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We sell a large variety of catalogues, albums and accessories designed to help collectors get the most out of the hobby. There are a huge range of products available and it is not always easy to work out which is the most suitable. The information below is intended to help buyers and point them toward the product which is appropriate for their needs.



Storing and Presenting Stamps


A large range of albums and stockbooks are available to help collectors store and present their stamps. Stockbooks are ideal for storing loose stamps and duplicates. They typically consist of tough covers and pages with clear strips under which stamps can be placed and come in a variety of sizes.


Our own range of stockbooks are high quality and represent the cheapest way of storing stamps.


There are a number of different types of album on the market. Some have blank pages where collectors can attach their stamps by using hinges or mounts whilst others are country specific and have specific spaces and illustrations for each stamp.


The Stanley Gibbons One Country Albums contain high quality leaves with illustrations and Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers. These can be purchased individually or in sets and supplements are produced annually so collectors can keep their collection up-to-date.


The DAVO range of Luxury hingeless albums offer the ultimate in quality, convenience and style. The high quality leaves featuring spaces for each stamp and selected illustrations also have clear protective mounts that are already in place. This means that collectors can effortlessly and safely house their collection.



Cataloguing and Valuing Stamps


The broad range of Stanley Gibbons catalogues covers all areas from around the world in varying levels of details. The catalogues typically list stamps that have been issued with illustrations and give valuations for used and unused examples.


For simple identification of British stamps the bestselling colour checklist Collect British Stamps is ideal. For those looking for a little more depth the Great Britain Concise may be more appropriate as it lists varieties and contains more detail.


Commonwealth collectors should not be without a copy of the Commonwealth & Empire Stamps catalogue. Recently expanded to include issues up to 1970, this comprehensive reference work is a must have for those who collect early to mid period Commonwealth. Similarly collectors who focus on collecting one country may be more interested in the Stanley Gibbons range of One Country catalogues. The information found in these publications is extracted directly from the Commonwealth & Empire Stamps catalogue and also includes listings for stamps issued up to the date of publication.


For those collectors who are interested in stamps from all over the world the Stamps of the World set of catalogues represents the best value. This five volume publication contains simplified listings for stamps listed by every country and territory from 1840 up to the date of release. It is perfect for both beginners and more experienced collectors alike.


Finally, for those who wish to collect by topic rather than country Stanley Gibbons publishes a range of thematic catalogues covering the most popular subjects. These include Railways, Ships, Motor Vehicles, Fish, Fungi and Birds.



Identifying & Inspecting Stamps


We stock a number of essential accessories that help collectors correctly identify stamps and their features such as their colour and watermark.


The Stanley Gibbons Colour Key is an invaluable tool which helps collectors to identify the correct shade of a stamp with the 200 colours featured on its panels.


There are a number of products on the market to help detect the watermark of stamps. These range from the inexpensive Morley Bright Inst-a-Tector to the more professional electronically powered Signoscope MKII and T2.


We also stock a full range of great value magnifiers that help collectors inspect their stamps in far greater detail.



Attaching Stamps to Album Pages


There are two main ways in which collectors can attach stamps to the pages of their albums. Stamp hinges allow collectors to easily mount their stamps to pages by sticking the hinge to the stamp and then the hinge to the page.


If collectors would prefer not to attach stamps to pages by sticking them with hinges, a full range of plastic protective mounts is available. Cut to different sizes these mounts allow for stamps to be placed securely inside, remaining untouched. The mount is then stuck to the album page.



Cover & Presentation Pack Collectors


We supply a number of products which cater for the needs of the cover and Presentation Pack collector. Our albums allow for easy storage with the Salisbury 2-Up Album providing space for two items per page.