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User:Date:20-Mar-19 05:23:56 GMT
Praise:Great value.MANY THANKS..
User:Date:20-Mar-19 00:05:40 GMT
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:20-Mar-19 00:05:05 GMT
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 23:18:51 GMT
Praise:Received with thanks perfect seller πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»
User:Date:19-Mar-19 22:52:25 GMT
Praise:Love my extensions, good buy.
User:Date:19-Mar-19 22:51:22 GMT
Praise:Many thanks! Very happy :)
User:Date:19-Mar-19 22:22:23 GMT
Praise:Very happy with my purchase. Thanks.
User:Date:19-Mar-19 20:56:03 GMT
Praise:brilliant service.would use the company again.thanks.
User:Date:19-Mar-19 20:55:54 GMT
Praise:Very good for the price, would recommend. Arrived quick
User:Date:19-Mar-19 20:55:39 GMT
Praise::Β¦:-β€’:*Smooth'"Transaction*:β€’.-​:Β¦:-β€’*Great eBayer*β€’-:Β¦:-β€’:*Thanksβ€’:
User:Date:19-Mar-19 20:35:33 GMT
Praise:Fab seller. Fast delivery
User:Date:19-Mar-19 20:29:51 GMT
Praise:As described, Thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 19:59:50 GMT
Praise:Always a great service and always purchase from you! Fast delivery too! Xx
User:Date:19-Mar-19 19:37:21 GMT
User:Date:19-Mar-19 19:34:27 GMT
User:Date:19-Mar-19 19:13:48 GMT
Praise:Super fast delivery
User:Date:19-Mar-19 18:57:49 GMT
User:Date:19-Mar-19 18:55:30 GMT
User:Date:19-Mar-19 18:06:59 GMT
Praise:As described & fast delivery
User:Date:19-Mar-19 16:50:15 GMT
Praise:Love these!
User:Date:19-Mar-19 16:15:33 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery good seler
User:Date:19-Mar-19 15:45:50 GMT
Praise:great service
User:Date:19-Mar-19 15:39:39 GMT
Praise:Great quality product, very fast delivery, would highly recommend this seller
User:Date:19-Mar-19 15:24:55 GMT
Praise:great seller thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 15:22:45 GMT
Praise:great seller thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 15:22:31 GMT
Praise:great seller thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 14:51:31 GMT
Praise:Really good, perfect colour match, recommend this seller
User:Date:19-Mar-19 14:50:30 GMT
Praise:Really good product as always I recommend this seller
User:Date:19-Mar-19 14:44:51 GMT
Praise:Thank you so much
User:Date:19-Mar-19 14:30:19 GMT
Praise:Great seller, great communication. Defiantly recommend! Thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 14:26:44 GMT
Praise:A1 seller
User:Date:19-Mar-19 14:09:14 GMT
Praise:brilliant service and delighted with pony tail quality. thank you x
User:Date:19-Mar-19 13:41:24 GMT
Neutral:As described, issue dealt with eventually
User:Date:19-Mar-19 13:38:18 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:19-Mar-19 13:02:19 GMT
Praise: great ebayer A+++++++
User:Date:19-Mar-19 12:39:07 GMT
Praise:Thank you ....
User:Date:19-Mar-19 12:35:32 GMT
Praise:Received my wig today it gorgeous I'm over the mΓ²on with it thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 12:22:26 GMT
Praise:My items came today thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 12:22:15 GMT
Praise:My items came today thank you
User:Date:19-Mar-19 12:11:23 GMT
Praise:Thank you very much but was wrong colour
User:Date:19-Mar-19 12:07:12 GMT
Praise:Love love love! Delivered quickly. A******
User:Date:19-Mar-19 11:39:18 GMT
Praise:Excellent seller, Thank you x
User:Date:19-Mar-19 10:32:42 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 20:23:29 GMT
Praise:. Wife bought thou my account and have to say was a perfect match
User:Date:18-Mar-19 19:54:16 GMT
Praise:Thank you very fast shipping
User:Date:18-Mar-19 19:29:11 GMT
Praise:Good colour and last well but is hard to apply as it’s really solid
User:Date:18-Mar-19 19:22:01 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 19:19:53 GMT
Praise:Fantastic. Thank you.
User:Date:18-Mar-19 19:15:27 GMT
Praise:Love it
User:Date:18-Mar-19 17:44:03 GMT
Praise:Great wig
User:Date:18-Mar-19 17:43:03 GMT
Praise:Great wig
User:Date:18-Mar-19 16:35:03 GMT
Praise:Item as described Thankyou - 5* ebayer
User:Date:18-Mar-19 14:30:54 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 14:29:08 GMT
Praise:Fab!!! Thank you....
