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User:Date:18-Jul-18 22:38:32 BST
Praise:Fast delivery ๐Ÿ“ฆ Thankyou very much A++ will buy again ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
User:Date:18-Jul-18 21:07:51 BST
Praise:All great ๐Ÿ‘
User:Date:18-Jul-18 18:02:00 BST
Praise:Lovely item and excellent service, thank you. Highly recommended seller A + + +
User:Date:18-Jul-18 16:53:02 BST
User:Date:18-Jul-18 15:42:39 BST
Praise:Excellent quick service A++
User:Date:18-Jul-18 14:18:03 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:18-Jul-18 14:17:35 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:18-Jul-18 13:52:08 BST
Praise:lovely thank you
User:Date:18-Jul-18 13:51:28 BST
Praise:great ebayer
User:Date:18-Jul-18 13:22:13 BST
Praise:Absolutely lovely will buy again from seller for sure ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
User:Date:18-Jul-18 13:07:23 BST
Praise:Mega fast postage! Item is great .Thank you
User:Date:18-Jul-18 12:24:56 BST
Praise:Perfect colour, lovely extensions and super fast postage! Fab seller! Thank you!
User:Date:18-Jul-18 11:51:09 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:18-Jul-18 11:44:01 BST
User:Date:18-Jul-18 11:42:04 BST
Praise:Good quality ,exactly as described
User:Date:18-Jul-18 11:39:23 BST
Praise:All fine, GREAT E-SELLER 100% ๐Ÿ‘
User:Date:18-Jul-18 10:01:56 BST
Praise:Super Fast Delivery, Great Quality, A+ Seller, Thank you :)
User:Date:18-Jul-18 09:42:37 BST
Praise:Great colour, and works well. Great price too. Thank you x
User:Date:18-Jul-18 09:35:47 BST
Praise:as discribed
User:Date:18-Jul-18 09:10:16 BST
Praise:Perfect!! Excellent seller. Hank you so much!
User:Date:18-Jul-18 01:39:19 BST
Praise:Fast and reliable. Exactly as description. I'm happy with my purchase. Thx!
User:Date:17-Jul-18 22:33:46 BST
Praise:Had to return (my fault) but was refunded quickly ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
User:Date:17-Jul-18 19:49:30 BST
Praise:Luv it thanx
User:Date:17-Jul-18 19:34:05 BST
Praise:Great, many thanks, fast delivery.
User:Date:17-Jul-18 18:11:51 BST
Praise:Great item and arrived super quickly. Brilliant. Thanks.
User:Date:17-Jul-18 17:47:28 BST
Praise:Excellent item, great service and fast delivery ~ recommended seller A+++
User:Date:17-Jul-18 17:20:18 BST
Praise:Easy to use and shapes eyebrows perfectly
User:Date:17-Jul-18 17:14:06 BST
Praise:Perfect. Exactly as described. Thank You!!
User:Date:17-Jul-18 16:45:31 BST
Praise:Thanks !
User:Date:17-Jul-18 16:34:58 BST
Praise:Thanks !
User:Date:17-Jul-18 13:13:47 BST
Praise:fabulous item. i cant thank you enough x
User:Date:17-Jul-18 11:41:36 BST
Praise:Well received and very efficient . Thank you.
User:Date:17-Jul-18 11:11:47 BST
User:Date:17-Jul-18 10:50:35 BST
Praise:I ordered the wrong colour. Easy,swift exchange. Excellent service. A*
User:Date:17-Jul-18 10:47:52 BST
Praise:Excellent product , great seller 5*Great Seller , item as described. THANKS
User:Date:17-Jul-18 10:35:31 BST
Praise:Lovely quality and very prompt delivery
User:Date:17-Jul-18 10:06:15 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:17-Jul-18 09:57:42 BST
Praise:V happy
User:Date:17-Jul-18 09:53:23 BST
Praise:Fast shipment, good quality.
User:Date:17-Jul-18 09:37:22 BST
Praise:Love it. Colour perfect. Will buy again. Many thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++
User:Date:17-Jul-18 09:36:12 BST
Praise:Love it. Colour perfect. Will buy again. Many thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++
User:Date:17-Jul-18 09:35:44 BST
Praise:Lovely colour and good feel to hair.
User:Date:17-Jul-18 08:38:37 BST
Praise:Beautiful hair
User:Date:17-Jul-18 08:37:31 BST
Praise:Really happy thank u
User:Date:17-Jul-18 08:36:32 BST
Praise:Lovely hair thank u
User:Date:17-Jul-18 08:07:53 BST
Praise:Fast shipping, item as described! Thanks!
User:Date:17-Jul-18 08:07:28 BST
Praise:Fast shipping, item as described! Thanks!
