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 Natural therapy for Allergies, Asthma, Smoking and other respiratory problems. No drug usage and no side effect. Just inhaling air contained salt crystal and it will clean up your respiratory track. Only 10-25 minutes a day.

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        Sea Air with Cisca Saltpipe

        As advertised in Daily Mail and The Times

Cisca Saltpipe®, the Authentic Original Patented Hungarian Salt inhaler can help to provide relief if you are suffering from:
?Shortness of breath or breathing difficulty
?Allergy, Sinus problems,
?Bronchitis, Emphysema,
?Hay fever, Sore throat
?Coughing caused by smoking, Flu and pollution


*The Cisca Saltpipe® which is available from UK supplier is a UK Medical Approved as medical device. We guarantee at the best quality of our Cisca Saltpipe® carrying CE medical registered of 1011 and passed ISO: 9001.* See the original CE certificate go to and more information please visit

Salt crystals have been used for decades in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis and to help strengthen the immune system.  People suffering with breathing problem found the benefits from spending time at the seaside.  The fresh sea breeze can revitalise the breathing system and alleviate the symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

Salt therapy is one of the most famous natural treatment in Eastern and Central Europe where there are several salt caves formed in 20-30 million years ago.  People having problems with respiratory system go there and spend time in the cave to inhale the floating salt particle into the body.  Inhaling salt crystal air will induce a self cleaning process and heal the respiratory system by using the property of salt.  As we know that salt is natural and have antiseptic property and therefore, it may help to stop some infection and inflammation in the airway passage and the lung. This treatment is unique and in Eastern European countries such as Hungry, Poland, and Germany.  Moreover inhaing tiny floating particles of salt crystals of the cave can help to clean, and re-vitalize the entire respiratory system.

The Cisca Saltpipe® harnesses this natural healing power in a convenient hand held porcelain pipe. Invented by 2 Hungarian, Mr. Bekefi and Mr. Bundai, suffering from allergies and asthma, the Cisca Saltpipe® contains two ceramic filters containing 50-60 grams of selected Halite salt crystals formed in Hungarian caves around 20 million years ago. Its unique original patented ergonomic design makes it both comfortable and convenient to use without any side effects. Originally developed specifically to aid breathing and address respiratory disorders, the Cisca Saltpipe® has now also been found to improve overall well being. Its detoxifying properties help the absorption of oxygen and users have found a marked improvement in their general state of health simply by breathing through the pipe for just 15 minutes a day. The Cisca Saltpipe® can also be used to cleanse deep into the nasal cavity by placing the pipe close to the nostril and inhaling.

Not only Asthma, Allergy, Hayfever, etc,  the Cisca Saltpipe® can  also benefit for people suffering from bronchitis, cold, chronic coughing and persistent sore throat, The idea is similar from using salt water to gargle your throat when your throat become sore.  Salt is an antiseptic and it can kill germs and bacteria.  It also can keep your mouth from the bad breath without taking some pills or using chemical liquid which have several side effects.  Cisca Saltpipe® can do more than salt water because you inhale the salt crystal through your respiratory tract.  The upper and lower throat will intact with the salty air and it will allow salt crystals to react with plague, bacteria through the respiratory system.  By using the salt pipe, it is a prevention of allowing the cough and sore throat happening.  Usually, the people go to see the doctor when the illness start developing and the medicine as a last resource.

The Cisca Saltpipe® can be used easily by anyone over the age of three, but Cisca have also created a salt pipe for children.

The ‘Elipipe’ contains exactly the same high quality salt system but its friendly elephant shape makes it much more appealing.

Some feedback and testimonials: (More testimonial visit  )  Also, see Ebay feedbacks from our happy buyers.

Mr. Preston, UK "The Cisca pipe seems to be helping when I am outdoors, as I cannot take my nebuliser with me if I go anywhere."

Mrs. P. Moore--Wisbech, UK: "I am delighted to say that we are tremendously impressed. My husband uses the pipe each morning on waking for 15/20 minutes and has enjoyed a vastly improved sleep pattern with no disturbed nights due to coughing. Yesterday he mowed our quite large lawn with none of the usual paroxysms of coughing afterwards "

Ms. S. Johnston--Antrim UK : "As soon as it arrived, I started using it. I used it for 20 minutes the first day and the constant coughing stopped! I only had mucous a couple of times. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but next day I used it for around 40 mins -- no coughing! The phlegm was so loose it came up easily, and I didn't feel clogged any more. Yesterday I sat out in the garden while my neighbour cut his grass. No coughing, no phlegm, nothing! I was able to breathe as deeply as any normal person. I can't describe what a great feeling that is. The salt pipe has given me so much relief. It really does work!" and today has had an enjoyable walk in Boston despite the wind. All down to daily use of the salt pipe."

Clive L --Halifax, UK "I received a Saltpipe from you about four days ago and have been using it regularly. I am delighted to report that at last I can breath. Ever since I was a small child (I'm now 46). I have suffered terribly from blocked sinus's. Doctors have failed to offer any kind of help other than nasal sprays which I have been reluctant to use for long periods. I first used the pipe in the evening and by the time I went to bed I found myself to be breathing freely through both nostrils. In the morning I found my sinus's were still clear and have pretty much remained that way since. Not being able to breath through my nose has caused me to feel exhausted and unable to talk without quickly getting out of breath. This product has in the few days that I have been using it made a tremendous difference to the way I feel. My sleep quality seems to have improved a great deal too. This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from similar problems to mine."

Nina H.: USA ( 28/09/05) "I have been using the salt pipe for about 2 weeks now and I really am enjoying it, 90%. I use it 3x's a day and after i use it I cough up everything. People say I sound better and I know I feel a lot better. I guess the cough will subside when I get the "junk" out of my body. I like the pipe."

Marjorie Tietjen, USA; Lyme Disease patient, activist "I just want to express my gratitude for the Cisca Salt Pipe. I have chronic moderate asthma. This has been a problem for at least 25 years. I don't use steroids but I use my albuterol inhaler at least 6 times a day. I received my salt pipe only 4 days ago and was going to wait longer to share my experience but I am so amazed with the results that I couldn't wait any longer . The second day of use I went 24 hours without using my inhaler. Then I went outside and the cold dry air triggered symptoms so I did end up using my medical inhaler. To make a long story short, I have only used the albuterol 3 times since I received the salt pipe. Normally it would have been used at least 18 times. It is such a wonderful feeling to have a clear nose ( the salt pipe also drains my sinuses) and not to have to spray so many awful tasting chemicals into my lungs. I have a feeling that I will continue to improve. I am completely sold on this product and want to try to make it more available in the U.S."

All Cisca Saltpipe® comes with full English information pack.

For full information about Cisca Saltpipe® please visit


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