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User:Date:30-May-20 22:34:58 BST
Praise:Very happy with my purchase. Amazing seller, Will be ordering again. Thank you.
User:Date:30-May-20 22:20:41 BST
Praise:Great product
User:Date:30-May-20 22:00:58 BST
Praise:Great! Thankyou! Soo pleased! πŸ˜€
User:Date:30-May-20 20:32:48 BST
Praise:Awesome Service ! Will deal Again Thanks
User:Date:30-May-20 20:32:17 BST
Praise:Awesome Service ! Will deal Again Thanks
User:Date:30-May-20 20:01:42 BST
Praise:A+ seller, would buy again
User:Date:30-May-20 20:01:31 BST
Praise:A+ seller, would buy again
User:Date:30-May-20 19:16:47 BST
User:Date:30-May-20 17:41:40 BST
Praise:Excellent thak you
User:Date:30-May-20 17:41:29 BST
Praise:Excellent thak you
User:Date:30-May-20 17:24:07 BST
Praise:Good seller, friendly and reliable
User:Date:30-May-20 15:32:31 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:30-May-20 15:32:20 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:30-May-20 15:32:09 BST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:30-May-20 14:43:59 BST
Praise:Very nice. Well packaged and effective.
User:Date:30-May-20 13:46:23 BST
Praise:Excellent seller, recommended, thank you
User:Date:30-May-20 13:39:13 BST
Praise:fast delivery,highly recommended
User:Date:30-May-20 13:37:36 BST
Praise:nice color, high quality, highly recommended
User:Date:30-May-20 13:35:46 BST
Praise:packaged well, fast delivery, thank you, stay safe and well
User:Date:30-May-20 13:33:36 BST
Praise:fast delivery, thank you, stay safe and well
User:Date:30-May-20 13:15:22 BST
Praise:Speedy delivery. Thank you
User:Date:30-May-20 13:14:22 BST
Praise:Lovely item, many thanks
User:Date:30-May-20 13:06:08 BST
Praise:Good service & product.. Not packaged well, box was opened in transit.
User:Date:30-May-20 13:01:52 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, good comms with seller. Product as seen, lovely wig. Recommend.
User:Date:30-May-20 12:51:20 BST
Praise:Fantastic seller thanks so much
User:Date:30-May-20 11:52:10 BST
User:Date:30-May-20 08:54:54 BST
Praise:Perfect xx
User:Date:30-May-20 01:58:25 BST
Praise:Lovely item. Quick delivery, thanks
User:Date:29-May-20 23:14:09 BST
Complaint:Poor service no delivery item refunded after eBay case filed.
User:Date:29-May-20 22:11:21 BST
Praise:Really nice quality, arrived early
User:Date:29-May-20 22:10:13 BST
Praise:Really nice earrings good quality
User:Date:29-May-20 17:15:00 BST
Praise:great buy and fast delivery will buy from again
User:Date:29-May-20 15:38:03 BST
Complaint:Tried to resolve. Not worth the money it’s so lightweight hardly any hair
User:Date:29-May-20 15:32:53 BST
Neutral:It is not worth the price it’s shedding so much an now can’t even be used now
User:Date:29-May-20 15:30:55 BST
Praise:Hope to deal with you again, thank you
User:Date:29-May-20 12:18:07 BST
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:29-May-20 11:44:14 BST
Praise:Thank you soooo much
User:Date:29-May-20 10:53:01 BST
Praise: Received a few days ago. Thank you. Perfect. 10/10.
User:Date:29-May-20 10:52:47 BST
Praise: Received a few days ago. Thank you. Perfect. 10/10.
User:Date:29-May-20 10:52:27 BST
Praise: Received a few days ago. Thank you. Perfect. 10/10.
User:Date:29-May-20 10:21:28 BST
Praise:Love this lipstick
User:Date:29-May-20 08:54:42 BST
Praise:Love this deal
User:Date:29-May-20 08:53:56 BST
Praise:Great deal was really happy with these
User:Date:29-May-20 08:52:58 BST
Praise:Love this good deal
User:Date:29-May-20 08:51:42 BST
Praise:Love this and was a good deal
User:Date:29-May-20 08:07:28 BST
Praise:Great seller ⭐️
User:Date:29-May-20 02:25:52 BST
Praise:Great product, good quality, highly recommend this seller
User:Date:29-May-20 01:53:31 BST
Praise:Great quality product. Fast delivery & incredibly accurant depiction of colour.
