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User:Date:18-Sep-18 18:12:49 BST
Complaint:bad quality! colour not true to the pics.
User:Date:18-Sep-18 17:13:45 BST
Praise:Great items with many thanks 😊
User:Date:18-Sep-18 16:28:43 BST
Praise:Good reliable seller Thank you 😊
User:Date:18-Sep-18 16:11:05 BST
Praise:Worth every penny will use again
User:Date:18-Sep-18 15:41:47 BST
Praise:Great seller! Will purchase again.
User:Date:18-Sep-18 13:43:33 BST
Praise:Perfect will be ordering again ! .. thank you !!
User:Date:18-Sep-18 13:43:21 BST
Praise:Perfect will be ordering again ! .. thank you !!
User:Date:18-Sep-18 13:35:42 BST
Praise:Next day delivery very happy thanks
User:Date:18-Sep-18 13:12:26 BST
Praise:✨Excellent item✨Excellent seller✨Highly recommend✨
User:Date:18-Sep-18 12:53:43 BST
Praise:Great product. Thank you
User:Date:18-Sep-18 12:36:08 BST
Praise:Wow love these! They are amazing. Super fast delivery thanjs so much
User:Date:18-Sep-18 11:52:00 BST
Praise:Very happy excellent seller highly recommend⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐love love love!
User:Date:18-Sep-18 11:42:03 BST
Praise:Received with thanks good seller
User:Date:18-Sep-18 11:24:29 BST
Praise:Perfect item. Fast shipping. Recommended!
User:Date:18-Sep-18 11:10:23 BST
User:Date:18-Sep-18 11:08:48 BST
Praise:Great item! Fast delivery too! Many thanks
User:Date:18-Sep-18 11:05:05 BST
Praise:Top Ebayer great service thank you ❤ A++++++++
User:Date:18-Sep-18 10:48:41 BST
Praise:Wonderful great buy, very fast delivery. Amazing product
User:Date:18-Sep-18 10:37:22 BST
Praise:Really great seller 👍
User:Date:18-Sep-18 10:20:19 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. Many thanks
User:Date:18-Sep-18 10:19:54 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. Many thanks
User:Date:18-Sep-18 08:52:47 BST
Praise:Thann you
User:Date:18-Sep-18 08:46:08 BST
Praise:Great item, really fast delivery - perfect thankyou :o)
User:Date:18-Sep-18 08:45:53 BST
Praise:Great item, really fast delivery - perfect thankyou :o)
User:Date:18-Sep-18 07:42:17 BST
Praise:Great item and great delivery time thank you will buy again
User:Date:18-Sep-18 07:20:37 BST
Praise:Great fast service
User:Date:18-Sep-18 07:19:12 BST
Praise:Great seller fast delivery thanks!
User:Date:18-Sep-18 07:04:12 BST
User:Date:17-Sep-18 23:23:16 BST
Praise:Good value , natural colour
User:Date:17-Sep-18 22:27:02 BST
Praise:all good
User:Date:17-Sep-18 22:24:30 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:17-Sep-18 22:24:00 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:17-Sep-18 22:23:40 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:17-Sep-18 21:39:57 BST
Praise:I received this item ..Thank u very much, I love it <3
User:Date:17-Sep-18 20:48:35 BST
Praise:excellent thank you
User:Date:17-Sep-18 16:11:30 BST
Praise:Alwqys buy my wifes hair from this ebayer! Fab quality & very fast delivery!
User:Date:17-Sep-18 15:50:22 BST
Praise:Great service. Many thanks
User:Date:17-Sep-18 15:08:31 BST
Praise:Lovely colour choices, long wear
User:Date:17-Sep-18 14:56:22 BST
Praise:Item recieved quickly, thank you! Great Ebayer :)
User:Date:17-Sep-18 14:36:18 BST
User:Date:17-Sep-18 12:54:41 BST
Praise:perfect for our fancy dress ... nice quality !! AAAAAAA****************
User:Date:17-Sep-18 11:22:28 BST
Praise:great product fast delivery A+ seller thanks
User:Date:17-Sep-18 10:08:24 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery!
User:Date:17-Sep-18 01:00:48 BST
Praise:Excellent product, good quality and colours match the pictures!
User:Date:17-Sep-18 00:04:07 BST
Neutral:gd price i guess wouldn’t buy again as look really fake i am unable to wear them
User:Date:16-Sep-18 21:00:48 BST
Praise:Great item super fast delivery
User:Date:16-Sep-18 19:43:48 BST
Praise:Received with thanks
User:Date:16-Sep-18 15:37:36 BST
Praise:Good quality wig just what I wanted.
