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About Gaya
about gaya

Daughters of the earth

I, Gaya, mother of the earth, have come to remind you of an old wisdom, an ancient truth we all once knew; beauty is a light that must shine from within in order to be truly seen. And just as the earth shows its beauty on the surface; so too, should you.

As you choose a life and lifestyle, you can choose beauty, simplicity and nature. Gaya is a new way of enhancing what you have, showing who you truly are.

Celebrate the choices you make for yourself using the minerals nature has provided. Simply reach out and indulge in the feeling, the caress and the knowledge that what you put on your skin is as natural as you are.
mineral make-up

The natural wonders of pure minerals

As old as time, and as pure as Gaya herself, mineral makeup and cosmetics are a gift from nature to us; daughters of the earth.

The processes are gentle and subtle, but the benefits are obvious and immediate. This is a world that is truly and purely, natural mineral. We use ingredients like Mica, Iron Oxides and Serecite which translate into volume, colour and a silky texture. And boast they are non-comedogenic, and inorganic which means the pores are allowed to breath and bacteria and microbes cannot infect the skin – so all you are left with is a natural radiant glow that reflects sunlight and gives you a healthy natural look. 

love your skin

Love your Skin