User:Date:29-May-20 00:32:43 BST
Praise:Easy transaction
User:Date:28-May-20 23:00:36 BST
Praise:Quick delivery
User:Date:28-May-20 22:58:33 BST
Praise:Thanks could have been better
User:Date:28-May-20 21:19:10 BST
Praise:Very happy
User:Date:28-May-20 20:53:09 BST
Praise:Brilliant service, thank you
User:Date:28-May-20 20:40:04 BST
Praise:Online colour disparity swiftly sorted. Amazing customer service! Thank you!
User:Date:28-May-20 18:47:52 BST
Praise:fast delivery exactly as described thank you
User:Date:28-May-20 18:32:06 BST
Praise: Amazing item and really quick postage. Very happy. Thank you!
User:Date:28-May-20 16:39:40 BST
Praise: I recommend the seller , quick delivery ,thank you.
User:Date:28-May-20 16:39:30 BST
Praise: I recommend the seller , quick delivery ,thank you.
User:Date:28-May-20 16:39:20 BST
Praise: I recommend the seller , quick delivery ,thank you.
User:Date:28-May-20 15:49:12 BST
Praise:Came super quick!
User:Date:28-May-20 15:33:07 BST
Praise:Perfect just what I wanted great for the price
User:Date:28-May-20 15:18:39 BST
Praise:Fast dilivery
User:Date:28-May-20 14:58:47 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, fantastic ebayer,great item thank you x
User:Date:28-May-20 14:58:29 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, fantastic ebayer,great item thank you x
User:Date:28-May-20 14:58:12 BST
Praise:Fast delivery, fantastic ebayer,great item thank you x
User:Date:28-May-20 14:47:13 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 14:38:00 BST
Praise:Top ebayer top ebayer
User:Date:28-May-20 14:37:41 BST
Praise:Top ebayer top ebayer
User:Date:28-May-20 14:37:20 BST
Praise:Top ebayer top ebayer
User:Date:28-May-20 14:18:39 BST
Praise:Fantastic,wife loves this, rapid del. Very very happy with purchase. Thank you.
User:Date:28-May-20 13:28:26 BST
Praise:Easy to wear and looks like the picture.
User:Date:28-May-20 13:04:06 BST
Praise:Brilliant Service would use again
User:Date:28-May-20 12:50:05 BST
Praise:Perfect ! Is a bit tin but is ok for the price
User:Date:28-May-20 11:09:05 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 11:08:55 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 10:30:42 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 10:30:29 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 10:30:11 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 10:29:59 BST
User:Date:28-May-20 09:43:49 BST
Praise:FantΓ‘stico! 100% recomendable!
User:Date:28-May-20 07:56:20 BST
Praise:Great thanks. Will buy from again
User:Date:28-May-20 07:52:05 BST
Praise:Great item, thanks
User:Date:28-May-20 00:33:11 BST
Praise:Came super quick Thank you πŸ’šx
User:Date:27-May-20 19:52:38 BST
Praise:Lovely little item
User:Date:27-May-20 19:26:50 BST
Praise:Amazing! Fast delivery two thank you for the amazing item
User:Date:27-May-20 17:40:36 BST
Praise:Very pleased
User:Date:27-May-20 17:24:40 BST
User:Date:27-May-20 17:22:14 BST
Praise:Super fast delivery... thanks so much A****
User:Date:27-May-20 16:40:24 BST
Praise:Great seller, Fast delivery, A****
User:Date:27-May-20 15:19:24 BST
Praise:Perfect thanks
User:Date:27-May-20 15:15:55 BST
Praise:great deal, quick replys and lovely sevice :)
User:Date:27-May-20 15:11:09 BST
Praise:great ebay seller thanks
User:Date:27-May-20 15:04:30 BST
Praise:As advertised
User:Date:27-May-20 14:55:14 BST
Praise:Lovely service, much thanks
User:Date:27-May-20 14:18:24 BST
Praise:Can't wait to see people's faces. I love the colour
User:Date:27-May-20 14:08:05 BST
Praise:A***** highly recommended seller brilliant !!!
User:Date:27-May-20 13:59:57 BST
Praise:Excellent very pleased.
User:Date:27-May-20 13:29:50 BST
Praise:Good eBay
User:Date:27-May-20 13:12:30 BST
Complaint:Lots of shedding, super matty, clips pull on own hair causing hair loss
User:Date:27-May-20 13:03:48 BST
Praise:Great service, very fast delivery. Well recommended.
