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Bodiscent is a natural and effective internal deoderising supplement that eliminates body odours from the inside. If you suffer from any body odour issues, Bodiscent could be the perfect solution for you. Bodiscent contains, in precise proportions, a mix of natural ingredients with astringent properties to gently cleanse the body from the inside.

Bodiscent is formulated to achieve a gentle yet thorough clean of your system, using simple but carefully-selected plant substances that eliminate residues and bacteria that are the source of these bad odours.

Bodiscent is powerful enough and safe enough for vegetarians and vegans who are often more sensitive to unnatural chemical treatments.

Our remarkable formula will help to detoxify your whole system, improving both absorption in addition to odour elimination. In fact, Bodiscent assists in the creation of a healthy biochemical environment in the body, by supporting natural detoxifying mechanisms.

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Bodiscent Acts to Eliminate Odour from Inside

Bodiscent is a unique natural supplement that has been developed to target the multiple odours produced by our body. It's secret ingredient is chlorophyllin, a water-soluble, chlorophyll derivative that helps to eliminates body odors by absorbing the toxins in your skin and stomach that trigger them. Each tablet contains 100mg of chlorophyllin and is designed to provide total day and night protection.

Unlike topical deodorants, sprays, powders and breath mints, Bodiscent does not mask odours. It is an internal deodorant that works naturally from within to alleviate everyday odors before they are excreted through the skin and breath.

Combat the sources of body odour from the inside with Bodiscent and be Confidently Fresher Naturally.