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 Scampton Succulents

Scampton Succulents

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 Selling seeds and plants from around the world, specialising mainly in those from arid areas, including Cacti and other Succulent plants - especially Stapeliads. Now also listing seeds of South African bulbs and tubers including some rare and spectacular species that are hard to find.

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See my terms and conditions page which is just a click away from here

Payment Methods

I accept the following payment methods, in order of preference:

    1. PayPal (
    2. UK Postal Order
    3. Personal Cheque - UK Bank in Pounds Sterling

Postage and Packing Charges

Your goods will be packed in appropriate packaging.  For seeds this means a Jiffy Bag.  UK customers should note that an empty Jiffy Bag exceeds the 5mm letter width and has to be sent via Large Letter.  Overseas customers note that these are airmail approved and that baggage compartments on modern Airliners are pressurised and heated - so no complaints about 'frozen seeds' will be entertained (as I have had in the past).

I only charge the exact cost I need to for packaging, no profit whatsoever is made here.  For multiple packs no extra charge is made for UK buyers, even where it costs me more to send than the amount charged for postage. For international buyers, the new weight bands used by Royal Mail mean I have to charge a small amount for each extra pack.  I may offer postal tracking as an option on smaller orders.  On larger orders it may be added as a required item.  If declined, then please do not ask for tracking numbers etc as none will be available.


Dispatch will be by the stated method and is charged at cost.  I now use SmartStamp which enables very rapid generation of postage labels. I endeavour to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of payment, although in the Spring this may not always be possible due to the high volume of orders.

The method of carriage is as shown below:

  1. For the United Kingdom this will be by Royal Mail 1st class post - unless the buyer has requested 2nd class.

  2. For international orders the delivery method will be Royal Mail Airmail.  The estimated times for this service are 3 to 5 working days for Europe and 5 to 7 working days for Rest of the World.

  3. For larger orders 'Signed For' services will be added at cost.  For the UK this generally means orders over 20.00 GBP, for international orders the trigger is 20.00 GBP (except for the countries noted in the section about unexplained losses).  This is for every ones piece of mind and is compliant with PayPal/eBay rules over tracking of orders.

Goods should be considered lost in the post after the following periods (please note these are working days ie Mon - Fri):

  1. UK - 15 working days - Royal Mail Rules - Sorry

  2. EU - 21 working days

  3. USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand - 28 Working Days

  4. Everywhere else - 35 working days

I will not entertain claims within these minimum periods as I cannot claim from Royal Mail until the stated periods have past.  At this point you will be given 2 options.  A full refund or a 2nd dispatch.  This is a one off deal, if the 2nd dispatch does not arrive, there can be no 3rd or subsequent claim as something is clearly going wrong (Customs? Postal Service? Wrong Address?...).  In the event of a postal loss, you may be asked for information to assist with any claim made with Royal Mail to assist with their investigation.

Surface mail to any international location can take up to 8 weeks, therefore these goods will only be considered lost after 12 weeks.  As this is outside of all claim/refund periods used by eBay - buyers should be aware of this policy when requesting goods be delivered by Surface Mail.

Packets received but goods confiscated by customs

This happens sometimes and, where I will endeavour to replace such items, this is entirely beyond my control.  Agencies like the USDA and AQIS are literally laws unto themselves and they do not seem to have any pattern or logic to the manner in which they confiscate and destroy imported goods.  Lists of prohibited items change continuously and as such I cannot be expected to keep up with all of the rules.  It is therefore down to you, the buyer, to know the rules for your country.  If in doubt either don't buy or accept the risk of confiscation.  To give you some idea of the issues here I noted the following for the year January 2011 to January 2012:

  1. USA - 250 consignments -  5 confiscations - all successfully replaced (to the best of my knowledge)

  2. Canada - 21 consignments - 0 report confiscations

  3. Australia - 45 consignments  - 2 reported confiscations

  4. Rest of World (except EU) - 460 consignments 4 reported confiscations - all in Russia

Whilst it is unfortunate for those affected it is a small problem and in the same period I had 61 items claimed as being lost in the post to international destinations.  It is therefore more likely that the postal services will lose your package than it is for Customs to intercept it.

