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  • How to Apply
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How To Apply
  • Applying Rhinestones
  • Applying With An Applicator
  • Applying Motifs
  • Applying Fabric Items
  • Making Rhinestone Names
  • Washing Instructions
  • Using and applying these rhinestones is very, very easy, basically anyone can create stunning designs, including kids with proper supervision.

    Please read the details below to give you a good start and some background information.

    On each rhinestones there is glue attached at the reverse side which is flatback. the glue types are SILVERBACK and GREENBACK. They both stick well to materials but the Greenbacks have a slightly stronger bond. Silverbacks would be used on thin material where the reverse side would be visible like veils. the greenback leave a slight dark patch on the reverse side. For most cases greenbacks are perfect.

    The rhinestones have a SILVER foil underneath to give them the best shine and sparkle. and under the foil dry glue is affixed.

    The glue melts at approx 340 to 375 degrees. The glue needs to melt and adhere to the fabric to give it strength.

    For FABRIC Iron-On items the glue melts at 110 degress.

    To apply, you can use a variety of tool, but the household iron does a very good job and is easily available. PLEASE try on a scrap piece of material  if you feel the material may get damaged.


    Click on the Link to View our CrystalsRus Tutorial

    the best way to apply is to place the rhinestones where you want to create the effects and cover with a thin material ( like a hankie) then apply a MEd/HOT heat over the crystals.

    For fine fabrics ( silk, polysilk, lycra) apply heat for 10 to 20 second - On each side of fabric

    For heavy fabrics ( jersey, Fleece, Denim) apply for 15 to 20 seconds - On each side of fabric

    Let the crystals cool for a few minutes then check to make sure the glue has melted and embedded into the material, Re-apply as needed to ensure they are fixed adequately. Trial and error will see you become an expert in no time at all.

    2) Applying with an APPLICATOR (CrystalsRus Wand,  Soldering iron)

    Change the tip to the size of the crystal then place the crystal on the applicator and the glue will melt.

    All you do then is place the crystal on the garment and it will stick.

    Alternativly place the crystals on the garment then just place the applicator or a normal soldering iron over it and the heat will penetrate the crystal and melt the glue.

    The applicator or the soldering iron is good for individual or small quantities of crystals / studs.


    Lay the garment on a hard surface like the dinning table.

    Peel the motif and place the sticky part on the garment to where you want to create the effect.

    cover the motif with a thin material like a hankie.

    Apply Med/Hot heat to the motif for approx:- 5seconds for studs and 10 to 20 seconds for crystals.

    Reverse the garment and apply heat again for the same length of time.

    Let the motif ( the plastic and the studs/crystals) cool for approx 2 minutes.

    slowly lift the sticky tape to see if the design has stuck, if not then replace the motif and apply heat again.

    Aways wait till the tape and the studs have cooled before peeling the sticky tape.

    When the tape has been removed just apply heat again for a few seconds to ensure that the glue melts well.

    4) APPLYING FABRIC ITEMS (Patches and flowers etc...)

    Click on the Link to View our CrystalsRus Tutorial

    NOTE;- The glue melts at 110 degress centigrade - A LOT LESS HEAT THEN THE RHINESTONES.

    Place the fabric item on the garment.

    Cover with a thin material like a hankie.

    Place a LOW / MED Heat iron (110degress, at the most half the heat of the rhinestones) For 5 to 10 seconds.

    Wait for the fabric item to cool then check if it has stuck well, if not then reapply heat.

    ONCE stuck these are almost permanent

    5) Making Rhinestone Designs Using Our Templates

    Click on the Link to View our CrystalsRus Tutorial

    6) Making Rhinestone Names Using our Alphabet Sheet

    Click on the Link to View our CrystalsRus Tutorial


    As the crystals are fixed to the material with glue, be careful how you wash these as some crystals may come loose. The best way to wash is to reverse the garments so it stops them rubbing with other materials.

    We DO NOT recommend dry cleaning as this may melt the glue and the stones become loose. Also we DO NOT recommend Tumble drying these garments as the heat may melt the glue and loosen the studs/crystals.

    The FABRIC items and the SEQUINS are almost permanent, they should be ok in the dryer.

    In time you will get an odd few come off during washes, all you will need to do is replace the lost stones.

    Try not to use high temerature for washes.

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