User:Date:16-Sep-18 11:19:42 BST
Praise:A++ Great eBayer
User:Date:16-Sep-18 10:02:35 BST
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:16-Sep-18 10:01:33 BST
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:16-Sep-18 07:34:40 BST
User:Date:16-Sep-18 00:23:32 BST
Praise:Excellent service
User:Date:15-Sep-18 23:15:18 BST
Praise:Great product, top seller, fast shipping! Thank you very much!!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 23:15:09 BST
Praise:Great product, top seller, fast shipping! Thank you very much!!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 23:14:22 BST
Praise:Great product, top seller, fast shipping! Thank you very much!!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 23:14:12 BST
Praise:Great product, top seller, fast shipping! Thank you very much!!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 23:14:01 BST
Praise:Great product, top seller, fast shipping! Thank you very much!!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 21:43:05 BST
Praise:exactly what I ordered and super fast delivery
User:Date:15-Sep-18 20:39:28 BST
Praise:A***** arrived before estimated delivery date. Excellent
User:Date:15-Sep-18 19:54:13 BST
Praise:Fantastic. Would highly recommend. Fast delivery. Thank you
User:Date:15-Sep-18 17:07:57 BST
Praise:Fabulous eBayer!! Thank you
User:Date:15-Sep-18 14:53:37 BST
Praise:Lovely ebayer very helpful!! Thank you xx will order again
User:Date:15-Sep-18 14:37:17 BST
User:Date:15-Sep-18 14:37:04 BST
User:Date:15-Sep-18 14:21:43 BST
Praise:Perfect , thank you!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 13:23:40 BST
Praise:Quick delivery.Great ebayer.Thanks!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 12:47:09 BST
Praise:Really nice hair
User:Date:15-Sep-18 10:54:03 BST
Praise:Excellent Quality Item, Fast Delivery and Good Comms. Many Thanks 10/10 A+
User:Date:15-Sep-18 10:48:14 BST
Praise:Thank you for the fast delivery, no damage and couldn’t be any happier ❤️ x
User:Date:15-Sep-18 10:21:47 BST
Praise:Bought 4 Halloween but it’s amazing! Might wear it all the time! Looks natural
User:Date:15-Sep-18 08:28:56 BST
Praise:Excellent, very fast delivery
User:Date:15-Sep-18 08:20:14 BST
User:Date:15-Sep-18 07:05:54 BST
Praise:Great seller - Thank you!
User:Date:15-Sep-18 01:08:04 BST
Praise:Great experience all round. AA++
User:Date:15-Sep-18 00:08:22 BST
Praise:LRecieved and happy
User:Date:14-Sep-18 22:04:36 BST
Praise:Really Quick delivery and good service And very pleased with item. Thanks
User:Date:14-Sep-18 21:59:14 BST
Praise:Great quality..super fast delivery love it thanks
User:Date:14-Sep-18 21:33:02 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery,thanks
User:Date:14-Sep-18 18:33:26 BST
Praise:lovely wigs as usual ,
User:Date:14-Sep-18 18:30:23 BST
Praise:lovely wigs as usual ,
User:Date:14-Sep-18 17:59:25 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 17:59:16 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 17:47:50 BST
Praise:Bought for daughter, she said good for money but can't be curled, whatever.
User:Date:14-Sep-18 17:25:57 BST
Praise:Great seller A++
User:Date:14-Sep-18 17:25:35 BST
Praise:Great seller A++
User:Date:14-Sep-18 16:04:04 BST
Praise:Received with thanks good seller
User:Date:14-Sep-18 16:03:49 BST
Praise:Received with thanks good seller
User:Date:14-Sep-18 16:03:32 BST
Praise:Received with thanks good seller
User:Date:14-Sep-18 15:51:30 BST
Praise:Perfect ... and very quick. Thank you
User:Date:14-Sep-18 15:44:26 BST
Praise:Beautiful colour, super style, very pleased.
User:Date:14-Sep-18 15:26:21 BST
Praise:Great 🙂 item arrived as described
User:Date:14-Sep-18 14:18:56 BST
Praise:100% customer satisfaction. Excellent service! Would buy again. A+++
User:Date:14-Sep-18 13:53:09 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 13:52:30 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 13:10:54 BST
Praise:as described. quick delivery
User:Date:14-Sep-18 11:57:16 BST
Praise:I still can't believe how quick it arrived! Really fast shipping, great quality.
