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  • Who We Are

    Muscleform is the trading name of Aviform Ltd for our sports nutrition and dietary products. Aviform Ltd started manufacturing nutritional supplements back in 1983. We launched the Muscleform brand in 1999 and were one of the very first (possibly the first) in the UK to offer high quality nutritional supplements direct at low prices.

    We have our own new 9,000 sq ft production facility and warehouse, where we manufacture not only the Muscleform brand, but ‘private label’ products for other companies.

  • What Makes Us Different

    Muscleform - the finest quality sports and performance nutrition products at unbeatable prices. We produce a selection of purest whey protein powder for lean muscle gain including whey protein isolate. In addition we offer finest amino acids such as glutamine and branched chain aminos, a selection of creatine variants, dietary and weight control and endurance supplements. Unlike a large majority of brands, we are manufacturers, so don't just offer products made by an outside contractor.

    We can therefore guarantee the finest ingredients are always used and our products are nothing but the best specification at the lowest prices, reinforced by our 'Price Match Guarantee'. All the above is backed by over 30 years of nutritional manufacturing expertise, super fast delivery and industry leading customer service with independent reviews to match.

    We promise you won't find better products or service anywhere.

  • Finest Quality Guaranteed

    Muscleform’s innovative products are formulated without compromise, using only the finest ingredients sourced from 'INFORMED SPORT' raw material suppliers, to ensure ultimate product quality and performance. We have worked the same whey protein supplier since 2000. In fact Muscleform were one of their very first customers in the UK. They are now Europe’s premier supplier of whey protein, offering probably what is the best whey protein money can buy.

    We are also approved by AlzChem as resellers of the Creapure® brand and by Bioceutical Research and development Laboratory (BR&D) as resellers of the Kre Alkalyn® brand.

    Our products are tried and trusted in over 40 countries worldwide, by guaranteeing to use only 100% pure grade materials with no un-necessary added fillers, bulkers, sweeteners or flavourings.
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