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Ways to Top up online

Before you Top up, you'll need to have your mobile number and debit or credit card number or voucher code ready. If you have a smartphone, the easiest way to Top up is with the My Vodafone app - download it for free

Choose the device you want to Top up

Your Phone

Your tablet, data dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi

Top up

The quickest, most convenient way is by using the My Vodafone app, or you can log in to your My Vodafone account online. Alternatively, you can enter a short code (*#1345#) to display your balance on screen or call 2345 free from your Vodafone mobile

The easiest way is to download the My Vodafone app , where you can Top up with a tap or call 2345 free from your Vodafone Pay as you go phone.

Adding a data pack to your Vodafone mobile broadband is quick and easy to do.

You will need your mobile broadband number to hand

To add a pack online to add a data pack by credit or debit card.

To add a pack by phone

Call 46210 (or 03333044775 from another network) to add a data pack by credit or debit card.

If you just Top up your credit rather than buying a Big Value Bundle, you’ll pay a daily £2 data charge if you use certain apps, access the internet or check your emails for the first 50MB you use. You will pay 10p for each MB after this. It’ll be taken from your credit if you haven’t switched off data on your phone. You could save money by buying a Big Value Bundle or choosing Pay as you go 1.

Follow these steps to Top up using your credit or debit card or a TopUp voucher:

1. Register or log in to My Vodafone

2. Choose Top-ups and payments followed by Activate voucher

3. Follow the simple step-by-step guide – make sure you have your mobile data number (starting 07) and debit or credit card number or voucher code handy

4. Save your card details to make topping up even faster next time

Go to Settings > Mobile data > View account and then:

Enter your login details

Choose your Top up amount

Wait for the on-screen confirmation that everything’s been done