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How to attach Hair Extensions

1. Opening secure locking clips

Open and close the snapping clips on each hair extension by simultaneously applying pressure to the sides of each clip with your thumbs. Practice the technique of opening and closing before inserting into the hair. Leave each clip in the open position so it is ready when needed.

2.               Section hair

Separate the hair into three sections: right side, left side, back. Secure the side pieces out of the way while you begin working with the back piece.

3. Horizontal sectioning

Start at the nape of the neck and draw a comb from ear to ear to make a horizontal part. Hair above this line should be clipped out of the way. Gently tease the root of your hair that has been left free, this helps to keep the clips from slipping out of the hair. Choose the extension, or weft, with the same width as the horizontal section.

4.               Attach extension

Attach the extension to the horizontal section by inserting the centre clip into the centre at the root of the hair. Once the teeth of the clip grasp your hair, snap both sides to secure. Continue inserting and closing the outer clips in the same process. Blend the natural hair and extension by gently brushing. Check to make sure the weft is securely affixed to your hair. If not, remove and try again. (It may take a little longer the first few times but with practice you will be able to put in a full head set of clip extensions in about 5 mins)

5.               Cover first extension with some of your hair

Insert another extension / weft in the same manner as the first. Start at the root of the second part and slide the clips into your natural hair, starting with the middle clip. Secure by closing the clips and brushing gently. Continue making horizontal parts and attaching the extensions as you move up the back of the head. Check to be certain each piece is secure and no visible weft is showing.

6.               Attach side Extensions

Attach side pieces by making a horizontal part above the ear and inserting wefts in the same manner. For side pieces start with the front clip first. Work up the head and then complete the other side. This is a great time to use pieces to create layers to frame the face.


To prevent slipping on fine hair after teasing roots spray on a little hairspray onto the teased roots

If you wear a side parting you may want to use an extra extension on the heavier side of your parting.


There are many variations for wearing the hair extensions.  Everyone is unique and everyone will have their own way of wearing the clip in hair.  You can cut any of the extension pieces to smaller lengths if you prefer.




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