User:Date:14-Sep-18 11:14:09 BST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:14-Sep-18 10:46:17 BST
Praise:Excellent seller 5*
User:Date:14-Sep-18 10:23:42 BST
Praise:as described
User:Date:14-Sep-18 09:55:21 BST
Complaint:not happy with the service not received the item
User:Date:14-Sep-18 09:28:53 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 09:23:07 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 09:22:39 BST
User:Date:14-Sep-18 08:19:29 BST
Praise:As described, great seller ! A+++++++
User:Date:14-Sep-18 08:11:12 BST
Praise:great ebayer
User:Date:14-Sep-18 01:44:57 BST
User:Date:13-Sep-18 20:15:20 BST
Praise:Love it
User:Date:13-Sep-18 20:03:39 BST
Praise:Really satisfied with my purchase. Thank you.
User:Date:13-Sep-18 19:21:45 BST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:13-Sep-18 19:21:03 BST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:13-Sep-18 18:00:10 BST
Praise:Great thank u.very fast delivery
User:Date:13-Sep-18 16:46:25 BST
Praise:Quick delivery and good price
User:Date:13-Sep-18 15:45:51 BST
Praise:Thank you very much, item received on time.
User:Date:13-Sep-18 15:42:55 BST
Praise:Excellent communication and super fast delivery. Thanks so much!
User:Date:13-Sep-18 13:37:39 BST
Praise:Excellent wigs
User:Date:13-Sep-18 12:26:52 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:13-Sep-18 11:44:05 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, many thanks
User:Date:13-Sep-18 11:26:03 BST
Praise:Brill item, perfect!! great comms with seller, very fast delivery 😊
User:Date:13-Sep-18 11:25:46 BST
Praise:Brill item, perfect!! great comms with seller, very fast delivery 😊
User:Date:13-Sep-18 11:21:37 BST
Praise:Stunning colour fast delivery many thanks
User:Date:13-Sep-18 10:22:05 BST
Praise:Great seller. Great quality products
User:Date:13-Sep-18 10:21:57 BST
Praise:Great seller. Great quality products
User:Date:13-Sep-18 10:21:45 BST
Praise:Great seller. Great quality products
User:Date:13-Sep-18 09:48:55 BST
Praise:Great product, fast delivery, highly recommend. A++++++
User:Date:13-Sep-18 09:21:43 BST
Praise:Arrived earlier than expected perfect thankyou
User:Date:13-Sep-18 01:28:53 BST
User:Date:13-Sep-18 00:20:18 BST
Praise:Arrived safe and sound.
User:Date:12-Sep-18 23:24:50 BST
Praise:Great item arrived fast.
User:Date:12-Sep-18 20:49:37 BST
Praise:Great for price...Thank you!!!
User:Date:12-Sep-18 20:00:21 BST
Praise:Great,ty :)
User:Date:12-Sep-18 20:00:03 BST
Praise:Perfect good quality quick delivery
User:Date:12-Sep-18 19:51:06 BST
User:Date:12-Sep-18 19:26:46 BST
Praise:I love this wig for going out evenings.
User:Date:12-Sep-18 18:29:08 BST
User:Date:12-Sep-18 18:08:13 BST
Praise:Great product , thank you speedy delivery.
User:Date:12-Sep-18 18:02:41 BST
Praise:Thankyou A**
User:Date:12-Sep-18 16:58:43 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, great ebayer!
User:Date:12-Sep-18 16:10:26 BST
Praise:AS described and quickly posted
User:Date:12-Sep-18 16:06:51 BST
User:Date:12-Sep-18 15:21:26 BST
Praise:Not 100% like the photo as needs trimming at the front but happy with purchase
User:Date:12-Sep-18 15:05:18 BST
Praise:Thank you very much
User:Date:12-Sep-18 14:40:21 BST
Praise:Good ! :)
User:Date:12-Sep-18 12:14:51 BST
Praise:Amazingly natural looking wig at such a cheap cost!
User:Date:12-Sep-18 11:59:15 BST
Praise:Perfect Thank you!
User:Date:12-Sep-18 10:40:08 BST
Praise:Fab Thank you x
User:Date:12-Sep-18 10:39:34 BST
Praise:Thank you so much love the wig and colour! super fast delivery!
User:Date:12-Sep-18 10:36:42 BST
User:Date:12-Sep-18 10:22:20 BST
Praise:Love it
User:Date:12-Sep-18 09:48:07 BST
User:Date:12-Sep-18 08:25:13 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. product as described. very happy.
