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How do we guarantee the authenticity of every item we sell?


  • Our quality control team hand-check every item we sell in order to ensure their authenticity. 
  • Our quality control team will research into specific products to ensure they are up to date with new counterfeiting methods and to take all reasonable endeavours to ensure our consumers only receive authentic products.
  • We also offer all our customers a 100% guarantee that their items will be genuine or their money back.


Some of the standard processes we used in order to identify counterfeit material include:

The Fabric

Designer items are high quality fabrics both on the outside and within any linings and labels. Fake items might feel coarser and less comfortable. If an item is leather it should have a more irregular texture and a slight leather scent. A fake leather item may look more uniform and smell chemically. We will also check the material composition of items within the care labels to ensure only high quality materials are used within specific products.

The Stitching

Genuine designer fashion will have straight & even stitching around pockets and seams. We will pay close attention to labels that have been sewn onto the product. Genuine items will have matching cotton rather than a different colour and you generally shouldn't be able to see obvious stitching at the back of the label when it’s onto a garment.


All zips should move freely and feel heavy. The bottom of the zip should also meet the zip itself neatly. Most brands will also use a branded zip such as YKK. Buttons should be attached securely and may feature details that fakes would lack like logos or branding.


All logos should look symmetrical and will probably be embroidered. They should feel thick and heavy and probably won’t have any overlay or backing underneath where they are sewn into the garment.

Fit and Sizing

We look at our products sizing carefully. Often with fake clothing the sizing is out and doesn't match the label size or has an irregular fit.

Care Labels

We look carefully at product care labels to ensure they are supplied with full details and are of a high quality. We also look at the country of origin on the product labels to ensure with all reasonable endeavours that the manufacture of the garment is correct. We will also look for and investigate RN & CA numbers which can be identified back to an individual business, producer, distributor or retailer to ensure these are correctly given.



Please contact us with any queries. We aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.

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