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Thank you for visiting us where I hope you will find many designs for cake toppers, invitations, birthday cards, bunting, stickers, charts to name a few!

If you experience any problems when using icing sheets please contact me as soon as possible - most sheets are fine but change in weather etc can cause the sheets to stick to the plastic or become brittle and crack.

Here is some useful information. General Information: Expires 6m after the purchase as all toppers are freshly printed. Icing sheets will last approx 6m from the time you receive them if kept in the sealed bag. You do not need to store the fridge. Icing sheets can occassionally stick to the plastic backing - more often when there is a change in heat but this can be easily solved by popping the sheet in the freezer for a few seconds (full instructions below). Once removed simply cut out the desired shape with scissors and place the topper on your chosen topping or by using edible glue (jam can also be used). If placing the topper onto an iced cake, simply brush water over the icing (not the topper – this must be kept dry or the print will smudge!). The icing will go tacky, place the topper on and pat down gently. Leave the dry and the topper will stick to the cake. What type of icing should I have on my cake? The printed icing sheet can be applied to almost any kind of icing such as, sugar paste icing, fondant, royal icing, or butter-cream. Will the printed icing sheet meld onto icing that has set for a day or more? If the icing on the cake appears dry, apply a fine mist of water to the cake before applying the printed icing sheet. This may be achieved by spraying a fine mist of water on the cake, or by using a basting brush (see 'Step 1' in demo page) Another option is to use edible glue which is sold in my ebay shop How do I remove the icing sheet from the plastic backing sheet? The plastic should simply peel off – to prevent the icing from breaking it is best to place the topper face down and peel the plastic from the icing, not the icing from the plastic In some cases the humidity may be so high that the icing sheets will NOT easily release from the paper after the normal drying period. In these conditions we recommend the following methods for removal of the icing sheet: My personal recommendation would be option 2 1. Use a blower type Hair dryer (or any other hot air supply) on the reverse side of the backing sheet on high hot for 30-40 seconds. After heating the backing sheet, let it cool down before attempting to remove the icing sheet. (the cooling process allows the icing sheet to stiffen)This method is very reliable and should solve your release problems. 3. Placing finished icing sheet into a FREEZER will allow easy removal after about 10 to 15 seconds, providing the freezer is a DRY freezer and not a WET freezer. You should remove the sheet immediately after taking it out from the freezer (before it defrosts) & put it on the cake. To remove icing sheet from backing sheet pull sheet over the sharp edge of a table top as shown in the picture. Remember the only reason the icing sheets will not easily come off the backing sheet, is that the icing sheet is still wet. THEY WILL RELEASE WHEN THEY ARE DRY. In high humidity areas, we recommend taking the icing sheet from the ZipLock bag for sometime prior to printing, which may also help the drying process. What do I do if the icing sheets are dry & brittle? If the icing sheets are dry and brittle they have dried out too much. This is usually caused by a faulty zip-lock bag, or failure to close the zip lock bag after removing an icing sheet. To re-humidify the icing sheets they may be sprayed with a fine mist of water, using an airbrush, or any other water misting device. They will become moist again, and you may have to wait a few minutes for them to dry back to a usable condition. You can also bring moisture back into the icing sheets by holding them over a pot of steaming water for a few seconds, or place them into a high humidity proofing area or proof box if available for a short time.