User:Date:18-Mar-19 14:19:47 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 14:19:22 GMT
Praise:Great seller love it thankyou
User:Date:18-Mar-19 12:58:19 GMT
Praise:Arrived quickly!
User:Date:18-Mar-19 12:35:37 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 11:30:50 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 10:23:43 GMT
Praise:Excellent Ebayer. Very Fast Sender A+++++
User:Date:18-Mar-19 09:36:53 GMT
User:Date:18-Mar-19 09:07:39 GMT
Praise:Nice soft eyebrow pencil much easier to apply than a regular pencil
User:Date:18-Mar-19 08:14:25 GMT
Praise:Items just as described
User:Date:18-Mar-19 07:47:40 GMT
Praise:Very fast delivery thank you
User:Date:18-Mar-19 07:29:48 GMT
Praise:Great seller :)
User:Date:18-Mar-19 07:29:37 GMT
Praise:Great seller :)
User:Date:18-Mar-19 06:14:12 GMT
Praise:Great ebayer
User:Date:18-Mar-19 01:30:19 GMT
Praise:Thank you, the recipient liked.
User:Date:18-Mar-19 01:25:47 GMT
Praise:Excellent fast delivery
User:Date:17-Mar-19 23:32:36 GMT
User:Date:17-Mar-19 22:36:29 GMT
Praise:As described thank you
User:Date:17-Mar-19 21:43:29 GMT
User:Date:17-Mar-19 19:49:36 GMT
Praise:Great wig
User:Date:17-Mar-19 19:01:07 GMT
Praise:Great ebayer
User:Date:17-Mar-19 18:09:06 GMT
Praise:Very happy with my purchase and the seller
User:Date:17-Mar-19 15:06:41 GMT
Praise:Good price & quick delivery.
User:Date:17-Mar-19 15:06:28 GMT
Praise:Good price & quick delivery.
User:Date:17-Mar-19 14:31:33 GMT
User:Date:17-Mar-19 14:15:09 GMT
Praise:Very fast services
User:Date:17-Mar-19 11:16:20 GMT
Praise:very pleased with my order, thank you
User:Date:17-Mar-19 10:41:33 GMT
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:17-Mar-19 10:26:26 GMT
User:Date:17-Mar-19 08:50:43 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery, as described fantastic service - many thanks!
User:Date:17-Mar-19 03:13:56 GMT
Praise:Great item excellent ebayer
User:Date:17-Mar-19 03:12:45 GMT
Praise:Great item excellent ebayer
User:Date:16-Mar-19 23:54:13 GMT
Praise:Quick delivery , would use again
User:Date:16-Mar-19 22:50:45 GMT
Praise:Very fast response. Pleased with item. Would highly recommend this seller.
User:Date:16-Mar-19 19:32:18 GMT
Praise:Great seller thanks
User:Date:16-Mar-19 18:40:16 GMT
User:Date:16-Mar-19 18:26:44 GMT
Praise:Great seller, fast shipping, fantastic quality
User:Date:16-Mar-19 17:45:41 GMT
User:Date:16-Mar-19 16:19:04 GMT
Praise:Pleased with purchase , fast postage thank you , A+++++++++
User:Date:16-Mar-19 16:07:52 GMT
Praise:Thanks great item A1+
User:Date:16-Mar-19 15:12:36 GMT
Praise:A+ super fast delivery item as described thank you :-)
User:Date:16-Mar-19 14:31:00 GMT
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:16-Mar-19 13:30:53 GMT
Praise:Exactly as described highly recommended
User:Date:16-Mar-19 13:01:30 GMT
Praise:The item arrived before the estimated date, Thank you for seller.
User:Date:16-Mar-19 12:14:56 GMT
Praise:Fast service
User:Date:16-Mar-19 11:44:43 GMT
User:Date:16-Mar-19 11:43:50 GMT
User:Date:16-Mar-19 10:50:15 GMT
Praise:Perfect thanks
User:Date:16-Mar-19 10:39:28 GMT
Praise:Great seller.
User:Date:16-Mar-19 10:20:25 GMT
Praise:Pleasure to ebay with you. Looks really cool!
User:Date:16-Mar-19 09:35:35 GMT
Praise:Perfect! Thank you
User:Date:16-Mar-19 08:54:35 GMT
Praise:Lovely quality. Thank you.
