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  • Investing in Silver
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Gold is well known the world over to would be investors and over the years has proven a solid long term investment but is silver also a shrewd investment?

Antique silver is a market that is currently on the up, but like any other investment you need to do your homework and really get to know your antique silver. Generally speaking silver over 100 years old is considered antique and certain pieces of silver are more sought after than others.

Often used by high society on a daily basis, silver coffee and tea sets are always in demand and popular with buyers. Other smaller pieces of fashionable antique silver today include snuff boxes and silver spoons which have always proved to be popular. Silver flatware or what we call cutlery today is still greatly admired and favoured in the antique market as this is a very usable piece and often bought as a gift.

Getting to know the silversmiths who produced the silver is also a good idea, as with anything silversmiths come in and out of fashion over the years with some more respected or well liked than others. Some of the most admired silversmiths include Paul Storr, a prominent silversmith craftsman during the Regency period and Hester Bateman, an accomplished silversmith and business women well before her time.

It is also vital that you become fluent in understanding the British silver hallmarks; this will help protect any new investors against fraud when buying antique silver. These were first established in Britain about 600 years ago although some have been added throughout the centuries, there are four main symbols on silver which are the standard mark, town of assay or city mark, year of manufacture and makers mark.

So rather than putting your money in the bank, take a look at buying a little piece of history and have some fun searching for antique silver as an investment opportunity. Antique silver also has the added bonus that it looks great on your sideboard while you wait for a return on your investment!

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