The bottom line is I will do everything I can to ensure that your goods arrive, but I cannot cover every eventuality.

The following countries are proving to be particularly problematic in respect of unexplained postal losses:

  1. Italy - frequent reported losses

  2. Russia - strict customs regime, many reported delays

  3. Turkey - unexplained losses

  4. Switzerland - Buyers from Switzerland should be aware that unexplained losses have occurred.

Buyers in these locations should consider this when ordering.

Warranty of Seeds and Plants.

  1. I guarantee that the seeds I sell are fresh, from the latest available harvest.  I will always test germinate batches and, where germinations rates are lower than normal, I will indicate this within the item description.
  2. I guarantee that the plants provided are free from disease and pests when they are dispatched and that all cuttings have been taken in the optimum fashion.

Notwithstanding these guarantees, the cultivation of seeds and plants is subject to many factors including, but not limited to:  Time of year, light, warmth, water, soil, feeding, hygiene, proper observation of routines given for cultivation or the breaking of dormancy and the skill of the individual grower. 

As such, these factors are completely outside of my control and I will not be held responsible for cultivation failures where these cannot be attributed to the breach of the two guarantees given above.  In this I am no different from any of the large seed companies, who I now note have withdrawn their unconditional guarantees.


My goods fall into 2 categories in the terms of the Distance Selling Regulations - Perishable and Non-Perishable.  Regardless of the category I require all goods not required to be returned at the buyers expense.  Notwithstanding this, I will process the refund separately as required by the DSR's. These terms only apply to domestic customers in the United Kingdom.  For all other locations only the terms of eBay's Significantly Not As Described process applies.

The category will be clearly defined within the official returns section and the broad policy will be stated.  The purpose of this section is to explain exactly how I will deal with returns in order to give you added confidence.

Non-perishable goods will be subject to a no quibble refund policy.  Seeds will be sent to you in clear Ziploc bags which will enable you to see exactly what you have got.  Unless you intend to keep the seeds, you must not remove the seal and open the bag.  Although I will still process the refund, if the tamper seals are removed I will claim against the buyer as if the seeds had not been paid for (non-paying bidder etc).  This is because when I seal the packs, I do so in a 'clean' environment and by opening the packs you may well have unwittingly introduced pathogens etc.

Perishable goods are exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations right to cancel and will only be refunded where they are significantly not as described.  In this case a full refund or a replacement will be offered (buyers choice).  Should you wish to make a claim here, please provide full details of the problem.

Where a mixture of perishable and non-perishable goods are involved, separate policies will apply to each category.  In this case postage/packing will be refunded pro-rata for the non-perishable items when these are being returned under the no fault policy.


Feedback will be given on the receipt of an accepted payment method.

Please try to resolve all problems by contacting me first, before leaving adverse feedback.  My contract with you is to provide you with fresh seeds and/or healthy plants/cuttings.  If I have succeeded in this aim please feedback appropriately.  I have had adverse feedback in the past which has been left right on the 60 day limit where seeds have not germinated - this is clearly unfair as I can make no warranty with respect to the seeds once they have left my possession.  I will assume that negative feedback is the end of my contract with you - no further negotiation will be entered into at that point.

Non Payment

Please only buy or bid if you are serious about paying.  I will follow up non-payment to the limit allowed for by eBay and this includes issuing non payment strikes.  If you forget to pay, you will get at least two reminders before I start the process.  If you feel I have issued you a strike unfairly, then contact me so we may resolve this. I am always prepared to negotiate, but it should be on a mutual 'give and take' basis.  If you want your strike removed, then you should be prepared to pay for the items at that point - I can always issue a PayPal invoice.