User:Date:27-May-20 11:08:10 BST
Praise:As described, fast post, great ebayer, thank you
User:Date:27-May-20 10:16:05 BST
Praise:Super fast delivery, good value; thanks.
User:Date:27-May-20 10:06:35 BST
Praise:Fast delivery. Looks lovely.
User:Date:27-May-20 09:59:11 BST
Praise:Fab!!!! Thanks
User:Date:27-May-20 09:12:38 BST
Praise:Great product fantastic value for money love it 😊
User:Date:27-May-20 09:10:18 BST
Praise:Perfect thanks !
User:Date:27-May-20 09:06:43 BST
Praise:Perfect thanks !
User:Date:27-May-20 09:00:27 BST
Praise:Superb item . Superb class e Bayer
User:Date:27-May-20 08:26:06 BST
Praise:Love it! Super good price and can be adjusted for that realistic look!
User:Date:27-May-20 08:23:46 BST
Praise:Thankyou so much x
User:Date:27-May-20 08:23:34 BST
Praise:Thankyou so much x
User:Date:27-May-20 08:23:23 BST
Praise:Thankyou so much x
User:Date:27-May-20 08:23:11 BST
Praise:Thankyou so much x
User:Date:27-May-20 01:00:06 BST
Praise:Thank you so much.
User:Date:27-May-20 00:11:41 BST
Praise:Thank you as always. Wouldn't go anywhere else for hair pieces.
User:Date:26-May-20 23:59:03 BST
Praise:I received my item I’m very happy
User:Date:26-May-20 23:11:39 BST
Praise:Thank you appreciate the fast delivery😍🚚
User:Date:26-May-20 21:42:50 BST
Praise:These are great, but the clips do break easily so be careful with them
User:Date:26-May-20 17:31:58 BST
User:Date:26-May-20 16:56:19 BST
Praise:Excellent Service
User:Date:26-May-20 16:29:52 BST
Praise:Perfect, Thank you!xx
User:Date:26-May-20 16:26:46 BST
Praise:Great seller, fast delivery, A+++++++
User:Date:26-May-20 16:24:11 BST
User:Date:26-May-20 16:24:01 BST
User:Date:26-May-20 16:23:50 BST
User:Date:26-May-20 16:22:22 BST
Praise:Excellent and super fast delivery, I am very pleased will buy from seller again.
User:Date:26-May-20 16:14:51 BST
Praise:ALL good :-)
User:Date:26-May-20 16:14:26 BST
Praise:ALL good :-)
User:Date:26-May-20 15:50:22 BST
Praise:as described
User:Date:26-May-20 15:10:01 BST
Praise:Fab. Many thanks
User:Date:26-May-20 15:09:44 BST
Praise:Fab. Many thanks
User:Date:26-May-20 14:56:54 BST
User:Date:26-May-20 14:44:41 BST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:26-May-20 14:39:58 BST
Praise:Very happy with the item, thanks
User:Date:26-May-20 14:36:38 BST
Praise:Pleased with product . Fast delivery . Happy Emma πŸ˜€ thankyou
User:Date:26-May-20 14:16:59 BST
Praise:Fast delivery
User:Date:26-May-20 13:37:24 BST
Praise:Thank you. Super fast delivery.
User:Date:26-May-20 13:30:31 BST
Praise:Perfect item
User:Date:26-May-20 12:47:22 BST
Praise:Item arrived very quickly and well packaged.Great item and seller. A***
User:Date:26-May-20 12:33:26 BST
Praise:Ok πŸ‘Œ
User:Date:26-May-20 12:33:12 BST
Praise:Ok πŸ‘Œ
User:Date:26-May-20 12:28:32 BST
Praise:Great item
User:Date:26-May-20 11:56:33 BST
Praise:Top notch
User:Date:26-May-20 11:28:36 BST
Praise:Great item thank you
User:Date:26-May-20 11:12:53 BST
Praise:Great seller, thank you!
User:Date:26-May-20 11:10:46 BST
Praise:Very please with my item
User:Date:26-May-20 11:07:43 BST
Praise:Good for the price
User:Date:26-May-20 10:57:07 BST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:26-May-20 10:43:41 BST
Praise:I recommend this seller.
User:Date:26-May-20 08:51:42 BST
Praise:Really very happy with this Item πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
User:Date:26-May-20 08:38:04 BST
Praise:Great .
