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1- Curling Instructions
Curling Using Sponge Rollers :
The number and the size of your sponge rollers depends on the size and volume of curls
you desire.

1 - Part hair into small segments and roll with sponge rollers. Don't try to fit large chunks of hair onto the sponge rollers unless you want very large, loose curls. The less hair that is on the individual roller, the more bounce and precise the curl will be.
2 - Bring a large saucepan of water to a low boil,
3 - Dip the sponge rollers into the hot water for 3 seconds, and immediately remove them and place them on the towel. The rollers are going to be hot and soaking wet, so have a big towel ready (you can use tongs to drop in and get out water).
4 - Quickly and without disturbing the curl remove the rollers - if its left too long you can set the curls too hard, leaving a mark where the closure snaps in place. If you do one weft piece at a time and remove as soon as out of water you will be fine
5 - Let the hair air dry - never use hair dryer.
(You can purchase Sponge Roller from Boots or online for couple of pounds)
2-Curling Instructions Using Heated Appliances:
Kanekalon Hair is heat resistant up to 160C. If you don't have curling tongs, GHD's which
has higher heat, can be used by turning on and off to keep the heat low.
Unlike Human hair synthetic hair needs a little extra attention when curling
1. Step 1. Keep heat to 160C max
2. Step 2. Make sure hair doesn’t overlap when being wrapped around curling iron/wand
3. Step 3. When hair feels hot to feel with your fingertips drop curl onto floor or into palm
for 10 seconds until cools this ensures that the curl is locked in. If lifted before cools
the curl will be lost.
1-Straightening Instructions using Boiling Water:
1 - Boil kettle
2 - Hold hair at clips (do say half at a time) over side bath and pour boiling water over extensions running it over from top to bottom so length of hair get boiling water poured on it in particular the ends and then comb
3 - If hair combs all sleek then blot dry on towel lay flat and leave dry naturally - never use hair dryer.
4 - If not look sleek after boiling water and looks wavy and rough then redo boiling water
(should only need do 2-3 times) then repeat as above.
5 - To keep hair from tangling smooth over some hair oil - this will also prevent drying this prevent frizz.
This method can be used once or bi-weekly after washing to reseal hair and bring it back to brand new condition.
2-Straightening Instructions Using Heated Appliances:
Follow the same method as you would with your own hair BUT ensure you keep the heat low
(upto 160C) and use iron in one slow motion from top to ends

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