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Fast and easy measurements process

Even if you are not a tailor, or you've never been in a tailor shop, by following our few simple guidelines you will be able to take your measurements in less than 15 minutes. What do you need? A friend and a tape, we'll do the rest.

Would you like to touch our fabrics?

We are pleased to say that you can now get your hands on our 'Swatch Kit', which contains up to 12 fabric samples (you can mix between shirt and suit fabrics) which allows you to "see and feel" before you buy and an exclusive Tailor's tape measure!

And here's the best part - this kit costs just $25 (including shipping), but also comes with a FREE shirt voucher, making it effectively FREE!

Need help?

If you have any problems or queries during the ordering or measuring process, drop us a line as we love assisting our customers.

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