 19:27:24 GMT
Praise:Excellent item! Recommend using!! Thanks!
User:Date:21-Nov-20 18:58:14 GMT
User:Date:21-Nov-20 17:10:06 GMT
Praise:Fast dispatch and securely packaged
User:Date:21-Nov-20 14:15:02 GMT
Praise:Great item. Received well. Thank you
User:Date:21-Nov-20 13:37:22 GMT
Praise:Item arrived safely, thanks.
User:Date:21-Nov-20 10:25:48 GMT
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:21-Nov-20 02:02:03 GMT
Praise:Happy with the refund at this difficult time with the virus in China
User:Date:20-Nov-20 22:42:58 GMT
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:20-Nov-20 21:39:11 GMT
Praise:thanks, got creased up in post quite badly
User:Date:20-Nov-20 20:20:19 GMT
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:20-Nov-20 19:32:06 GMT
Praise:farst dell 5*
User:Date:20-Nov-20 18:30:48 GMT
Praise:Excellent Ebay seller, promptly dispatched, thank you.
User:Date:20-Nov-20 18:24:07 GMT
Praise:Top eBayer, Many Thanks from Box_UK any issues please call 0121 202 0090
User:Date:20-Nov-20 17:59:19 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery. Well packed. Recommended seller. AAA+++ 5*
User:Date:20-Nov-20 17:06:23 GMT
Praise:Excellent service quick delivery
User:Date:20-Nov-20 16:38:11 GMT
Praise:just what i ordered well done
User:Date:20-Nov-20 15:19:53 GMT
Praise:Excellent A+++
User:Date:20-Nov-20 14:11:08 GMT
Praise:very very very good
User:Date:20-Nov-20 11:25:48 GMT
Praise:Arrived On time, Extremely well Packaged A+++++++
User:Date:20-Nov-20 10:25:01 GMT
Praise:Great buy
User:Date:20-Nov-20 00:32:39 GMT
Praise:Rec'd safely.Extra securely packaged,great&fast service.Super item.Many thanks2U
User:Date:19-Nov-20 23:01:59 GMT
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:19-Nov-20 19:33:30 GMT
Praise:. Thank you ,arrived safely . Excellent service .
User:Date:19-Nov-20 19:29:14 GMT
Praise:Quality item,recommended
User:Date:19-Nov-20 17:31:34 GMT
Praise:Good Customer Service
User:Date:19-Nov-20 16:58:35 GMT
Praise:Great fast delivery brilliant service thanks
User:Date:19-Nov-20 16:45:23 GMT
Praise:Just what I ordered thanks
User:Date:19-Nov-20 15:45:14 GMT
Neutral:Received Damage
User:Date:19-Nov-20 13:35:42 GMT
User:Date:19-Nov-20 12:44:22 GMT
Praise:wonderfull product
User:Date:19-Nov-20 12:20:42 GMT
User:Date:19-Nov-20 11:30:32 GMT
Praise:Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
User:Date:19-Nov-20 10:59:59 GMT
Praise:Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.
User:Date:19-Nov-20 10:47:21 GMT
Praise:Great product and speedy delivery. A++++
User:Date:19-Nov-20 10:35:36 GMT
User:Date:19-Nov-20 08:02:57 GMT
Praise:Great seller. Quick to arrive. Highly recommended many thanks
User:Date:19-Nov-20 06:22:12 GMT
Praise:Excellent all round, great communication.
User:Date:18-Nov-20 23:53:24 GMT
Praise:Excellent quality product well done.
User:Date:18-Nov-20 19:55:18 GMT
Praise:Thank you. Great ebayer.
User:Date:18-Nov-20 16:44:55 GMT
Praise:Great service
User:Date:18-Nov-20 14:57:56 GMT
User:Date:18-Nov-20 14:55:33 GMT
Praise:A+ The light is amazing, used in rain too,best light for money!
User:Date:18-Nov-20 12:48:08 GMT
Praise:Excellent service. Fast delivery.Recommended.
User:Date:18-Nov-20 12:29:12 GMT
Praise:Item as described! Arrived quickly! Thank you
User:Date:18-Nov-20 08:54:27 GMT
Neutral:Not received parcel. Where was it left? Left note to leave at no 20..
User:Date:17-Nov-20 22:40:33 GMT
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:17-Nov-20 21:06:17 GMT
Praise:Super VerkΓ€ufer!Top Produkt
User:Date:17-Nov-20 16:01:11 GMT
Praise:Lovely item fast delivery thank you
User:Date:17-Nov-20 15:58:59 GMT
User:Date:17-Nov-20 13:19:16 GMT
Praise:good price fast service
User:Date:17-Nov-20 10:05:43 GMT
Praise:Good seller.
User:Date:17-Nov-20 09:55:23 GMT
Praise:Perfect thank you A+++
User:Date:17-Nov-20 09:50:29 GMT
Praise:Thank you for visiting Currys PC World! Enjoy your purchase.
User:Date:16-Nov-20 20:05:07 GMT
Praise:Valued eBayer. Thank you for your custom.
