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 Welcome to Longhornrusty's! I specialize in Star Wars, action figures, video games, and Much More. With over 19 years of eBay experience you're assured great online shopping. We are commited to great prices and FAST SHIPPING!

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Star Wars Collecting Jargon:

Original Weapons and Accessories - All of my loose action figures and vehicles list and ship with the original weapons and accessories.  Please see a few paragraphs below for more info on reproduction weapons and accessories. 

Lightsabers - Within the vintage Star Wars line there are two styles of Lightsabers.  The telescoping and hand-held.

Telescoping - Of the telescoping Lightsabers there are also two types, the single/standard and the double.

The original Luke Skywalker (yellow), Darth Vader (red), and Ben Kenobi (blue) all use the telescoping Lightsaber.

As there are many new collectors to the Star Wars universe every day, the term telescoping lightsaber has brought about a little confusion.  Many assume because a lightsaber is referred to as a telescoping lightsaber it is a Double Telescoping lightsaber. This could not be further from the truth.    

As mentioned prior there are two types of telescoping lightsabers.  The term telescoping lightsaber does not necessarily indicate the type of lightsaber, but rather the arm of the original Luke, Vader, and Ben working in concert.  When one pushes the lightsaber out of the arm it telescopes out of the arm, looks like a telescope. Thus, the term telescoping lightsaber.  As with hand held lightsaber, it is called this quite simply because it is held in the hand.  Crazy I know!

The Single/Standard - The more common of the two types.  However, 35 years after the figures released common is a relative term.  These are just a touch over 1.5" long and have that very thin tip.  The vast majority of the telescoping figures (original Luke, Vader, and Kenobi) shipped with the Single/Standard telescoping lightsabers.  

The Double/DT Of the two, the double or DT, is the more scarce.  The DT came in two pieces. 

Hand-Held - The single piece Lightsaber.  Three colors, yellow (Luke Bespin), blue (first shipped Luke Jedi), green (Luke Jedi). 

3.75" Line or 3 3/4" Line - Unless noted when the size in the listing reads 3.75" this is the commonly known terminology for the standard Star Wars action figure.  Many of the figures in the line are smaller or larger than 3.75", however they are all considered to be part of the 3.75" line.  Yoda, R2-D2, Jawas, etc each generally measure under 3.75", along with that Darth Vader, Chewbacca, IG-88, etc each generally measure over 3.75", all though are considered part of the 3.75" line.  Why 3.75"? That is typically the average for all of the figures in the line.  A vehicle in the item description may be stated as measuring 3.75, this is because that vehicle works with the 3.75" action figures.

Repro Weapons and Accessories - Reproduction, fake, replica, many other synonyms can be used.  As Star Wars collecting in the early 1990's became more popular and more original weapons and accessories were thrown away, lost, or picked up by the vacuum cleaner a growing market of reproduction accessories hit the Star Wars collecting market.  Many repros are easy to spot, some are difficult to spot.  As noted I have been collecting Star Wars since 1978 and have developed a pretty good eye at spotting these reproductions. 

I do not knowingly include the repros with my loose Star Wars figures.  All weapons and accessories that I include in my completed items are original to the best of my knowing.  Along with just the look and feel and taking the time to inspect each piece, I do use several other online sources to help me differentiate between original and reproduction. With all of that said, I am human, and not only can I make a mistake, I might miss what I am including in the listing. 

COO - Country of Origin.  Kenner produced toys for Star Wars and other brands in different countries.  Because of this within the Star Wars line, many variations are present due to the country a particular piece was produced.

Also, quite a few vintage Star Wars figures have COO/Date Stamp variations on the back of the figure.  Some stamps may be present on the top of the leg, bottom of the leg, back of the torso, etc.  If a variation is present it will be noted within the listing.

Questions - Please ask them!! I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Please read and check the full item description as well as many times the question you have may be there.  Sometimes due to life, it may take a little while, but I will get back with you.  Is that a camera flash on the figure, is it an original or repro, do you have this or that, etc.  Before making a purchase please ask.




Combined Shipping Rates (does not apply to listings with free shipping)

(please note these rates are for loose Vintage Star Wars figures (non AFA graded) shipped first class.  Figures shipped Priority, Express, or UPS will generally cost more)

***If purchasing more than 1 figure please wait for my invoice so I may include the combined shipping rate to your total.  Due to the time of day or night purchased your invoice may be delayed.

Loose Vintage (1977- 1985) Domestic:

1 Figure - $2.26 (due to a heavier weight, some figures might be a few cents more)

2-9 figures average $0.17 per additional figure (over 9 please contact me)

(2) Figures - $2.77, (3) Figures - $2.94, (4) - $3.11, (5) - $3.28, (6) - $3.45, (7) - 3.62, (8) - $3.79, (9) - $3.96 

Loose Modern (1995 - Now) Domestic:

1 Figure - $2.43 (due to weight some figures might be a few cents more or less)

2-9 figures average $0.17 per additional figure (over 9 please contact me)

(2) Figures - $2.94, (3) Figures - $3.11, (4) - $3.28, (5) - $3.45, (6) - $3.62, (7) - 3.79, (8) - $3.96, (9) - $4.13 


***As the shipping rate does include insurance the rate could change due to the total value of the final price.

The below quotes are used for estimates only. 


2-8 figures average 20 cents per additional up to a value of $50. Over $50 the figures would average an additional 30 - 45 cents depending on the quantity and total value. 

Other countries:

2-8 figures average 78 cents per additional up to a value of $50.  Over $50 the figures would average an additional 90 cents to $1.25 depending on the quantity and total value.

For a more accurate international quote please let me know the specific figure(s) you are interested in.




Additional Loose Vintage Star Wars Figures listed or to be listed:

If you are interested in any figures that are not currently listed in my eBay store please let me know.

I will in turn post the figure(s) to my store as soon as I can.  Once the request has been received I will send you an e-mail to let you know when to expect to see the requested figure(s) posted to eBay.

Please note if requesting figure(s) to be posted due to time of day or night your request may take some time.  Please allow 24-72 hours for figure(s) to be posted.

Most completed figures are rated as excellent or better.  If you have a specific variation or condition you are looking for please note that in your e-mail request.

***As a side note, I do have quite a few loose original weapons and accessories.  If looking for a specific piece please let me know.

As always thank you very much in advance for your business!


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