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ProRacing Performance Tuning Chip Box

ProRacing® company is a designer and manufacturer of the highest quality ProRacing Tuning Chip Box. „The highest priority for us is the excellent quality of our products and the quality of customer service. All this is to ensure that users of our products are fully satisfied and satisfied. That thanks to our efforts, driving a car became a rare pleasure for them".

Advanced technology

CERTIFICATE IPC – RENEX EEC Highest quality guarantee Our device and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of International Association of Manufacturers and the Electronic Industries (IPC). It also meets the European and international production standards. Thanks to IPC certification ProRacing has the guarantee of highest quality of products and services in the electronics industry. CERT. IPC-7711/7721 CERT. IEC-61340-4-1

Professional customer

We offer professional assistance in choosing the product and its installation. A fully qualified team of ProRacing® employees supports you throughout the whole life of our devices. The satisfaction of our client is the most important to us. A 24-month warranty covers all devices in our offer. Also, we provide comprehensive technical support throughout the entire unlimited period of use. We care about customer’s satisfaction because it is a measure of our highest success.

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