User:Date:17-Jul-18 00:43:46 BST
Praise:10/10 seller xx
User:Date:16-Jul-18 23:12:09 BST
Praise:Excellent vendeur ! Merci beaucoup ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
User:Date:16-Jul-18 23:00:56 BST
User:Date:16-Jul-18 20:55:42 BST
User:Date:16-Jul-18 19:03:40 BST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:16-Jul-18 17:27:44 BST
Praise:Colour matched the picture and not bad condition for synthetic, would buy again
User:Date:16-Jul-18 17:27:22 BST
Praise:Colour matched the picture and not bad condition for synthetic, would buy again
User:Date:16-Jul-18 16:54:00 BST
Praise:excellent value.
User:Date:16-Jul-18 16:16:14 BST
Praise:Quick delivery. Nice product.
User:Date:16-Jul-18 15:59:20 BST
Praise:Fabulous! Super fast delivery,very highly recommended,thank you :)
User:Date:16-Jul-18 15:55:56 BST
Praise:Product as described
User:Date:16-Jul-18 15:51:12 BST
Praise:Great item! Fast delivery. Thank you!
User:Date:16-Jul-18 14:57:47 BST
Complaint:Arrived quickly but colours aren't even close to those pictured
User:Date:16-Jul-18 13:56:42 BST
Praise:nice wig thankyou
User:Date:16-Jul-18 13:40:52 BST
Praise:Excellent service, highly recommended A+++++
User:Date:16-Jul-18 13:39:40 BST
Praise:Excellent service, highly recommended A+++++
User:Date:16-Jul-18 10:44:20 BST
Praise:A+ seller
User:Date:16-Jul-18 10:44:09 BST
Praise:A+ seller
User:Date:16-Jul-18 10:43:55 BST
Praise:A+ seller
User:Date:16-Jul-18 10:03:59 BST
User:Date:16-Jul-18 08:18:37 BST
Praise:lovely item thank you
User:Date:16-Jul-18 00:51:48 BST
Praise:Received with many thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
User:Date:15-Jul-18 23:37:29 BST
Praise:Absolutely horrendous. Worn once and can never wear again. Extentions breaking
User:Date:15-Jul-18 22:54:07 BST
Praise:Fantastic and such speedy delivery thankyou ๐Ÿ˜
User:Date:15-Jul-18 19:54:01 BST
Praise:Great thank you.
User:Date:15-Jul-18 19:53:43 BST
Praise:Great thank you.
User:Date:15-Jul-18 19:53:31 BST
Praise:Great thank you.
User:Date:15-Jul-18 19:53:17 BST
Praise:Great thank you.
User:Date:15-Jul-18 18:17:46 BST
User:Date:15-Jul-18 16:53:44 BST
Praise:Item arrived quickly and thank you!
User:Date:15-Jul-18 16:24:39 BST
Praise:Fast hassle free purchase
User:Date:15-Jul-18 11:34:12 BST
Praise:Goods as described. Arrived next day. Excellent value
User:Date:15-Jul-18 11:22:26 BST
Praise:Perfect thankyou AAA ++++++++
User:Date:15-Jul-18 10:58:51 BST
Praise:Great item, fast delivery, many thanks!
User:Date:15-Jul-18 10:14:34 BST
Praise:Perfect thank you
User:Date:15-Jul-18 10:08:38 BST
Praise:Wow absolutely fantastic product.being a t girl this was just what i needed
User:Date:15-Jul-18 09:50:02 BST
Praise:Lightning dispatch and well packaged, all good! Top Seller!
User:Date:15-Jul-18 09:09:33 BST
Praise:Great ,right colour .
User:Date:15-Jul-18 08:43:57 BST
Praise:Such a great service 5 star
User:Date:15-Jul-18 07:32:38 BST
Praise:Really pleased. Great ebayer A++++++++
User:Date:15-Jul-18 06:50:18 BST
Praise:All good A+
User:Date:14-Jul-18 18:34:34 BST
Praise:A lot thinner than expected
User:Date:14-Jul-18 17:41:10 BST
Praise:Delivered in less than 24hrs thanks
User:Date:14-Jul-18 17:05:05 BST
Praise:Item as described!swift delivery xx
User:Date:14-Jul-18 16:17:59 BST
Praise:thanks ๐Ÿ‘Œ
User:Date:14-Jul-18 16:17:48 BST
Praise:thanks ๐Ÿ‘Œ
User:Date:14-Jul-18 16:02:02 BST
Praise:Belli molto sembrano veri anche se non รจ il colore giusto per me. Belle punte.
User:Date:14-Jul-18 15:58:17 BST
Praise:troppo lucido e non รจ di 28"ma molto meno. Le punte tagliuzzate. Colore รจ ok.
User:Date:14-Jul-18 15:25:33 BST
Praise:Excellent thanks ๐Ÿ™‚5*
User:Date:14-Jul-18 14:35:05 BST
Praise:Very fast delivery highly recommended seller thankyou
User:Date:14-Jul-18 14:21:56 BST
Praise:Very fast!!!! Excellent product!!! Perfect seller....
