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Alterations Credits Policy

Everything Bespoke is committed to helping you attain the perfect fitting garment. If you provide your precise measurements using our online guide, we guarantee you a perfect fit. More than 95% of our orders require no alterations. For those that do, we encourage tweaking order to your ideal size, with the help of a local tailor and we pay for the cost of your alterations, up to 20% of the purchase cost of your order. Please note that alterations credit is not available for an order that has already been discounted or an order that is part of a special promotion.

The process is simple: 

1- Print off our Alteration Sheet.
2- Get product(s) adjusted by your local tailor.

3- Scan and email us the alteration sheet.
4- We will refund the amount to your PayPal account within one week.


a) Alterations can be redeemed up to one month (30 days) after receiving an order.
b) Alterations credits will only be redeemed if a customer has provided us a scan of our alteration sheet.
c) Once an Everything Bespoke garment is altered, it is no longer eligible for a return or refund.

Free Replacement Policy

In the very rare case of a tailoring error on our part where the finished item sizes differ significantly from the original measurements submitted by yourself, or there is a material defect or the colour is not as specified, we will provide a replacement free of charge.

The process is as follows:

1- Print out and fill in our Replacement Form.
2- Ship the order back to our tailoring facility.

Please ensure to fully fill out and include the replacement form in the package. 


a) To be considered eligible for replacement, we must be informed about the defect/fault within 7 days of you receiving an order.
b) We will only accept returned products for replacement that are in good and unworn condition.
c) The garment will be checked for discrepancies between the measurements submitted and the actual measurements on the finished product by our quality control team.
d) Everything Bespoke has the right to deny the replacement for a product that is believed to be free of any gross discrepancies.
e) All replacements are sent free of second shipping charge by regular post. There will be an additional charge, should you require express delivery with tracking details.
f) Once a replacement is provided, it is no longer eligible for a return, refund or alterations credit.

Any Package received by us that does not meet the above requirements will be sent back to the client without replacement.

Returns/Refund Policy

Refund request can be made any time before we start tailoring the outfit. There shall be no cancellation charges/Refund Charges if the buyer has mutually agreed to cancel the transaction through eBay within 60 days of the purchase date. However, if the above conditions are not met then the buyer will be responsible to pay 12% eBay fees + 5% PayPal fees + 5% cancellation charges.

Before deciding to return your order, please review our free alterations & replacement policy above. Please note, as all our suits/shirts are handmade, measures may have a certain tolerance (1/4" for cuffs/collars, 1/2" for all other measurements). This should not be considered as a return motivation since it can be solved using the 20% "Alterations Credit" in adjustments we offer for all our garments. Everything Bespoke will accept returns for legitimate reasons if they are received by us within 14 days of you receiving an order.

Please note, because Bespoke garments are a complete write-off and almost impossible to be sold again. Therefore, we don't accept returns for Group/Wedding orders.

The process is as follows:

1- Print out and fill in our Return Form.
2- Ship the order back to the address given in the Return Form.

Please ensure to fully fill out and include the return form in the package.

Details (read carefully!):

a) To be considered eligible for a refund, all items must be received by us within 14 days of you receiving an order. Please return the package to us via secure courier at your own cost and retain the proof of postage. We will provide our address when you notified us that you wish to return an item.
b) We will only accept returned items that are in good and unworn condition. We reserve the right to deny the issuance of a refund to an order that is believed to be previously worn or damaged.
c) All returns will apply 25% restocking fee, as bespoke garment are a complete write-off and almost impossible to be sold again.
d) Shipping charges are non refundable.

Any Package received at the Everything Bespoke office that does not meet the above requirements will be sent back to the client without refund.

Shipping Policy

1- We take great care in packaging your garments but cannot guarantee how the courier service will handle your package. Some time the creases fall out during transit and you need to press/dry clean your clothes before first use.

2- We do not offer combined shipping for multiple auctions.

3- Shipping insurance is offered at £3.00 per order. Should you choose to decline the insurance you accept full responsibility for any losses or damage incurred in the shipping process.

4- We will ship your order only to your registered PayPal/eBay address. If it comes back undelivered, you will be responsible for any reshipping or rerouting fees.

5- Courier service will not deliver to P.O. Box Address or APO/FPO/PPO's.

6- In our experience generally any customs duties would not be incurred in UK, US & Australia. However, we advice all customers to make their own enquiries to confirm possible liability for import duty/tax/fee and are responsible for any payments there of.

Payment Policy

1- We accept payments via PayPal. The email address is: Please note this email address is not monitored and it is for the sole purpose of collecting payments. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the eBay messaging system or write to our customer support at:

2- We don't charge extra for PayPal payments.

3- We are a registered business with a PayPal verified business account, offering upto £500 Buyer Protection - so you can pay with complete peace of mind and total confidence.

4- We are a member of PayPal's Expanded Seller Programme. This means we can accept payments from 190 countries worldwide, from both confirmed & unconfirmed PayPal addresses. Please note the default postal address will be the one displayed on PayPal so please make sure it is correct and up-to-date.

5- Payment must be made in one PayPal transaction. If you do split the payments, we will refund and request you to repay with a single transaction. This is to comply with the rules regulating PayPal's Seller Protection Policy.

6- If you pay via PayPal e-Cheque - your payment may take up to 14 business days to clear.  In this case we will not be able to start working on your order until payment has cleared.

7- Before placing an order, please ensure your PayPal account is active and you are able to make payments from it. In case of any problem, please let us know within 3 business days. After 3 days we will send a payment reminder.  After 5 days, a second reminder and after 7 days, we will file a Non-Paying Buyer dispute with eBay, to recover fees.

Privacy Policy

At Everything Bespoke, we are committed to protect your privacy. Nothing is more important to us than maintaining the security and confidentiality of our customers' personal information. If you place an order with us you will be asked to provide certain information such as your name, contact details and physical measurements, so that:

1- We can process your order.
2- Notify you of your order status and
3- Inform you of any special offers and promotions.

We disclose your measurements, but not your ID to our tailors to help us fulfil your order. We will not provide any of your information to third parties for marketing purposes. We only use PayPal for payments, therefore all the transactions are completely secured and nobody including ourselves can see or store any financial information.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our policies. Thank you.