User:Date:16-Mar-19 07:46:35 GMT
Complaint:discustin dont even send out had to get paypal involved... avoid
User:Date:16-Mar-19 07:37:44 GMT
Praise:Recived thank you
User:Date:16-Mar-19 07:28:26 GMT
Praise:Brilliant love it! Thank you
User:Date:16-Mar-19 07:18:34 GMT
Praise:Arrived before the expected date and the wig is fantastic!! Thank you!
User:Date:16-Mar-19 04:10:29 GMT
Praise:Excellent fast Delivery . Thank you
User:Date:16-Mar-19 02:24:46 GMT
Praise:thanks xx
User:Date:16-Mar-19 01:19:10 GMT
User:Date:16-Mar-19 00:45:00 GMT
Praise:Great, thank you 😁
User:Date:15-Mar-19 20:00:40 GMT
Complaint:BE CAREFUL hair sold as 24”is actually 28”-rude& argued with me when I queried
User:Date:15-Mar-19 19:37:54 GMT
Praise:great, thanks!
User:Date:15-Mar-19 19:17:33 GMT
Praise:Great item, Great Ebayer!
User:Date:15-Mar-19 17:26:22 GMT
Praise:Thanks you for this item and fast delivery
User:Date:15-Mar-19 17:15:32 GMT
Praise:Excellent seller , item arrived as described πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
User:Date:15-Mar-19 17:08:34 GMT
Praise:. Many thanks. Did think it would be alot thicker but nice.
User:Date:15-Mar-19 17:01:46 GMT
Praise:Lovely item, just as described, highly recommend. Thank You!
User:Date:15-Mar-19 16:37:43 GMT
Praise:Excellent service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
User:Date:15-Mar-19 16:25:32 GMT
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:15-Mar-19 16:21:47 GMT
Praise:great seller thank yout
User:Date:15-Mar-19 16:13:23 GMT
User:Date:15-Mar-19 14:55:22 GMT
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:15-Mar-19 14:04:31 GMT
Praise:A++++ xxx
User:Date:15-Mar-19 13:54:28 GMT
User:Date:15-Mar-19 13:48:43 GMT
Praise:Good item many thanks
User:Date:15-Mar-19 13:35:40 GMT
Praise:Great product will order again
User:Date:15-Mar-19 13:04:45 GMT
Praise:Perfect.... top class seller A1**********
User:Date:15-Mar-19 12:35:13 GMT
Praise:Brilliant seller fast delivery thank you
User:Date:15-Mar-19 12:12:13 GMT
Praise:Thank you. Arrived promptly
User:Date:15-Mar-19 12:09:46 GMT
Praise:Excellent service. Amazing product
User:Date:15-Mar-19 11:48:23 GMT
Praise:Very nice item thanks very much
User:Date:15-Mar-19 10:37:36 GMT
Praise:Lovely product arrived early
User:Date:15-Mar-19 06:49:33 GMT
Praise:Fantastic wig and quick delivery amazing
User:Date:15-Mar-19 04:07:07 GMT
Praise:Happy with anything
User:Date:14-Mar-19 22:19:53 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery thank you really pleased
User:Date:14-Mar-19 21:43:03 GMT
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:14-Mar-19 21:27:56 GMT
Praise:Great thankyou
User:Date:14-Mar-19 20:37:11 GMT
Praise:gorgeous thank you A+++++
User:Date:14-Mar-19 20:31:36 GMT
Praise:Very impressed would highly recommended and brilliant price thank u
User:Date:14-Mar-19 20:03:25 GMT
Praise:A* ebayer, great.
User:Date:14-Mar-19 19:42:07 GMT
Praise:Great service, wow quality!!!
User:Date:14-Mar-19 19:42:05 GMT
Praise:Great item as described. Top seller.would recommend.
User:Date:14-Mar-19 19:41:27 GMT
Praise:Great item as described. Top seller!