User:Date:16-Nov-20 19:42:13 GMT
Praise:Amazing item. Great service from a good seller, thanks
User:Date:16-Nov-20 19:03:47 GMT
Praise:Excellent seller and great product!! Great packaging- really appreciated.
User:Date:16-Nov-20 17:53:53 GMT
Praise:All received and working great. Phone is basically new and well packed. A+++
User:Date:16-Nov-20 17:12:48 GMT
Praise:1st class item, 1st class delivery, 1st class ebayer.
User:Date:16-Nov-20 17:02:01 GMT
Praise:Very happy
User:Date:16-Nov-20 16:17:53 GMT
Praise:How e bay should be!
User:Date:16-Nov-20 14:41:31 GMT
Praise:Great service quick delivery great quality definitely recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
User:Date:16-Nov-20 13:33:55 GMT
Praise:Good Face Shield - Excellent communications - Trusted eBayer - Well done!
User:Date:16-Nov-20 13:23:13 GMT
Praise:Great product great ebayer
User:Date:16-Nov-20 11:35:12 GMT
Praise:good quality product.
User:Date:16-Nov-20 11:29:06 GMT
Praise:good quality product.
User:Date:16-Nov-20 10:51:18 GMT
Praise:no complaints
User:Date:16-Nov-20 10:41:40 GMT
Praise:All received OK - Many thanks!
User:Date:16-Nov-20 09:35:21 GMT
Praise:Full marks to the seller.
User:Date:15-Nov-20 22:21:57 GMT
Praise:Excellent product and service
User:Date:15-Nov-20 21:38:11 GMT
Praise:As Described excellent Ebayer, thanks.
User:Date:15-Nov-20 20:44:07 GMT
User:Date:15-Nov-20 20:40:08 GMT
Praise:Lovely, thank you.
User:Date:15-Nov-20 17:39:44 GMT
Praise:Prompt payment. All the best, Currys PC World :o)
User:Date:15-Nov-20 16:13:43 GMT
Praise:Wonderful businessman
User:Date:15-Nov-20 15:21:04 GMT
Praise:Easy transaction. Thank you so much for choosing Currys PC World
User:Date:15-Nov-20 14:49:44 GMT
Praise:well packaged good comms fast delivery
User:Date:15-Nov-20 12:38:04 GMT
Praise:Good service and prompt delivery. Thank you.
User:Date:15-Nov-20 12:28:06 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery. Item as described. Many thanks.
User:Date:15-Nov-20 10:51:33 GMT
Praise:Great item - Thanks
User:Date:15-Nov-20 09:30:27 GMT
Praise:excelent e-bay
User:Date:15-Nov-20 09:13:38 GMT
Praise:Thanks for quick service
User:Date:15-Nov-20 07:32:44 GMT
Praise:Great item thanks
User:Date:14-Nov-20 20:26:19 GMT
Praise:Excellent service
User:Date:14-Nov-20 17:30:50 GMT
Praise:Everything okay, recommended seller +++
User:Date:14-Nov-20 15:31:09 GMT
Praise:As described and great price. Thank you
User:Date:14-Nov-20 14:55:15 GMT
Praise: excellent
User:Date:14-Nov-20 14:54:38 GMT
Praise:As described and fast delivery - thank you
User:Date:14-Nov-20 13:57:11 GMT
Praise:Thanks for shopping with Currys PC World! Visit us again soon :o)
User:Date:14-Nov-20 13:50:39 GMT
Neutral:Got damaged in the post .Not wrapped very well .
User:Date:14-Nov-20 13:08:47 GMT
Praise:Great seller. Item well packaged and quick delivery. Thanks ++
User:Date:14-Nov-20 12:21:01 GMT
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:14-Nov-20 12:14:14 GMT
Praise:very good product will use again thank you
User:Date:14-Nov-20 11:31:38 GMT
Praise:Quick delivery great item happy to deal with
User:Date:14-Nov-20 08:43:57 GMT
Praise:Excellent service received on time as stated
User:Date:14-Nov-20 02:43:50 GMT
Praise:as described, excellent, Thanks
User:Date:14-Nov-20 02:43:03 GMT
Praise:as described, excellent, Thanks
User:Date:13-Nov-20 18:54:31 GMT
Praise:Excellent eBayer Great comms, fast dispatch thanks
User:Date:13-Nov-20 18:36:04 GMT
Praise:Excellent 100 % many thanks
User:Date:13-Nov-20 17:36:28 GMT
Praise:Excellent. Many thanks
User:Date:13-Nov-20 13:55:05 GMT
User:Date:13-Nov-20 13:04:41 GMT
Praise:Thank You For Your Fast Quick Delivery Service ++++
User:Date:13-Nov-20 13:04:24 GMT
Praise:Thank You For Your Fast Quick Delivery Service ++++
User:Date:13-Nov-20 12:41:15 GMT
Praise:Good product - safely delivered
User:Date:13-Nov-20 12:15:52 GMT
Praise:Excellent seller. Fast delivery, thank you !
User:Date:13-Nov-20 11:49:30 GMT
Praise:Reliable seller (used several times). Recommend.
User:Date:13-Nov-20 10:56:24 GMT
Praise:Very good transaction, thank you.