User:Date:14-Jul-18 14:17:51 BST
Praise:love it great price ..A1 ebayer !
User:Date:14-Jul-18 14:11:37 BST
Praise:love it delivery A1 ebayer !!
User:Date:14-Jul-18 13:47:47 BST
Praise:Fantastic,Thank You!
User:Date:14-Jul-18 13:47:37 BST
Praise:Fantastic,Thank You!
User:Date:14-Jul-18 12:49:05 BST
Praise:Perfect thank you
User:Date:14-Jul-18 12:27:09 BST
User:Date:14-Jul-18 11:56:32 BST
Praise:Excellent service 5*
User:Date:14-Jul-18 11:25:31 BST
Praise:Many thanks 5*****
User:Date:14-Jul-18 11:20:32 BST
Praise:An excellent transaction and delighted with my purchase thanks!
User:Date:14-Jul-18 10:17:52 BST
Praise:Bad quality lip gloss. Awful. Would advise everybody to stay away from this.
User:Date:14-Jul-18 07:45:10 BST
Praise:5 star
User:Date:13-Jul-18 20:37:39 BST
Praise:great value. Arrived promptly.
User:Date:13-Jul-18 18:18:41 BST
User:Date:13-Jul-18 17:56:12 BST
Praise:Thank you :)
User:Date:13-Jul-18 17:34:04 BST
User:Date:13-Jul-18 17:12:40 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, thanks very much. A+++++ eBayer
User:Date:13-Jul-18 15:29:51 BST
Praise:amazing. can straighten brush etc i even slept in them a couple of times.
User:Date:13-Jul-18 14:58:27 BST
Praise:Great product!
User:Date:13-Jul-18 14:28:58 BST
Praise:Stunning half wig! Blends well with my hair colour and at a great price! Happy!
User:Date:13-Jul-18 14:27:52 BST
Praise:Hairpiece arrived speedily and the colour blends with my shade well. Great price
User:Date:13-Jul-18 14:25:37 BST
Praise:Excellent value. Would buy again from this seller
User:Date:13-Jul-18 14:18:16 BST
Praise:Thanks. Fabulous x
User:Date:13-Jul-18 14:04:14 BST
User:Date:13-Jul-18 13:24:09 BST
Praise:Many thanks 5*****
User:Date:13-Jul-18 13:06:48 BST
Praise:Thank you great ebayer. Really pleased perfect โค๏ธ
User:Date:13-Jul-18 12:39:25 BST
Praise:Good item.
User:Date:13-Jul-18 11:35:12 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery thankyou
User:Date:13-Jul-18 09:55:55 BST
Praise:Great service fast delivery thanks
User:Date:13-Jul-18 08:43:38 BST
Praise:Great product. Just as described. Highly recommended
User:Date:13-Jul-18 07:38:36 BST
Praise:Fast delivery Many Thanks
User:Date:13-Jul-18 07:10:31 BST
Praise:quick delivery and delighted thank you
User:Date:13-Jul-18 07:02:56 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:13-Jul-18 06:47:22 BST
Praise:Item as described, well packed and fast delivery. Great ebayer.
User:Date:13-Jul-18 05:36:07 BST
Praise:Super fast delivery , as described , great seller , thanks a++++++
User:Date:13-Jul-18 05:28:41 BST
Praise:Love the wig, exactly as described. Thank you!
User:Date:12-Jul-18 23:11:40 BST
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:12-Jul-18 22:33:39 BST
Praise:Looks grate love them
User:Date:12-Jul-18 22:21:39 BST
Praise:excellent ebay seller, highly recommended A*****
User:Date:12-Jul-18 22:14:15 BST
Praise:quick delivery, well packaged
User:Date:12-Jul-18 22:02:55 BST
Praise:Great item & quick postage x
User:Date:12-Jul-18 20:41:48 BST
Praise:fast delivery great value for money *****
User:Date:12-Jul-18 20:15:35 BST
Praise:Thanks, very nice item and very fast delivery.
User:Date:12-Jul-18 20:13:48 BST
Praise:gorgeous wigs
User:Date:12-Jul-18 18:03:30 BST
Praise:Very happy with the item
User:Date:12-Jul-18 17:28:14 BST
User:Date:12-Jul-18 17:27:59 BST
User:Date:12-Jul-18 17:25:09 BST
Praise:A +++ Excellent quality l will purchase more
User:Date:12-Jul-18 16:57:31 BST
Praise:Thank you :)
User:Date:12-Jul-18 16:55:47 BST
Praise:great :)
User:Date:12-Jul-18 16:23:51 BST
Praise:Item arrived fast and is as described.
