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The World Leader In Puzzle Accessories
Our jigsaw puzzle accessories have been “keeping it together” since the turn of the century and we are proud of our reputation as the world leader in the supply of equipment for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

We are also proud of the fact that in a modern world we have very old-fashioned values. For instance we never take orders for puzzle items that are not in stock. If it is listed here on eBay then the product is in stock and will be delivered, not in a week or a month but straight away. We guarantee to dispatch orders within one working day of receipt and most orders are delivered the day after that.

Another thing that makes us different is that jigsaws to us are not a way of making a living, they are a way of life – we love them! We are happy to sit back and listen to the people who make fun of jigsaw-puzzlers, content in the knowledge that millions of people in every continent enjoy puzzling as a hobby. To be honest, we feel extremely sorry for the poor souls who don’t!

Unique Products
And yet another thing that makes us different… you won’t find our products being sold legally by anybody else. Jigboard, Jigsort, Jigframe, Jigstore and Jigsafe have all been designed by us. We are the sole owners of the intellectual property rights, the manufacturing rights and the selling rights and frankly we wouldn’t trust anyone else to sell them with the passion that we do. We also sell on our own website but we always have complete control of orders, dispatch and aftercare so we can always guarantee the highest standard of service.

Buying From Us
If you are new to the world of Jigthings or are buying a jigsaw puzzle gift for someone then you might need a little guidance about what each of the products achieve and this eBay shop has been designed with that in mind.

On the subject of gifts for puzzle enthusiasts, remember that if you give a puzzle to someone they may already have it or they might not like the picture. Thankfully, that is not the case with our puzzle equipment – each item can be used with any number of different puzzles and they are all made to last a lifetime. Dissectologists (that’s the name for the most fanatical puzzlers) who don’t like Jigthings just don’t exist!

Remember too, that we can happily deliver your choice of present to almost anywhere in the country at no extra cost to you.

So… let’s explain a little about each of our puzzle products…

Jigsaw Puzzle Boards
Probably the most popular puzzle accessories are boards on which to construct jigsaws. Our jigsaw boards are called Jigboards. They make jigsaws easy to move around and they have a surface that is a joy to work with.

Jigsaw Puzzle Cases
Our jigsaw cases are called Jigsorts. These are no ordinary jigsaw cases - they combine together the best attributes of all puzzle carriers, holders and kaddys. Jigsorts are the ultimate puzzle appliance to make it quick and easy to pack away your jigsaws. They also make it possible to do larger puzzles in a small area.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frames
Our puzzle frames are called Jigframes. This simple system enables you to frame completed puzzles in beautiful wooden picture frames. It only takes a couple of minutes and no glue is required. Of all our jigsaw puzzle devices, these are probably the item that people think of as the most ingenious.

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Holders
On the other hand, many puzzle fans tell us that the most USEFUL jigsaw accessories that they have ever bought are our Jigsafes. You know how it is that you never have enough space in which to keep all your unassembled pieces? Well, Jigsafe will solve the problem for you once and for all. Up to 1000 pieces can be kept constantly the right way up, neat, safe and tidy.

Jigsaw Puzzle Storage
Jigstores are the least well known of our puzzle accessories. Nonetheless they are extremely useful for all jigsaw fans, fanatics and aficionados. Never again will they have the heartbreaking job of breaking-up a finished puzzle! Each Jigstore holds 10 jigsaws in their completed state – snug and secure for evermore.

Jigsaw Puzzle Tables
Jigsaw tables are the ultimate puzzle apparatus for doing jigsaws in style. Put a Jigboard 500 or a Jigboard 1000 on top of one of our tables, pull it towards you over the arms of a chair, tilt to just the right angle, lean back and enjoy! A jigsaw table is the final word in luxury for every puzzle lover.

Buy with confidence - We offer a no quibble guaranteed refund if you are not completely satisfied.

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