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FYL Direct Refurbished Dell Laptops
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Laptop died?

We are the laptop repair specialists that you can rely on and trust, and we're here for you.


Whatever  the fault we can give you the best advice on any repair that is needed, or replace your faulty laptop.

Oakenshaw  01274 693322  &  Cleckheaton 01274 862576


The Laptop Store

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Here at the laptop store we specialise in board level repairs..

The biggest and most common problem is laptops overheating, and Graphic Chip Failure. We have extensive knowledge and the latest machinery , and we are 1 of only a handful of companies in the UK that change the graphic GPU and updated chipsets.


How do I know if I have this problem?


Does you laptop suffer from power no dispay, distorted images, laptop freezing on video / game play?


Laptop and MacBook Graphics Problems Covered:

  • Powers on but no image on the screen

  • Powers on to a distorted image

  • Powers on to a grey image

  • Unusual characters on the screen

  • Boots with Pink Lines on the screen

  • Laptop boots to a blue screen

  • Powers on then straight back off again

We can repair it..


We use the latest machinery and technology to replace the GPU and chipset.


All problems listed above along with any display issues presented matching the images above can be related to laptop / MacBook Graphics chips.


Beware of any companies only offering a quick fix via 'Reflowing' or reballing as this will only be a short term fix and is why most will only offer 30 day to 3 month warranties.


We only employ the most advanced techniques to repair your laptops motherboard using our vast knowledge and experience in GPU related repairs.


We have found that on the newer 2010, 2011 and 2012 Models of MacBook Pro's replacing the GPU is the best option long-term. Reballing will in some cases be a temporary fix as the problem lies with the graphics chip especially on models with the ATI Graphics chipset. Why waste time having the chip Reballed at a lower cost and have it fail again within a few months when you can get the job done right first time with us and have the chip replaced for a guaranteed long term fix.


Due to the correct techniques and equipment used we are able to offer a full 6 Months Warranty on all our GPU related Repairs

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