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We offer FREE LOCAL delivery from Marshalls depots around the UK into local areas only. Each listing specifies areas we deliver into, please check this prior to purchase. If you are unsure.

email us with your postal code to check for any delivery costs.

Our lead times are 3-5 working days. All orders will be processed for the earliest delivery date and a notification sent by email once paid for. If the date iusn't suitable, please email by reply to alter the date (We don't deliver on Saturdays) The driver will call/text on route to offer an hours notice.

Frequently asked questions

Saving you time and trouble

Here are some of the questions the experts in our Customer Service team have been asked over the years  and, more importantly, their answers.

If you have a question not featured here, you can email us via eBay and we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours of receiving this does not apply to Bank Holidays or Christmas.


•             Are your Marshalls Factory Shop products rejects, damaged or unfit for general purpose?

        No. All our products offered on eBay are either discontinued, end-of-line products or are a non-standard colour, end of batch mix. From an application point of view, they are made to our high production and British Standards, and have passed all performance tests required for purpose, unless stated otherwise.


•             Can I buy quantities different to those in the listing?

        Most of the time we list in single packs, however our minimum order is 5 packs and we tend to list a maximum of 50 packs at any time (if the stock is available.


•             Does the final price include VAT?

        Yes. The price you see is the price you pay unless surcharges for delivery are applied.


•             How can I pay?

        Payment must be made by PayPal. Please send your PayPal payment to If you pay via PayPal, We will email you once your order has been processed to confirm a delivery date.

•             How often do you list items?


•             We list as and when items come available, however, it’s always worth emailing us for a specific item if you cannot see what you are looking for.


•             What about payment and delivery?

        Providing payment is made promptly at the conclusion of your purchase, we can arrange delivery within 3 to 28 working days on a weekday (Monday to Friday) that suits you. We cannot offer a specified time. However, the driver will call you around 1 hour prior to drop off. If you don’t want such a quick delivery, we are happy to delay despatch for up to 28 days from the point of purchase but, again, this is subject to you making a prompt payment. All payments must be made immediately. You will need to provide a contact number, delivery address and postal code for us to process your order. If we do not receive payment within 24hrs, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase for non-payment and re-offer the product. Please be sure to contact us if you believe there is an error to your purchase.

                We would request a contact number at the time you contact us to make your payment or to agree a date for delivery.

                Do you send my purchase out automatically after receiving payment?

                We generally email you after payment has been made to advise of a suitable day for delivery, If the date offered isn’t suitable, you can book an alternative day with us upon request (Monday-Friday’s only) Someone has to be available to sign for the goods.


•             How long can I hold off delivery for if I'm not ready to receive the product I have purchased?

        We can hold on to your product for up to 28 days after the purchase date. We need 3 working days notice to carry out a delivery request.


•             Can I speak to someone for advice on payments, delivery, and products?

        Our dedicated staff are available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.00pm, you can contact us via eBay


•             Can you deliver to two different addresses?

        Yes. For an additional payment of £60.00, we will make a delivery to a second address on the same vehicle at the same time. Using main roads, the second address must be less than 10 miles from the first. Our contract will remain exclusively with the original purchaser.


•             Can the pallets be double stacked?

        Although we multi-stack products in our yards, we use the right equipment and our yards have been designed and built for the purpose. We do not recommend double stacking once the goods have left our premises.


•             How far can the crane on your delivery vehicle reach?

        This varies upon the type of delivery, please see the listing details for individual dimensions. We cannot reach from the roadside over a grass verge or place product on public walkways or highways. You will need permission from your local council to do this.


•             Can I see a sample of the product or visit your stockyard?

        Unfortunately no. We do not send samples of items listed on eBay, and visits to our factories by the public are not allowed on health and safety grounds. Your decision to buy has to be made on the description in the listing that we make as accurate as we possibly can. Please review our feedback for how our customers have found our products.


•             How much are the haulage surcharges to Scotland?

        Not all listings are subject to a transport surcharge but, where one applies, it can vary from £120.00 to £740.00.each listing has information on the approximate costs by area. For an accurate estimate, please email your full postcode to Please note that delivery to Scotland is not offered on any listings marked England and Wales only.


•             What is the minimum amount I can purchase?

        Due to weight restrictions and haulier charges, we generally list the following amounts: minimum 5packs for Block Paving, Walling and Patio paving unless specified within the listing. Each listing states the minimum order requirement.


•             Can I simply buy directly from you without going through eBay?

        No, all orders must come through eBay and paid via Paypal.


•             How close to the actual colour of the product is the photograph?

        All photographs have either been taken from our brochure or are of the actual batch we are selling. The photographs are as close to the actual product as digital photography and individual monitors will allow.


•             Will you be selling any more of the product you are listing?

        There is no guarantee of availability until the item actually appears on eBay. We recommend that you visit our eBay Factory Shop at and sign up for our newsletter. That way you’ll be amongst the first to know of the exciting new products being listed.


•             Must I pay via PayPal?

        You need to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase, and if you are the successful buyer you can pay either by PayPal.


•             What is the minimum amount you supply on your listings?

        Minimum order is for approximately 5 tonnes around 30m2 on Block Paving and 60m2 on Domestic Paving. The minimum loads are only delivered into specified areas within a postcode range due to transport cots. Single packs may be purchased for a surcharge by carrier delivery.


•             Can I obtain advice on fitting and maintenance for my purchase?

        Yes, Our Customer Service staff are always on hand and happy to assist with your project, from Laying plans to sub base materials and maintenance. We will supply contact details upon purchase.


•             What types of vehicles do you use to deliver?

        Usually an articulated truck which is 40-60ft in length with an on-board crane and capable of carrying up to 44 tonnes in total weight. This needs clearance when parked up for off loading on level ground, it has to be able to access and leave the property safely and without causing obstruction to the public highway. We cannot park on grass verges, as the truck will sink and cause damage. We cannot turn and make contact with any private property belonging to other persons other than the accepting party. Always contact us prior to making a bid for an item to clarify. Marshalls will not be held liable for damage to property or contact with overhead cables during off access, offloading or alighting the property. Someone needs to be present at all times during delivery. Any damage caused and not disclosed whilst the driver is on site will not be followed up. We reserve the right to charge for an aborted delivery if your property does not have appropriate access or if you are unable to take delivery on the agreed date.


•             What happens if I have an issue with the item received and I'm not happy with my purchase?

        Please check the product is correct prior to offloading from the vehicle. Check that the brand, quantity, colour and size all match with what you have purchased. When satisfied, then instruct to offload. Only then should your item be signed for. If there is an issue, please contact us immediately before offloading and the driver leaving your premises. Failure to carry out these checks may lead to a delay in correcting things and further costs to put it right.


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