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  • General Questions about the item
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  • Questions about Returns and Exchanges
  • Questions about our product range
  • 1. Is the part suitable for my car?

    In the auction you have the option to enter your code number (to 2 + to 3 / 2.1 + 2.2) from the vehicle registration document and so to check whether the item is compatible. Please note any restrictions! If you are not sure, you can also compare the description given in the OE numbers with your original part.

    2. What vehicle information is required? (Vehicle registration document)

    To determine if we can offer you the part you need, we need the (KBA-Nr.) from the vehicle registration, which shall consist of all 4 characters "2.1" (manufacturer) and the first 3 characters of "2.2" (type). We also need the year and in some cases further information such as the engine code, engine number, PR-Nr., etc.


    3. What does "PR number" mean? (VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda)

    In some parts the PR number ("Primary Equipment Code") is provided. It is a 3-digit number such as "1KK" or "1LQ". You can find the number in the service book, on the back of the first page of the manual or on the customer service data carrier (stickers) in the trunk. (see example image above)

    4. What does "VET-Nr." mean? (FIAT)

    In some parts the VET Number is provided. You can find this number on the type plate in your engine bay. (See example image above)

    5. What does "Orga-number" mean? (Citroen and Peugeot)

    In some spare parts the ORGA number (organization number) is specified. It is a 6 digit number. The first 4 digits provide the so-called ORGA number. On newer vehicles the ORGA number is indicated by a 0 in front of the 4 numbers and a letter code behind it, indicating the production place, e.g.: " 08549 CA " (05.04.2000 in Aulnay sois Bois, France). The label is often located on the door pillar of the driver's door. Sometimes can be found in your Service Booklet.

    Under the term "ORGA Calculator” you find on the Internet many sites where you can calculate the number of your vehicle. The last two characters give more information about the place of production:

    88 - Mulhouse
    78 - Porto Real (Brazil)
    81 - Poissy
    83 - Ryton
    U5 - Pinin Farina (Italy)
    U8 - Sevel nord sud val di sangro
    U9 - Sevel nord valenciennes
    89 - Sochaux
    85 - Vesoul
    82 - Villaverde (Spain)
    FV - Vigo (Spain)

    6. Where can I find the engine code?

    Depending on the manufacturer, the engine code of your vehicle can be found here:

    • In your Service Booklet
    • On a sticker under the hood
    • On a sticker in the entry or on the door frame of your vehicle
    • On a sticker on the inside of the fuel filler door

    7. Explanation of VIN/chassis number

    In some of our listings we restrict the right vehicles through the chassis number (for example, fits to VIN "1J-W-013700"). Here are some examples of how they are read.

    Volkswagen Ltd: WVW ZZZ 1J Z X W 000001

    WVW    -   Manufacturer Code in this case is Volkswagen
    ZZZ       -   Filling character without significance
    1J         -   Identifies the type of vehicle (Series)
    Z           -   Again a character without significance
    X          -    Indicates the year of the model, here 1999 (not year of manufacture!)
    W         -   Factory of manufacture, in this case Wolfsburg
    000001  -   Consecutive numbering

    In our example with the number 1J-W-013700, the vehicle would not be suitable.

    Opel: WOL 0000 51 T 2 123456

    WOL     -   Manufacturer Code in this case is Opel
    0000      -   Filling character without significance
    51         -   Identifies the type of vehicle (Series)
    T           -   Model year code
    2           -   Factory of manufacture, in this case Bochum
    123456  -   Consecutive numbering

    General explanation (for European vehicle identification numbers):

    Example Mercedes WDB 168 007 1 J 236589:

    WDB         Digits 1-3          -      World-Manufacturer-Code
    168 007     Digits 4-9          -      Series. Vary by manufacturer.
    FOR EXAMPLE           VW does not use the digits 4-6 (therefore filling with "ZZZ"), only the digits 7-9
                     Opel does not use the digits 4-7 (Therefore filling with "0000"), but only the digits 8 and 9.
                  Digit 10            -      Model year code (not necessarily the year of manufacture)
                  Digit 11            -      Factory
    236589      Digits 12-14      -      Second part of the world manufacturer code, if its 3rd digit is a 9.
                                                    For all other part of the consecutive numbering.
    236589      Digits 12-17      -      Consecutive ascending number.

    8. How do I find out which brake system I have?

    You can find the manufacturer of the installed brake system stamped on the brake caliper of your vehicle.

    9. Fits rim size ... What does this mean?

    Relevant for this limitation are the details that are written in your vehicle registration certificate. The rim size that is installed on your vehicle, it is not decisive.

    The information can be found in the vehicle registration certificate under point 15.1 (front axle) + 15.2 (rear axle), in the old vehicle registration document under points 20 – 23.

    10. Is there a difference between first registration and year of manufacture?


    For the date of first registration, see the registration certificate.
    The date of the year of manufacture can be determined only through the chassis number.

    When re-importing, the date of the first registration is always the day on which the vehicle was first registered for traffic in Germany (in this case, first registration and manufacture date are NOT the same).

    Payment and shipping

    1. Which shipping company does the shipment of the item?

    We ship our items via DPD.

    2. Do I have to pay more than once the postage charges, if I purchase more than one item?

    No! The shipping costs have to be paid only once, when you execute payment AFTER the purchase of ALL items. It is always the highest shipping fee to be calculated. You will then receive an order confirmation by e-mail with the correct calculation of the shipping costs.

    3. When will I receive the ordered item?

    We are always trying to process your order in the fastest way after receipt of payment. Please note there is the processing time. However, in some cases, unfortunately it comes to delivery delays, so we ask for your understanding in such case.

    4. Where is my package?

    After your item has been dispatched, you will get an automatically generated email in the evening with a link of the shipping company. If you click on this link, you will be able to track the status of your shipment.

    5. How can I pay for the purchased item?

    Please open the purchase execution after your order has been made and select the desired payment method. Our bank details and the required eBay reference will be displayed here. To ensure a quick execution of your payment, enter the reference and your eBay-username. Payment methods are: advance payment, bank transfer or PayPal.

    6. What should I consider in the payment?

    Please enter in your bank transfer the eBay reference (e.g. DE-1234567) and your eBay-username. Only when including the reference and username you will get a smooth and quick processing!

    7. Will I receive an invoice?

    Yes! You will receive an invoice including VAT. with the item.

    Returns and Exchanges

    1. The product is faulty or incomplete. What should I do?

    Please contact us immediately by e-mail, by fax or by phone so we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

    2. This item is not compatible with my vehicle. What should I do?

    Please contact us via eBay message system. Give us your vehicle data (see points 1.2 and 1.3 in this FAQ). We will quickly sort out how to help you.

    3. I would like to return an item? What should I do?

    Please contact us simply via e-mail, by fax or by phone. You will receive accurate information about the possibility of free return of the purchased items. Please do not send any unstamped packages!

    Our product range

    1. Where do you get your products from?

    We sell only brand products from different manufacturers. The manufacturers are certified.

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