User:Date:26-May-20 07:35:35 BST
Praise:Absolutely perfect colour and looks gorgeous
User:Date:26-May-20 07:34:38 BST
Praise:Incredible value for money!
User:Date:26-May-20 02:31:50 BST
Praise:Excellent seller highly recommend
User:Date:26-May-20 01:19:16 BST
Praise:Get what you pay for, ok for fancy dress
User:Date:25-May-20 23:03:49 BST
Complaint:Not real hair
User:Date:25-May-20 22:59:52 BST
User:Date:25-May-20 18:34:16 BST
Praise: Thank you, very nice seller, quality product.
User:Date:25-May-20 17:45:18 BST
Praise:Like it thankyou
User:Date:25-May-20 16:17:59 BST
User:Date:25-May-20 15:20:07 BST
Praise:arrived quickly and perfect as described
User:Date:25-May-20 11:58:40 BST
Praise:It came earlier than the estimated delivery date and the product is good quality
User:Date:25-May-20 11:52:07 BST
Complaint:Complete different colour than described or show, not impressed with quality
User:Date:25-May-20 08:31:20 BST
Praise:Excellent communication and customer service. Colour was a little different.
User:Date:25-May-20 00:03:09 BST
User:Date:24-May-20 21:52:23 BST
Praise:This is a lovely lip colour-Buffy - brown hues will order again.
User:Date:24-May-20 21:48:13 BST
Neutral:Saddle too red not not my lip colour looks a dark brown in pics nice packing.
User:Date:24-May-20 21:10:12 BST
User:Date:24-May-20 21:09:39 BST
User:Date:24-May-20 21:09:07 BST
User:Date:24-May-20 20:12:40 BST
Praise:Many thanks
User:Date:24-May-20 19:46:34 BST
Praise:A Perfect item and lovely seller thank you!
User:Date:24-May-20 19:46:24 BST
Praise:A Perfect item and lovely seller thank you!
User:Date:24-May-20 19:46:15 BST
Praise:A Perfect item and lovely seller thank you!
User:Date:24-May-20 13:33:15 BST
Praise:Great price and quick delivery! Thanks!
User:Date:24-May-20 13:11:54 BST
Praise:Lovely item πŸ‘πŸ‘
User:Date:24-May-20 12:20:17 BST
Praise:Constantly falling apart you get what you pay for
User:Date:24-May-20 11:05:20 BST
Praise:Nice item fast delivery thankyou!
User:Date:24-May-20 09:37:42 BST
Praise:Stays on well
User:Date:24-May-20 09:37:09 BST
Praise:Stays on, great colur
User:Date:24-May-20 09:36:44 BST
Praise:Great colours and stays on
User:Date:24-May-20 06:00:58 BST
Praise:5****service. Would recommend. Thank you
User:Date:24-May-20 01:13:12 BST
Praise:.A+ ebayer, fast delivery, in time for daughter's birthday thanks
User:Date:23-May-20 23:15:19 BST
Praise:Lovely item!
User:Date:23-May-20 23:07:39 BST
Praise:Super speedy delivery, just the job- perfect...Thanks a million 😊
User:Date:23-May-20 20:32:51 BST
Praise:Excellent fast despatch delighted thankyou HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
User:Date:23-May-20 19:44:44 BST
Praise:Great thanks!
User:Date:23-May-20 18:30:50 BST
Praise:Very good seller i would highly recommend, hair came before estimate date
User:Date:23-May-20 17:45:24 BST
Praise:Great item
User:Date:23-May-20 17:00:31 BST
Praise:Super speedy delivery highly recommend
User:Date:23-May-20 13:59:52 BST
User:Date:23-May-20 11:17:12 BST
Praise:great ebayer thank you
User:Date:23-May-20 11:16:57 BST
Praise:great ebayer thank you
User:Date:23-May-20 10:30:40 BST
Praise:Very good service, highly recommended seller
User:Date:23-May-20 09:45:15 BST
Praise:Love it!
User:Date:23-May-20 09:44:59 BST
Praise:Love it!
User:Date:23-May-20 09:44:40 BST
Praise:Love it!
User:Date:23-May-20 09:36:30 BST
User:Date:23-May-20 09:29:41 BST
Praise:Fast delivery and item as described
User:Date:23-May-20 09:07:20 BST
Praise:Item received, thanks