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Do the units require any assembly ?

No, all units come fully assembled and individually bubble wrapped with their code number on the front for easy identification. The adjustable legs are inside which will need screwing to the bottom of the units only ( see "Fitting Instructions")

Can I fit these units myself ?

Yes, fitting is very straightforward as long as you have basic carpentry skills and tools. Please read the "Fitting Instructions"  fully before attempting to fit. A copy of these will be enclosed in your consignment as well as on this site. Wood and laminate worktops require more advanced tools.

If necessary, can I phone for help with fitting?

Yes, phone 01285 862333 if you need any help or explanation of any aspect of our kitchens. We are always available and pleased to help, even at weekends!

Should I paint the units prior to fitting ?

No, it will save you painting every side of the units if you fit them first and then paint what you can see. All the units are painted on all sides, backs and insides as standard.

Do I need to paint these units ?

If you are happy with the colour the units are  supplied in, you will only need to use the touch-up paint after installation.  Otherwise you can paint the units in a bespoke colour of your own choice

What type paint should I use ?

Any branded paint is best, such as Dulux. Water based paint will dry much quicker than oil based paint. If you want a subtle sheen then stick to Eggshell paint. You will need at least 2 coats of top coat.

Are the handles and knobs attached to the units?

No, the handles or knobs are supplied unfitted and the units are not pre-drilled to allow you to place them where you choose. The hinges are fitted however, and if you decide to remove the doors for painting, always replace them on the same units because they are all hand fitted and may vary slightly from one to another. Chrome knobs and cup handles come as standard and are included in the unit price


What if I want bins or other pull outs inside the units ?

We will fit any bins or magic corner chrome pull-outs inside your units for you, prior to delivery. Please ring for recommended accessories or we will advise you at the planning stage.


Should we decorate the room before fitting ?

Yes, we would always recommend that the room be completely finished before fitting the units. This includes floor finishing in either tiles or wood flooring right up to the walls as this will help when it comes to fitting the kitchen units especially under appliances.

How do I adjust the drawer runners?

Drawer runners have multiple adjustments available. You may want to remove the drawers for painting which is explained in the Fitting Instructions, you will then see the adjustment mechanisms.


Do you make bespoke items?

Yes, we can make certain items such as bookcases and open units etc or modify existing units where a standard size is inappropriate, however these are only undertaken in conjunction with a full kitchen project to complement the standard sized units.


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