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  • Sartorial Catalogue

    Propellor TimeRobyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 - FIT 047CD/LP/Cassette

    Micko Westmoreland Wax & Wayne remix CD - FIT 046CD

    7" single slated for Winter 2010 - FIT 045S

    Full Blown 12 Track CD Big Sexy Noise Big Sexy Noise - FIT 044CD

    Coloured Vinyl-Style CD I Didn't Get Where I Am Today (unabridged)
    Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - FIT 043CD

    Yellow Vinyl In Between Days + Boots Off!!
    The Cure-Ator/Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - FIT 042S

    Wonderful Day EP Department S - FIT 041CD

    Big Sexy Noise Lydia Lunch:Big Sexy Noise - FIT 039LP

    Darkness (closes in) Micko Westmoreland - FIT 038DIG Download only

    Live at Klub 007 Gallon Drunk - FIT 037CD

    Wax and Wayne Micko Westmoreland - FIT 036CD

    Coo Ca Choo Remixes Department S - FIT 035DIG Download only

    Three Blind Mice EP Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - FIT 034EP
    Download only

    I was Dora Suarez
    Derek Raymond, James Johnston, Terry Edwards - FIT 032CD

    9 loaves, 5 fishes Tuner - FIT 031CD

    Shadow Cat Robyn Hitchcock - FIT 030CD

    Now Is The Winter Of Our Discotheque Nitwood - FIT 029DIG Download only

    My Coo Ca Choo / Cat People
    Department S/Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - FIT 028S
    Romany Blood Red Vinyl!!

    Let's Go Let's Blow New York New York - FIT 027

    Nun Lover!! Spleen- FIT 026CD

    Readymade - Sartorial Sampler II Various Artists - FIT 025CD

    From The Heart of Town Gallon Drunk - FIT 022CD

    You, the Night... and the Music Gallon Drunk - FIT 021CD

    Tonite... The Singles Bar Gallon Drunk - FIT 020CD

    At The Mill The Treecreepers - FIT 019CD

    Ground Variations Michael Cunningham & Ralph Littlejohn - FIT 018CD

    Geography Lob - REFIT 017CD

    Nitwood Nitwood - FIT 016CD

    Sartorial Sampler Various - FIT 015CD

    terryedwards - FIT 014CD

    Music to watch boys by The Higsons - REFIT 013T

    Queer Street Various - FIT 012CD

    Memory & Madness Lydia Lunch/Terry Edwards - FIT 011CD

    Attack of the cannibal zombie businessmen The Higsons - REFIT 010CD

    I didn't get where I am today Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - REFIT 009LP

    BUtterfield 8 - FIT 008CD / FIT 008LPT

    681 at The Southbank + Plays, Salutes & Executes Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - FIT 007CD

    Curse of The Higsons The Higsons - REFIT 006LPT

    No fish is too weird for her aquarium Various - REFIT 005CD

    My wife doesn't understand me Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats - REFIT 004CD

    Terry Edwards executes Miles Davis numbers - REFIT 003S

    Terry Edwards plays the music of Jim & William Reid - REFIT 002T

    Ontogeny Various - FIT 001CD

    681 (the burn-up) + Noonday Boost Scapegoats/Noonday Underground - FIT 681