User:Date:13-Nov-20 10:06:38 GMT
Praise:Very pleased with purchase
User:Date:13-Nov-20 08:13:24 GMT
Praise:All good
User:Date:13-Nov-20 07:35:09 GMT
Praise:Received thanks All good
User:Date:12-Nov-20 22:57:18 GMT
Praise:100% top seller and very quick delivery & fabulous packaging !! thankyou !!!
User:Date:12-Nov-20 22:49:53 GMT
Praise:Happy days
User:Date:12-Nov-20 22:43:50 GMT
Praise:Quality item arrived swiftly, thank-you
User:Date:12-Nov-20 21:07:05 GMT
Praise: First class seller
User:Date:12-Nov-20 20:38:25 GMT
Praise:great ebayer
User:Date:12-Nov-20 19:57:59 GMT
Praise:Wszystko ok
User:Date:12-Nov-20 18:33:17 GMT
Praise:As described excelent service recomended 5*
User:Date:12-Nov-20 18:21:49 GMT
Praise:Quick delivery,,would recommend,thank you
User:Date:12-Nov-20 18:09:05 GMT
Praise:Great service many thanks πŸ‘
User:Date:12-Nov-20 17:35:54 GMT
Praise:Did not clear up got something cheaper and it worked better.
User:Date:12-Nov-20 13:21:12 GMT
Praise:Quick delivery. Very well packaged. Item as described. Recommended.
User:Date:12-Nov-20 11:38:07 GMT
Praise:Excellent service
User:Date:12-Nov-20 08:09:53 GMT
Praise:Great buy, smooth transaction, credit to eBay A1++++++++++
User:Date:12-Nov-20 01:21:29 GMT
Praise:Great product, excellent service, quick delivery - Many thanks!
User:Date:12-Nov-20 00:24:46 GMT
Praise:Very good seller πŸ‘Œunderstanding and supporting β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
User:Date:11-Nov-20 21:47:07 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery thank you!
User:Date:11-Nov-20 21:18:39 GMT
Praise:Good seller A+
User:Date:11-Nov-20 20:56:17 GMT
Praise:Amazing fast delivery!!!! Great quality
User:Date:11-Nov-20 20:45:24 GMT
Praise:Assembly instructions were very simple
User:Date:11-Nov-20 18:05:34 GMT
User:Date:11-Nov-20 16:39:52 GMT
Praise: Good job
User:Date:11-Nov-20 15:03:24 GMT
Praise:Superb first class seller, highly recommended, great tablet thanks πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
User:Date:11-Nov-20 12:25:35 GMT
User:Date:11-Nov-20 11:35:37 GMT
Praise:Well packaged,quick delivery-thank you.
User:Date:11-Nov-20 11:15:57 GMT
Praise:FAST Delivery PLEASED with Items THANKS
User:Date:11-Nov-20 06:23:57 GMT
Praise:Spot on thanking you
User:Date:10-Nov-20 21:55:56 GMT
Praise:Excellent item and service πŸ‘Œ
User:Date:10-Nov-20 21:44:36 GMT
Praise:Item as described.
User:Date:10-Nov-20 21:19:00 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery lovely unit very impressed
User:Date:10-Nov-20 21:14:31 GMT
Praise:item arrived quickly and worked very well, was very impressed
User:Date:10-Nov-20 13:26:26 GMT
Praise:fast delivery great tv great price thank you πŸ˜ƒ
User:Date:10-Nov-20 12:37:21 GMT
Praise:Excellent service and product.. thanks
User:Date:10-Nov-20 09:54:14 GMT
Praise:Great product. As advertised. Thanks
User:Date:10-Nov-20 08:23:39 GMT
Praise:Great seller. Item perfect.Thanks very much.
User:Date:10-Nov-20 01:16:57 GMT
Praise:Good seller and good item.
User:Date:10-Nov-20 00:48:00 GMT
Praise:Arrived well pleased. 100% Thanks
User:Date:09-Nov-20 23:34:53 GMT
Praise:All good. Top Seller. Thank You A+++
User:Date:09-Nov-20 18:00:38 GMT
Praise:Super bright light, very pleased
User:Date:09-Nov-20 17:34:19 GMT
Praise:All good thanks!
User:Date:09-Nov-20 16:58:32 GMT
Praise: 5 ⭐️ retailer would buy from them again
User:Date:09-Nov-20 16:04:59 GMT
Praise:Easy transaction. Thank you so much for choosing Currys PC World
User:Date:09-Nov-20 15:12:25 GMT
Praise:very useful shield - great service - thank you
User:Date:09-Nov-20 14:34:57 GMT
Praise:Thanks for quick delivery.
User:Date:09-Nov-20 14:00:14 GMT
Neutral:Slow delivery but quality product nontheless
User:Date:09-Nov-20 13:24:17 GMT
Praise:Excellent product, thanks
User:Date:09-Nov-20 12:40:09 GMT
Praise:Thank you. 😊
User:Date:09-Nov-20 12:30:44 GMT
Praise:Excellent service, nice item.
User:Date:09-Nov-20 10:01:19 GMT
Praise:Both lights give excellent Light. But the back light clip is not easy to clip on

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