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Buyers Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to make it easier for all our customers on how to order the correct part for your vehicle.

We have a vehicle part lookup facility on our website which can be very helpful. It will give you further information regarding your vehicles needs. This also helps to filter through to ensure you are getting the correct part. Unfortunately, even after filtering the models, there’s still sometimes the problem of engine size/code and models etc. So here are some tips to guarantee you get the correct part.

In order to use this trouble free guide you must know the following about your car:

  • Know your year
  • Know your model
  • Know your Engine (refer to your vehicles log book for this information)
  • Know your part (Although this is not always necessary for some car parts it's worth having a look at the existing part on the car, to make sure you know what you need).

If you are looking for a part which will be 'engine specific' (brakes, filters, ignition parts, engine components) it might be easier to use our search box and type in your model and engine size. E.g. Astra 1.4

When ordering wiper blades you need to consider the following:

  • Measure the length of your blades in inches. Don't be surprised if your driver's side and passenger side blades are both different sizes this is common.
  • Older vehicles consist of being a 3-part blade made up of a clip and a metal frame, which holds the rubber blade.
  • Some newer vehicles now use 'Flat Blades'. You can tell this as they are usually one piece, ‘chunkier’ and more 'rubbery' than a normal blade and these do NOT have a metal frame. Rear blades are usually fully plastic, and have no separate clip to attach the blade; the actual blade itself just fits in.
  • Conventional blades have a metal frame, which holds and connects the rubber blade.

Fuel Caps

Fuel caps either screw in, or they fix in by a twist & turn mechanism known as a ‘bayonet’ fitting. It's worth knowing which one yours is to secure you will receive the right part. If it’s a screw-in type the filler hole will be threaded. Generally screw in caps, are all the same, so contact us even if your car is not actually listed.

When ordering Washer Pumps

Washer pumps are either twin outlet or single outlet. Single outlet pumps will just operate the front washers- there can be another single outlet pump to operate back washers (if present). Twin outlet pumps will operate both front and back washers. It's worth looking at the layout of the terminals within the plug - they can either be aligned or can be at a 90-degree angle to one another. So you will need to check this.


There are four main types, either oil, fuel, air or pollen filters.
If you are unsure of what type of filter your car has then do not hesitate to contact us and will be happy to help if you was to give us your registration number then we could find this information out for you as soon as possible.


Usually our listings will come with a picture of what the exact product will look like.
But we advise that you take a look at the existing part and make a note of the size and shape. Another thing, which can distinguish your part, is whether your car has ABS. Easiest ways are to either check your owner's manual, or look for an amber ABS indicator light after you turn on the ignition.
Pads come as front or rear. They consist of all the pads for both wheels, i.e. they will contain four pads.

Brake Discs can be solid or vented. The difference is that the vented discs have cavities running around the edge of the disc.


There are three types of mirror parts available.

  1. Complete mirror
  2. For some cars the back plastic panel of a mirror is available. The glass is attached to a back plate. This back plate then clips/fixes into the 'receiving plate’. If the adjusting mechanism is not working, it usually means you need a complete mirror. Our mirrors usually come primed which is ready to paint, or they will just be black. Most people paint over our black plastic mirrors but this can be harder to spray over.

  3. Mirror glass with back plate
  4. Providing the receiving plate is still ok (it usually is), then, you can buy a mirror glass including back plate.

  5. Stick-on replacement GLASS:
  6. this is usually if the mirrors’ glass has come out and is lost. If the mirror is cracked you can buy a replacement stick on mirror glass, these come with an adhesive backing, which all you do is simply peel off and stick straight back over the existing cracked mirror. If ordered correctly the mirror should then be already cut to the shape of your old mirror, and therefore you will not be able to see any of the broken mirror once it is attached.


With bulbs there are variants so you will need to check original reference numbers on your bulbs.

We stock many bulbs including: ice blue, super white, tint and clear bulbs are just a few that we store.

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