User:Date:12-Jul-18 16:15:18 BST
Praise:Great product and very speedy delivery thank you
User:Date:12-Jul-18 16:12:45 BST
Praise:Item as described !! fast delivery ! Many thanks!
User:Date:12-Jul-18 15:24:11 BST
Praise:Lovely wig very fast delivery Highly recommend A+++++++++++
User:Date:12-Jul-18 14:47:54 BST
User:Date:12-Jul-18 14:42:02 BST
Praise:good product
User:Date:12-Jul-18 13:34:37 BST
Praise:Perfect thank you
User:Date:12-Jul-18 12:47:54 BST
Praise:great seller! item as discribed, arrived well packed in right time! thanks!
User:Date:12-Jul-18 12:37:38 BST
Praise:Excellent thank you fast shipping 5 stars โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†
User:Date:12-Jul-18 12:17:24 BST
Complaint:Wore twice fuzzy mess after customer care put in boiling water 10 times waste ยฃ
User:Date:12-Jul-18 11:23:16 BST
Praise: 5*****
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:50:53 BST
Praise:Highly recommend this seller
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:42:13 BST
Praise:Fast deliver. Item as described.
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:38:22 BST
Praise:Fast delivery! Great product!
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:12:11 BST
Praise:V. Good seller
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:06:20 BST
Praise:Thank you, very good seller. I recommend
User:Date:12-Jul-18 09:04:09 BST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:12-Jul-18 08:44:44 BST
Praise:Fab +++++
User:Date:12-Jul-18 06:09:19 BST
Praise:Very happy
User:Date:12-Jul-18 01:18:17 BST
Praise:Excellent service
User:Date:11-Jul-18 22:32:21 BST
Praise:Top Seller! Top Item! AAAAA+++++
User:Date:11-Jul-18 22:13:39 BST
Praise:Arrived on time packaged well
User:Date:11-Jul-18 22:11:35 BST
Praise:Arrived on time packaged well
User:Date:11-Jul-18 21:35:52 BST
Praise:Very good quality! Very fast ๐Ÿšš!
User:Date:11-Jul-18 18:52:22 BST
Praise:Excellent friendly.Helpful seller.Quality item Thankyou very much
User:Date:11-Jul-18 17:37:55 BST
Praise:Excellent service, highly recommended A+++++
User:Date:11-Jul-18 17:36:45 BST
Praise:Excellent service, highly recommended A+++++
User:Date:11-Jul-18 17:10:06 BST
Praise:Thank you love it
User:Date:11-Jul-18 17:08:36 BST
Praise:Excellent service 5โญ๏ธ
User:Date:11-Jul-18 16:51:13 BST
Praise:Very nice responsive seller. Got my item on time and in good condition!
User:Date:11-Jul-18 16:01:14 BST
Praise:Very nice
User:Date:11-Jul-18 16:00:53 BST
Praise:Very nice
User:Date:11-Jul-18 14:49:51 BST
Praise:It's amazing . I love it
User:Date:11-Jul-18 14:49:36 BST
Praise:It's amazing . I love it
User:Date:11-Jul-18 14:25:10 BST
Praise:Gr8 seller
User:Date:11-Jul-18 14:19:30 BST
Praise:Quick delivery, packaged well. Thank you!
User:Date:11-Jul-18 14:19:07 BST
Praise:Quick delivery, packaged well. Thank you!
User:Date:11-Jul-18 13:37:14 BST
Praise:Thank you !
User:Date:11-Jul-18 09:06:27 BST
Praise:Very happy with purchase ๐Ÿ“ฆ
User:Date:11-Jul-18 07:33:13 BST
Praise:Great item would purchase again ... Many Thanks ... A1 Seller
User:Date:11-Jul-18 07:24:41 BST
Praise:Very good seller. Good communication and quick delivery
User:Date:11-Jul-18 07:23:51 BST
Praise:Very good seller. Good communication and quick delivery
User:Date:11-Jul-18 01:29:19 BST
User:Date:10-Jul-18 23:53:04 BST
Praise:Nice colour
User:Date:10-Jul-18 21:24:42 BST
Praise:Happy with item :) thank you so much
User:Date:10-Jul-18 20:45:10 BST
Praise:Fantastic seller :)
User:Date:10-Jul-18 20:20:34 BST
Praise:Great ebayer
User:Date:10-Jul-18 20:13:34 BST
Praise:Very satisfied thanx.
User:Date:10-Jul-18 19:44:23 BST
Praise:Great !!! 5 Stars !!!! Thank you my friend :D
User:Date:10-Jul-18 19:33:56 BST
Praise:Fabulous and fast. Thanks
User:Date:10-Jul-18 18:54:11 BST
Praise:Great thanks!
User:Date:10-Jul-18 18:53:48 BST
Praise:Great thanks!
User:Date:10-Jul-18 18:20:30 BST
Praise:Excellent. Neat product. Speedy service.