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 Selling seeds and plants from around the world, specialising mainly in those from arid areas, including Cacti and other Succulent plants - especially Stapeliads. Now also listing seeds of South African bulbs and tubers including some rare and spectacular species that are hard to find.

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Many of my listings are for plants of this fascinating family.  Known by a number of common names including:

  • Carrion Flower - the flowers look like and smell like carrion - if you are a blue bottle that is!
  • Starfish Flower - Five pointed petals resemble a fanciful starfish
  • Toad Lily - the surface of the flowers is often mottled and covered with 'warts'
  • Zulu Lily - the more spectacular species come from South Africa

A few myths dispelled:

  • They stink - well like beauty its all in the eye (in this case the nose) of the beholder.  Many don't smell bad at all and some have a sweet scent.  Those that smell the worst, do so only on hot sunny days in confined spaces.
  • They are hard to grow - they are hard to stop.  Once going they grow rapidly.  The more they are fed the more they grow.  The danger period is early spring when they are recovering their roots.  Just water them carefully.
  • They rarely flower - they only flower on new growth.  If they are growing, they will flower, many producing 30 - 40 flowers at a time when they are large plants.


They are easy to grow following a few simple rules:

  • They are not hardy, so never below 7 Deg C (45 Deg F).
  • They like an open gritty compost - up to 50:50 compost:grit.
  • They don't like full sun (with a few exceptions).
  • They like to be regularly fed when growing.
  • They don't like to be wet at the 'neck', so add a layer of grit on top of the compost.
  • Bring them into growth gently in the Spring - overhead spray with tepid water every few days till you see new growth.

They flower from early March all the way through to November if they are happy with their location.

Here at Scampton Succulents I have many different species of these wonderful plants.  My listings just represent a fraction of what I have.  I grow many new species each year from seed, most of which is sourced via the International Asclepiad Society (IAS).  This organisation is dedicated to the study and cultivation of these plants.  Details of the IAS can be found here.

If you have questions about the cultivation or any other aspects of these plants you may contact me here.

Keep an eye out on my listings via my shop, as the list of available seeds and plants is always changing.