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 E_cell is a leading online seller of SIM free factory unlocked mobile devices like Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG and Motorola, Apple products like iPhone 5, iPhone4s, Nano Touch Classic andShuffle. Also available are accessories such as headsets, batteries and mobile phone cases.

When the style bug bites, you better be ready for it. Define your every passion, fashion sense, and personality—from your hairstyle and wardrobe down to your phone case and other accessories. Or throw guesswork out the window by using our nifty guide. Play it without faking it!


Style is the one thing that you never take for granted. You have a knack for the hottest and latest trends in the fashion world, as you were born dressed to kill. Add up to your ensemble with our desirable designs sure to turn heads wherever you go.


You love the applause and the attention, being the life of every party. Not one to shy away from the microphone or any other musical instrument, you definitely deserve to have a mobile back case that marches to your own beat. Find one here.


An hour in front of your computer is never enough for you. In fact, you spend 90% of your 24 hours in front of it. The internet is your confidant, your game console is your shoulder to cry on, and your smartphone is your best friend.


Just by the word itself, it is quite obvious that you are the kind of person who loves going out. You find solace in the great outdoors. And so, we bring to you these special designs that will match your lifestyle that is always on the go.


You may be heavily inclined to poetry, and the arts. You are happiest when you are with the one you love. Now it's time to listen to what your heart says when choosing from our set of designs made just for romantics like you.


You are definitely playful if your presence makes all blacks turn into yellows. Your optimism is what makes you stand out from the crowd and your happiness is contagious. Browse through our collection of quirky designs that will surely be another eye-catcher.


You don't like being confined in a box of stereotypes and social norms, you would always opt to take a step back from the mainstream and create your own personal touch in things. See our collection of hipster designs that may suit your palette.


You yearn for activities that will bring the adrenalin go rushing through your veins. You hate being idle and want to stay active as much as possible. We came up with these hip and diverse designs that will blend in your active lifestyle.

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