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Welcome to SkinClior

A unique skincare shop, which retails products and machinery to reduce facial skin problems

We are a professional skincare manufacturing and consultancy team that provides information, products and machinery that work naturally to diminish facial skin problems by taking away the need for surgical or cosmetic treatments. We specialise in treatments for;  acne, spots, blocked pores, blackheads, whiteheads/millia, fine lines/crow’s feet, brown eye circles, wrinkles/sagging skin, open pores, oiliness, thread veins/broken capillaries, skin redness, blushing skin, sensitive skin and dry damaged skin.

What we offer

·         All of our products and machinery are used by professionals in the skincare industry and are manufactured for ease of use by our clients, without taking away the power of their performance on your skin.

·         We offer products particularly to diminish skin problems, but also offer a range of daily maintenance products and monthly skincare maintenance kits.

·         We also offer free detailed advice on skin problems and how they occur and can be eliminated, to enable you to become more informed on your own individual skincare needs. This information can be found in our shop custom pages or alternatively please feel free to email us with any skincare concerns.

With every product you will receive the following:

  • Full detailed instructions on how to perform a monthly facial
  • A daily skincare maintenance guide
  • A Monthly skincare maintenance guide
  • How to prevent skin stretching by using the correct method of application.
  • A free email advice service - if you need any help with using your products or need help with skincare advice, one of our skincare consultants will answer your queries.


What makes SkinClior so unique?

Most skincare companies retail skincare maintenance products that are intended only to prevent skin problems, here at SkinClior we provide products and machinery that cure skincare problems in addition to preventing them from returning.

We are not mass producers of skincare products that provide only 1 – 10% of active ingredients in their products.  Our products are capable of 100% performance by the use of up to 100% of active ingredients in the majority of our products.  If you purchase a product that contains an essential oil, the smell should be highly potent, if it isn’t, that confirms that only 1 or 2 drops were used by a mass producing system.  All of our products are handmade and contain the ample amount of  key ingredients.

We manufacture skincare products that work, not products that look like they work by enticing you with pretty packaging, labelling and brand names. This would not only double the price of the product, but also creates damage to the environment. We understand that larger companies know the market and are looking to provide you with easy to use, all in one products that will do everything for your skin, Unfortunately in reality these products do not work, good skin takes a little more time and effort and if you are prepared to do this to get the skin you want, then you have come to the right place.

Our products


·         All of our products are made for high performance on the skin, with the minimal amount of preservatives, if any.

·         Our ingredients in our daily maintenance products are changed every 6 months, this is because the skin can become acclimatised to ingredients (meaning, after 6 months of daily use, your skin becomes immune to ingredients so the product stops being as beneficial as it was when you first used it).

·         Our products are freshly mixed once your order is received, which makes it unnecessary for added preservatives, Which larger companies need to give their products a longer shelf life ( it can take up to 6 months for their products to reach your bathroom shelf).

·         All products are packaged in the most hygienic bottles and jars (direct from our New York suppliers) all come with pump action dispensers and sprays for the ultimate hygiene, needed to prevent cross infection.


Our History


SkinClior was established by Sandra Jones BSc, who commenced her training in the Beauty Industry in 1994, after initially training as a beauty therapist, she went on to specialise in skincare consultancy.  Not happy to recommend mass produced products to her clients for home use, she started to experiment with ingredients, and after years of testing, she came up with the most unique range of products, to diminish and prevent skin problems. Her chosen ingredients were never chosen for economy, but for performance. Although she says “some of the best ingredients are very economical.

Sandra then moved on to have a family which impacted on her direct consultancy practice, so she decided to train her clients to perform their own monthly facials and use the machinery themselves.  The training was via booklets and instructions, which worked so well that she decided to offer her services to the worldwide community via the Internet, where she advises people from all over the world regarding their skincare problems.


Thank you for viewing our homepage, please view our custom pages for detailed information on your particular skin problem.