User:Date:14-Mar-19 18:35:23 GMT
Praise:Great item, super fast delivery, great Ebayer A++++ 😊
User:Date:14-Mar-19 18:35:13 GMT
Praise:Great item, super fast delivery, great Ebayer A++++ 😊
User:Date:14-Mar-19 18:35:01 GMT
Praise:Great item, super fast delivery, great Ebayer A++++ 😊
User:Date:14-Mar-19 18:14:36 GMT
User:Date:14-Mar-19 18:03:12 GMT
Praise:no problems
User:Date:14-Mar-19 17:52:51 GMT
Praise:Excellent delivery
User:Date:14-Mar-19 16:59:09 GMT
Neutral:Hi that hair is definitely not real human har why
User:Date:14-Mar-19 16:48:50 GMT
Praise:Very good
User:Date:14-Mar-19 16:40:58 GMT
User:Date:14-Mar-19 15:37:33 GMT
Praise:Happy with purchase, Good efficient service
User:Date:14-Mar-19 14:47:58 GMT
Praise:Great service perfect item well order again
User:Date:14-Mar-19 14:37:53 GMT
Praise:excellent wig just as the picture nice and thick too
User:Date:14-Mar-19 14:22:30 GMT
Praise:Great item fast service . thank you
User:Date:14-Mar-19 13:47:50 GMT
Praise:Thank you so much
User:Date:14-Mar-19 13:29:52 GMT
Praise:Useful grey pencil.
User:Date:14-Mar-19 12:49:11 GMT
Praise:Came today they're great thank you πŸ‘
User:Date:14-Mar-19 11:36:26 GMT
Praise:Very nice thank you
User:Date:14-Mar-19 11:16:52 GMT
Praise:Lovely item and a great seller X .
User:Date:14-Mar-19 11:11:44 GMT
Praise: Excellent seller highly recommended thanks
User:Date:14-Mar-19 11:06:52 GMT
User:Date:14-Mar-19 10:47:33 GMT
Praise:Exellent wig for the price even got combs and clips in cap
User:Date:14-Mar-19 10:39:44 GMT
Praise:Thank you soo much x
User:Date:14-Mar-19 09:46:35 GMT
Praise:Top item low price
User:Date:14-Mar-19 09:37:54 GMT
Praise:Excellent item, excellent ebayer! 10/10 *****
User:Date:14-Mar-19 09:16:31 GMT
Praise: Happy with purchase thank you
User:Date:14-Mar-19 08:51:38 GMT
Praise:Very Good
User:Date:14-Mar-19 07:21:13 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery & just as described. Thank you.
User:Date:14-Mar-19 07:20:58 GMT
Praise:Fast delivery & just as described. Thank you.
User:Date:14-Mar-19 07:07:01 GMT
Praise:Received with thanks
User:Date:14-Mar-19 06:56:38 GMT
Praise:Perfect just what I needed
User:Date:13-Mar-19 23:07:47 GMT
Praise:A***** seller!
User:Date:13-Mar-19 21:58:24 GMT
Praise:Thank you quick delivery
User:Date:13-Mar-19 21:37:03 GMT
Praise:Brilliant thanks πŸ˜ƒ
User:Date:13-Mar-19 21:30:14 GMT
Praise:Excellent thank you
User:Date:13-Mar-19 20:30:42 GMT
Praise:Nice item
User:Date:13-Mar-19 19:25:53 GMT
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:13-Mar-19 19:23:05 GMT
Praise:Highly recommended pleased very pleased with the product
User:Date:13-Mar-19 19:22:54 GMT
Praise:Highly recommended pleased very pleased with the product
User:Date:13-Mar-19 19:21:08 GMT
Praise:Highly recommended pleased very pleased with the product
User:Date:13-Mar-19 19:10:29 GMT
Praise:.Great item am happy...:) :)
User:Date:13-Mar-19 18:52:58 GMT
Praise:A++++++++ ebayer thankyou πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²
User:Date:13-Mar-19 17:44:13 GMT
User:Date:13-Mar-19 16:10:06 GMT
Praise:So sweet! Fabulous seller,very fast dispatch,very highly recommended,thank you
User:Date:13-Mar-19 15:30:24 GMT
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:13-Mar-19 15:25:23 GMT
Praise:Super fast delivery. Great time. Many thanks πŸ˜€
User:Date:13-Mar-19 15:00:18 GMT
User:Date:13-Mar-19 14:44:43 GMT
Praise:Great product, looks lovely and nice fit
User:Date:13-Mar-19 14:34:49 GMT
Praise:A * ebayer
User:Date:13-Mar-19 13:50:42 GMT
Praise:Brilliant love it! Thank you
User:Date:13-Mar-19 13:45:27 GMT
Praise:Great item and quality
User:Date:13-Mar-19 12:58:04 GMT
Praise:Thank u very much
User:Date:13-Mar-19 12:33:44 GMT
Praise:exellent delivery
User:Date:13-Mar-19 12:27:10 GMT
Praise:Received thanks,
User:Date:13-Mar-19 12:03:49 GMT