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Extent of Guarantee

  • If you consider that you have a defective 'compatible' product we would require specific and detailed information in order to be able to investigate, should you consider that the cartridge caused damage to your printer you must contact our customer support team.

HP Warranty

"Will my warranty be affected if I install a non-HP upgrade/option in my HP product?"

  • HP warranty extends only to HP products and options. If you install a non-HP option into your HP product and this option then fails, you must contact the supplier for warranty cover on that item.
  • The warranty on your HP product will not be affected by the installation of a non-HP upgrade/option unless your HP product is damaged as a result of installation and/or operation of a third party option, such damage will not be covered by HP warranty.
  • If your HP product is not operating correctly, you may be asked to verify that any non-HP option is not responsible for the problem be uninstalling any such items.
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