User:Date:12-Sep-18 07:16:36 BST
Complaint:Yes by email. So far no response. Where do we go from now on.
User:Date:11-Sep-18 23:09:51 BST
Praise:Great product! Arrived so quickly
User:Date:11-Sep-18 22:26:15 BST
Praise:Great thanks, absolutely perfect
User:Date:11-Sep-18 22:09:58 BST
Praise:Great, thanks!
User:Date:11-Sep-18 22:04:22 BST
Praise:extremely happy with item & brilliant seller!!
User:Date:11-Sep-18 21:51:35 BST
Praise:Super fast delivery. Top seller
User:Date:11-Sep-18 21:40:29 BST
Praise:Great thanks 😊
User:Date:11-Sep-18 21:40:03 BST
Praise:Great thanks 😊
User:Date:11-Sep-18 21:07:39 BST
Praise:100% happy
User:Date:11-Sep-18 20:34:51 BST
Neutral:Didn’t have what I ordered in stock after I paid then next delivery late
User:Date:11-Sep-18 20:05:56 BST
User:Date:11-Sep-18 20:05:12 BST
User:Date:11-Sep-18 19:50:34 BST
Praise:As described but it seems clearly fake.
User:Date:11-Sep-18 19:33:47 BST
User:Date:11-Sep-18 17:57:57 BST
Praise:Excellent item, .as listed....amazing price .....happy @(*.*)@
User:Date:11-Sep-18 17:25:17 BST
Praise:Very positively surprised with the quality of the wig! Thank you!!
User:Date:11-Sep-18 17:14:06 BST
Praise:A+++++ Thank you!
User:Date:11-Sep-18 15:39:44 BST
Praise:Really pleased with the eyebrow pencil
User:Date:11-Sep-18 15:23:11 BST
User:Date:11-Sep-18 15:21:10 BST
Praise:Wigs terrible just slides of head not worth the money at all sorry 😐
User:Date:11-Sep-18 14:25:55 BST
User:Date:11-Sep-18 14:25:47 BST
User:Date:11-Sep-18 14:17:48 BST
Praise:Awesome seller! Lighning fast delivery,10 out 0f 10,very highly recommmended :)
User:Date:11-Sep-18 12:29:23 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:11-Sep-18 11:33:15 BST
Praise:Slightly more blonde then in the photo but fixed with spray in hair colour 😊
User:Date:11-Sep-18 11:28:30 BST
Praise:A pleasure to do business with
User:Date:11-Sep-18 11:28:05 BST
Praise:A pleasure to do business with
User:Date:11-Sep-18 10:48:32 BST
Praise:very fast delivery lovly har thanx
User:Date:11-Sep-18 10:41:48 BST
Praise:Excellent item, well packaged and quick delivery
User:Date:11-Sep-18 10:38:12 BST
Praise:Great seller! Lovely item! Highly recommend! ☺️x
User:Date:11-Sep-18 10:21:51 BST
Praise:thanks again!
User:Date:11-Sep-18 10:09:52 BST
Praise:Great seller. A+
User:Date:11-Sep-18 09:57:23 BST
Praise:Really nice hair but not a double wefted
User:Date:11-Sep-18 09:40:10 BST
Praise:A very prompt and speedy delivery beautiful colour looks good love it
User:Date:11-Sep-18 08:54:02 BST
Praise:Item as described, great service and very willing to help, many thanks
User:Date:11-Sep-18 04:52:02 BST
Praise:Excellent thanks very pleased :)
User:Date:10-Sep-18 23:41:49 BST
Praise:Thank you 😊
User:Date:10-Sep-18 20:11:23 BST
Praise:Excellent a pleasure to do business with.
User:Date:10-Sep-18 19:30:09 BST
User:Date:10-Sep-18 18:22:59 BST
User:Date:10-Sep-18 17:49:44 BST
Praise:Great Ebayer. Highly recommended. 5 star
User:Date:10-Sep-18 16:10:05 BST
Praise:thank you have not used yet but fast posting good item5*good seller
User:Date:10-Sep-18 15:25:46 BST
User:Date:10-Sep-18 12:00:23 BST
Praise:nice item , thanks
User:Date:10-Sep-18 11:12:23 BST
Praise:Gorgeous natural colur and lovely hair piece, love to come back
User:Date:10-Sep-18 11:07:56 BST
Praise:great ebayer
User:Date:10-Sep-18 11:05:06 BST
Praise:Excellent!! Super fast!!!
User:Date:10-Sep-18 05:47:54 BST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:10-Sep-18 03:25:29 BST
Praise:Thank you